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  1. Sounds interesting, I'm in. (: Here's a first draft of my list, but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to change at least one game. Anna: Extended Edition Borderlands Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Elex Final Fantasy VII Remake God of War 3 Remastered Heavy Rain Iconoclasts Just Cause 3 Kingdom Come Deliverance Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Mass Effect Ni No Kuni 2 Overcooked Prince of Persia - The Forgotten Sands Q.U.B.E. [PS3] Red Dead Redemption Sports Champions 2 The Escapists Under Night In-Birth Exe: Latest Valkyria Revolution Wipeout Omega Collection XCOM 2 Yakuza Kiwami Zone of the Enders
  2. Adding onto that: does my Phoenix Wright count? Maya is a companion for most of the cases, and in the third game her powers help you solve puzzles, but she doesn't necessarily actively do anything.
  3. I'm finally on the home stretch with FF 13 so this month definitely is going to be the month I'll finish it. In the meantime I completed two other games. I originally chose them for the Crime theme, but they thankfully fit for this one too. LA Cops Completed within a month Counts for another PSNP Event (Gaming By Numbers) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Counts for another PSNP Event (Gaming By Numbers) Depending on the games that I'm choosing for the other events I'll maybe even get a fourth game in.
  4. Just finished up Phoenix Wright and LA Cops in the last few days so my Common/Uncommon row is nearly done. The next game that I'll complete is probably either Final Fantasy Type-0 or Final Fantasy 13. There are really only grindy games left now, I feel. 2% 31% 4% 1%
  5. I finished two more games, so now I have 7 completed games. I really need to get back to Final Fantasy to finally get done with it. I'm still unsure about a game for number 2, but there is enough time left to find something. 0 - (390) The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest 1 - (2281) Blood Knights 2 - 3 - (3173) Monopoly Family Fun Pack 4 - (4844) Oxenfree 5 - (8765) Phoenix Wright 6 - (226) Final Fantasy XIII - 31% 7 - (3517) LA Cops 8 - (5048) Spy Chameleon 9 - (249) Heavy Rain [PS3] - 0%
  6. I'd like to join as well. I'm not good at gauging how long it'll take me to complete games, so I'll start out with these 5 games: Final Fantasy X - 0% Final Fantasy XV - 2% God of War 3 [PS3] - 0% Skyrim [PS3] - 11% Watch Dogs [PS3] - 6%
  7. Just finished Oxenfree last night, so I'm up to 5 games for this month. I'm definitely not going to get FF XIII done this month, because there is still way too much grinding to do, but I got through a few games this month, so that's not too bad. I also have another two games lined up for next month, so I'm good to go. (: Oxenfree Hardcore Challenge (part of the game takes place in a cave) Another PSNP Event (Gaming By Numbers) Completed Within A Month
  8. I finished up two more games over the last few days. So now I'm at least getting the partial badge. I'm a bit unsure about the rest of the games that I chose, but I hope that I'll get all ten games done. (: 0 - (390) The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest 1 - (2281) Blood Knights 💯 2 - 3 - (3173) Monopoly Family Fun Pack 4 - (4844) Oxenfree 5 - (8765) Phoenix Wright - 26% 6 - (226) Final Fantasy XIII - 31% 7 - (3517) LA Cops - 0% 8 - (5048) Spy Chameleon 9 - (249) Heavy Rain [PS3] - 0%
  9. Thanks. 😄 I'm actually pretty much at the end of the game already, but the grind for all the weapons & accessories does take longer than I anticipated. In the meantime I finished my fourth game of the month. It sadly didn't come with a Platinum Trophy, but the game itself was rather enjoyable. Also, any game that I can cross off my Backlog is a welcome game. (: Blood Knights Hardcore Challenge (multiple dungeons and stuff) Another PSNP Event (Gaming By Numbers) Completed within a month Fourth game of the month
  10. In the last nearly two months I only managed to complete one more game. At this point I'm seriously doubting that I'll be able to complete all the games I chose. Maybe I should focus on completing the story of every game and if there is any time left, I'll see how many I can actually fully complete. Anyways. I'm only one game (Final Fantasy 13) away from getting my first Bingo, so that can happen any week now. Additionally I should be able to cross Phoenix Wright and LA Cops off of my list next month.
  11. First update for the new pyramid and I can already cross out two games. I completed Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Spy Chameleon in the last two weeks and I'm still working on Final Fantasy 13. For the Monthly Madness next month I'm planning to play Phoenix Wright and LA Cops. That leaves a good chunk of the rarer games to still complete, but since I planned a lot of them as my games for the Bingo Bonanza I'll just have to plow through them. (: 2% 31% 4% 1% 26%
  12. Finished my third game for this month. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Hardcore Challenge (Multiple caves and underground sections) Completed within a month Another PSNP Event (Bingo Bonanza) I'm still kinda hoping that I'll finish Final Fantasy 13 this month, even though the chances for that are rather slim.
