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  1. Hi i need only weapon to make plat can someone drop them for me im lvl 158 Tnx
  2. Multiplayer trophys are major part of the list? Or story?
  3. Howmany player u need to get platinum And any advices for doing it because there is no guide I will be appreciated if u help about it
  4. How we can get this trophy when no frontline mode. Which operations has this mode exactly? Tnx dice to make trophy and remove mode that make a bit higher game play time
  5. Anybody help me to get this trophy pls I will be appreciated. By the way im not that bad in extinction. Psn id despoteee
  6. We all need bronze trophys join the boosting session pls u will see the session on psn profile . (admin dont close topic pls u did it with previous one)
  7. We need 4 trophies in the name of tesar No weapons needed we have a friend that has weapons on this dlc if u help us weapons are yours.
  8. Tnx anyone for answering
  9. Hi i want to start this game Who knows can we play story co op or not? If yes can we get trophy both?
  10. Hi. Do we need to beat 3 chapters easter eggs on online server in a row or can we do them separately?
  11. Can some one do me a seriously great favor? My pc is broken and i cant salve the puzzle can i upload them here and someone give me the answer If this file was on Android i could do that with my phone but any way i stuck and need help and will be available in 7 hours.
  12. I did what u said but again cant see black ops 3
  13. This guide definitely make impossible to possible. For ultra rare hunter this game is really important. This guide is easy to understand and completely step by step for platinum. Ty I am sure for vote @Thropy_Croissant
  14. Hi i got the point about this trophy For lvl up clan to lvl 2 there is progress and if u want to check it go to clan state and then u must go to right or left page i mean u should press on triangles on both site that show u clan progress and there is % that show next lvl if it get 100% u can get trophy. Note: all my records still are zero by the way i got trophy zore record are not important. And close application and start it after every game Gl