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  1. I just deleted and redownloaded the game and got it in the first race I won.
  2. dang ok then thanks
  3. same thing seems to be happening to me. you ever figure out any tips????
  4. Has anyone else had trouble unlocking this trophy? I've went through all the maps and only need one more location in Desolation's Edge but when I go to all the areas it says I've already been there. I've already unlocked all the trophies for areas including the one for Nekrotafeyo but I can't unlock the last area of that map. I've tried restarting and even deleting and redownloading and going back to every area on that map but nothing has seemed to work as they all are already discovered in my game.
  5. I've completed the episode different times and neither the gold medal or the completing the episode trophies popped. anyone else have a problem with this?
  6. Is anyone else running into this problem I've been completing the requirments yet trophies aren't popping or popping at weird times. for instance in episode two during the botanist and Personal touch trophy I did all of it and trophies didn't pop I decided to move on the next act and for that the trophy popped but then when going for the Rosie trophy Botanist popped instead and now that didn't pop. is anyone else having anything like this happening?
  7. ok that's good news I was worried they would be lost if I played a match
  8. yeah this is a shame I was more than half way done with this game had 2 more wins to 50 one more game to level 20 etc.
  9. so I understood that the servers were down earlier but this evening when I logged back into the game my profile, level, and stats have all been deleted!?! Has this happened to anyone else?