  13. I'd like to join, too. Right now I only have the FF XII Platinum, but I have enough Final Fantasy Games in my Backlog to become a Blitzball Champion relatively soon. (:
  14. The last few weeks I mainly used my time to make further progress in Final Fantasy 13. I'm nearly at the end and right now I'm focused on grinding out the Gil to upgrade all weapons and accessories. So once that is done - which hopefully will happen sometime this month - the trophies should pop in fast succession. Because of that I didn't accomplish too much except for a rather short game here and there to fulfill the Monthly Madness themes. I always try to plan ahead for the upcoming months, but now that I'm participating in the new Gaming By Numbers Event, I don't want to cram to many games into the last month. Right now I have 3 out of 10 games completed, but we'll see how it goes for the rest. My Overall Progress: Alienation: 10/42 16% → 12/42 20% Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013: 0% → 100% Conan Exiles: 0% → 100% Dead By Daylight: 63/110 52% → 69/122 51% Doom: 0% → 1/55 1% FIFA 09: 12/57 15% → 19/57 28% Final Fantasy: 9/36 13% → 16/36 31% King Oddball: 5/16 23% → 10/16 47% Monopoly Family Fun Pack: 14/15 90% → 100% 💯 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy: 6/31 10% → 10/31 26% Spy Chameleon: 3/31 4% → 100% Terraria: 0% → 4/39 5% The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest: 0% → 100% The Witness: 9/14 65% → 100% Trials Fusion: 0% → 1/51 1% #68 - The Witness 29.05.2019 As I have stated somewhere previously, I really unironically enjoy puzzle games, so the premise of the game seemed enjoyable, and I did enjoy the first few puzzles, but I couldn't play this game too long at a time, because the movement caused some motion sickness which in turn made me feel kind of dizzy. As a result I used a guide for more puzzles than I would have liked. The truly challenging part was of course The Challenge. I have to admit that I used the glitch to have the last two pillars remain active even though the timer already stopped. Otherwise it would have been impossible for me to achieve. It has been pretty hard anyways and I was forced to reset the puzzles a lot. All in all it was a rather relaxing game, except for the Challenge, and I enjoyed the little break I got from all the other fast-paced games. #69 - Conan Exiles 17.06.2019 Since I didn't actually play the game I don't feel that I can have a real opinion of this game. It looked interesting and is probably a lot of fun to play with friends, but it doesn't interest me too much so I probably won't personally find out it it's a good game or not. At least not in the foreseeable future. #70 - Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 20.06.2019 Since I didn't have access to my old PS3 I bought a used one and multiple PS3 Game Bundles off of Ebay and this was one of the games included in one of them. I never played any hunting game so I didn't know for sure what would expect me. Because of the rather low completion rate of the game I thought it would be difficult or challenging, but it actually was rather boring and super repetitive. I guess it's an okay game, but I'm sure that there are a lot of better Hunting Simulators/Games out there and I feel that even the essentially 2,50€ I payed for the game are too much. As I said, it was rather uninteresting, but it was a quick Plat and fit the Monthly Madness theme and I had to play it eventually anyways to remove it from my Backlog. #20 - Monopoly Family Fun Pack 07.07.2019 After over a year I came back to finally finish this game and not even 10 minutes into it and I got the last trophy that I needed. I bought this game on the spur the moment, because I enjoy the occasional board game, but not too many people in my family and circle of friends do, so I'm essentially forced to play by myself. Which is kind of sad, now that I think about it.. Anyways. It's Monopoly. What's there not to like? And funnily enough Monopoly was one of the first games I had for my original Playstation. #71 - Spy Chameleon 11.07.2019 I had a hard time completing this game and not because it was difficult. For some reason I just couldn't stay focused on this one game. Whenever I played it I got really bored and didn't complete more than a few levels at a time. The total play time for me was like 6 hours or something, so I could have easily finished it within one or two days, but I never did. So after nearly two years I sat myself down and forced myself to finish this game. And even then it took me a lot more days that it needed to. The game itself and the mechanics of it were interesting. At times, especially the "time trials" of the different levels, the game could be rather challenging because of the tight movement you had to perform. I looked at a few videos for that to get the best route down and even then it took multiple tries to get it done. So all in all it is an interesting game with cute graphics, but it sadly it couldn't hold my attention for too long. And also, I dislike the lack of a Platinum Trophy design. #72 - The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest 14.07.2019 This is another one of the games that I got in one of the PS3 bundles I bought. At first I thought that it required the Move Controller, but I was glad when I found out, that I could use the traditional one. In spite of the occasional glitch, freezes, continuously bonking into every little stone and running into thousands of invisible walls I actually quite enjoyed the game. I know it's made for children, especially ones that are Lord of the Ring fans, but I just love Adventures/RPGs so I actually enjoyed this one too. It allowed me a nice break from Final Fantasy 13 and I'm even thinking about maybe writing a guide for this game. But I think I'd first like to get a capture card or something to be able to use a few screenshots in the guide. We'll see how it goes. There were a few games over the last nearly two months that I only played for a short amount of time like Doom or Trials Fusion, but I'm planning on going back to these games in the foreseeable future so that these games won't hang around with an E Rank for too long. I know that a lot of the trophies for FIFA 09 are unobtainable due to Server Closure, but I'd still like to at least get the trophies that are available to me. Other than that I'm still mainly focusing on Final Fantasy 13. I really want to start FFX, but I don't want start too many time-consuming games at once, so I'd really like to get this one done first. The list of games that I already started are sadly filled with a lot of time-consuming games. As a result I can't use too many of these games for the Gaming By Numbers Event, so I have to start a few new games. One of the goals I'd like to accomplish this year is to get and stay under 2000 unearned trophies. I know I'll never get to earn all trophies anyway, but I think that 2000 is a good cut off point. I'm still unsure which games exactly I want to use for the Event, but I'll post a tentative list in the first post.
  15. Just finished another game and filled my list with a few possible games. 0 - (390) The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest 1 - (3891) SOMA - 0% 2 - 3 - (3173) Monopoly Family Fun Pack 💯 4 - (4844) Oxenfree - 0% 5 - (8765) Phoenix Wright - 26% 6 - (226) Final Fantasy XIII - 31% 7 - 8 - (5048) Spy Chameleon 9 -