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  1. I probably have done 50 or so missions/contracts/stongholds with the Ranger javelin and have not gotten seeker grenades once. Its the only thing I need for the trophy. I've done them from easy to MW1 and still nothing. Is there a better farming method???
  2. you have to have 1 point spent on each of those skills in the sub tree....then all the other skills in the main tree and it should should see the Ubisoft "trophy" pop followed by the actual trophy
  3. Same happened to me....just hit 165/165 on the grenade launcher and was expecting it to pop but nothing. Do I really need to do the other 2 as well?
  4. Are they expecting me to replay season 1 and get all the trophies again? Paris, Sapenzia, Colorado, etc etc etc?
  5. The vehicle blows up as soon as I bail out...followed Powerpyx video. WTF..its like 1 of 3 more challenges I need for the plat...anyone else having the same problem with this one?
  6. Would it be quicker doing that or just playing through the normal way?
  7. Just created a Titan and used the boost to level 30. Have all 3 subclasses but no I need to do anything or will it randomly unlock at some point.
  8. I just posted on the forum asking about the Call to Arms and the Flashpoint trophy and they said they are currently working on a fix for them not unlocking.
  9. think they'll fix it??
  10. Is it recommended to get the Hero trophy before developing a nuke? Wondering because I read that you lose 50k heroism just for developing one. I'm at around 90k right now, don't feel like getting sacked for 50k off of that.
  11. any where to track points/assists/steals and things like this?
  12. I got it to pop. Did specialist difficulty on the armory and got it to spawn after 9th restart mission
  13. Where did you guys find the Banshee? I've tried Powerpyx's location 100x without getting it....I've tried the armory in Operation Burning Water luck. Any advice is appreciated
  14. Anyone else having issues with this trophy not popping?
  15. How about Batman just walking into Vicki Vale's parents house through the front door in the middle of the day. Come on...I have never seen Batman out during the day and he NEVER would use the front door. That was pretty stupid, IMO. Also, the scenes with Bruce and Dent together got annoying because all I could picture was Delsin and Reggie.
  16. So I'm doing this legitimately and I'm a little nervous. I just got to the ship graveyard and the timer is at 5 hours and 2 minutes. Granted I'm playing on Explorer so I can fly through the combat but I feel like I'm cutting it pretty close. Anyone else do it legit?
  17. Just started the game and looking through trophies...sounds like its a grind to get a nuke and I see you have to use one and destroy one for 2 separate trophies. Is there an easy way to obtain a nuke or do I have to grind out enough materials twice?
  18. So they're not gonna give you the code for the Scarecrow DLC?
  19. Didn't realize I needed 2 controllers to Plat this...only have 1. Any workaround for this or do I need to find a 2nd controller?
  20. TY for the vids...barrel roll worked for me.
  21. makes you respect the dude who mastered pacman
  22. doesn't that explode? it worked...and your right it was fun. thanks for sharing.
  23. I'm having issues getting the black batmobile looking speedboat out of the lake and into the ocean to get it to the garage...anyone care sharing how you do this? I've got max teathers and power, still not having luck lifting it out with any helicopter.
  24. all God of War - PS2, PS3