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  1. Probably still sulking that Jade Cargill shat the bed on PPV. And then moans about why she's primarily used on Dark to get her reps in. Brock Lesnar she is not! (And I'm a fan of hers). But anyway, the troll has been exposed to all. Just let him/her waste their time and energy on that weekly NXT monologue whilst the majority of us will continue to watch (and hopefully enjoy) wrestling objectively, ego-free.
  2. Thanks for confirming.
  3. Quick question - does anyone know if I could play the DLC of Batman: Arkham City and Dishonoured through PSNOW if I already have the DLC purchased on my account or am I resigned to playing these through PS3 only?
  4. The irony of this comment is certainly not lost on me, haha.
  5. Works for me. If you didn't talk such bollocks then maybe you wouldn't be so easy to ignore.
  6. WWE also "coincidentally" pulled all his merch a few days after the episode aired. Funny that.
  7. What are you on about? We were talking about cancel culture, not heels keeping kayfabe alive. I think you're starting to lose it mate.
  8. Marty Scurll is an even better example. He can only find work in Puerto Rico now.
  9. Both companies are Pro Wrestling. Sports Entertainment is a stupid term invented by Vince to dodge the Athletic commission and pander to sponsors. Nobody says they're going to see a Sports Entertainment show. That said, I do not want to be dragged into a debate with you Rozalia. As I've said before and now others have pointed out, your overwhelming negativity is exhausting and it's not for me, thanks.
  10. Let's just agree to disagree. If you've enjoyed that many Cody matches then more power to you. Opinions are subjective and you're of course entitled to yours. I suppose the only issue I have is your comment about "knowledgeable fans since 2002", I've found the opposite but everyone agrees that the character was beyond stale for years. And you don't have to tell me about Reigns, the only two Wrestlemania's I've seen live I had to suffer through two god awful main events of his lol. I didn't get to see Fyterfest unfortunately. I really enjoyed the angle and matches with Wardlow and MJF. I actually like Cody but just feel he's an average wrestler who is capable of good matches rather than great ones.
  11. You probably should justify it because you are way off the mark. Yes Cena is no Danielson but he has been involved in several good to great matches and whilst he certainly benefits from a good 'dance partner' he could certainly hold his own. His match against Omaga proves your point wrong. Cody is a far better promo than he is wrestler and came into AEW with the reputation of Mr 3 stars and other than the match against his brother has shown nothing to disprove that moniker. As for Reigns I ve seen very little of his heel run but heard nothing but great things. I don't even disagree with your comments about Cena's manufactured career (Although I'd actually say Reigns' is more manufactured) and yes Reigns' heel turn was years overdue but the popular opinion is they've both had more quality matches than Cody and even following your flawed opinion, if Cena/Reigns can be carried to "good" matches then why can't Cody? Edit - by the way, I completely agree that they shouldn't have booked the 3rd match with Black. Unless Cody resorted to actions which cemented a heel turn, which didn't happen. I think Black will recover though due to the strength of his character but the whole thing was unnecessary.
  12. Jeez, you must be fun at parties. You spend around a third of your post analysing a FINISH of a division you've allegedly stopped watching, stating that "plenty of people giving a pass" on a title design that nobody gives a shit about apart from said poster and not an issue that's gotten ANY publicity or defence (nevermind your problem of the size of a title (like seriously, get a life)), not to mention micro-analysing mask wearing in professional wrestling. And anyone that follows knows that Sky Blue is green as grass and cannon fodder for the tournament but she'd still learn more trying to cut a promo herself rather than being fed lines from someone who used to work on the equivalent of Hollyoaks. You know, like it was done in the good old territory days. I still don't get why you even watch AEW. If you can't watch arguably the hottest wrestling product in ~20 years without overwhelming criticism then it obviously isn't for you. I can understand grading a product you love to a high standard (I do the same for GOT, MCU and Naughty Dog for example) but you clearly don't enjoy it and would prefer shitting on it and getting on your soapbox to spread your cheer. Considering you spend ~2hrs a week watching and talking about it, you could probably find a better use of your time. On topic, I'm not a fan of the addition of the midcard Women's title. The division is not close to being strong enough to support it. Baker is an absolute superstar, Rosa and Soho are closest to her level, Jade is a star in the making but needs time and nuture, and everyone else needs a lot of work and a midcard title at this moment is basically the equivalent of a piss break match. I would have preferred a trios title that would have better complimented the amount of factions on the roster. Hopefully Page is on track to win the title at Full Gear followed by the much needed Punk heel turn and straight edge angle to follow which should be red hot!
  13. Naturally when you have two hours of weekly TV to fill and no luxury of split brands there are going to be interactions between the two teams but they recognise the PPV draw of the match and I'm glad they gave the Lucha Bros a run with the straps. I admit that the Lucha Bros have been pretty directionless since early in AEW. I think the pandemic and PAC's travel issues stopped whatever they were planning as Death Triangle before it got going and I don't think his reliability is guaranteed for a while yet so not sure where the Andrade stuff is going either. Fair enough if you didn't enjoy the cage match and I appreciate the reasons why you didn't. For me Wrestling is a variety show and I can get enjoyment out of most styles and types if executed well. I'm not crazy on the 'indyriffic' matches and false finishes which are becoming more common place and I wish they would slow it down at times and focus more on the fundamentals. But at the same time, wrestling evolves. Long gone are the days where a match ends with an atomic drop. Watching wrestling requires a level of suspending belief, although sometimes they push the envelope on that. I agree with you on the finish, I picked up on it myself. But it wasn't enough to sour my enjoyment on the match. Not sure if you were serious on firing them all but it did make me laugh. I'll be honest, I try not to get too caught up in the ratings aspect. I want AEW to grow to the point where WWE takes notice and stops churning out shit but I have absolute zero confidence that will ever happen. I'm not even sure if WWE even care as I could see them gearing up to sell the company. But AEW are still a long way off winning the ratings, WWE have built up a fanbase of 40+ years throughout different generations and there'll be plenty of kids and backwards Americans that will tune in regardless. But now is a key time for AEW to take advantage of the buzz of the last few weeks and keep the new fans tuning in. I asked in my previous post if there is any promotions that you currently enjoy? Genuinely interested.
  14. Bit of a delayed reply but this actually WAS their first straight up tag match in two years in AEW (feel free to look it up). And Lucha Bros were clearly the faces in this match. I agree with a lot of your comments about the PPV in general (albeit a lot less negative) except for the tag match which was my MOTN. At first I thought you was a hater of AEW, a troll, whatever. But now I feel like you're just a jaded wrestling fan. I'd be curious what current wrestling you enjoy (if any) as you evidently spend a lot of time watching and commenting on it. It may be worth your while just taking a break from it all, I've had to do it a few times over the years and felt much better for it. AEW isn't perfect, few are pretending they are. But it is an exciting time in wrestling, arguably the most since the attitude era on current events. It shouldn't be too hard to enjoy the ride
  15. Rozalia - Please tell me you found some enjoyment in that? What a time to be a wrestling fan....BAY BAY!