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  1. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5758-2064-read-only-memories Two swapped images and a misspelled trophy description have been fixed.
  2. So you managed to find a year-old thread on this topic but not the other recent ones that are quite literally right under this thread? To answer your question: The auto-updating feature isn't working at the moment and you have to update manually.
  3. In the last three days I completed three games that I needed for the Numbers Event, so I'm finally down to my last one. Hopefully it won't take me the whole of December to finish it. πŸ˜€ Detailed Progress: Costume Quest 2: 0% β†’ 18/18 100% Eat Them!: 6/16 33% β†’ 16/16 100% LEGO Marvel's Avengers: 0% β†’ 71/71 100% #49 - LEGO Marvel's Avengers 26.11.2018 Playing this game on the PS3 showed me again how atrocious the loading times are in comparison to the PS4. Like all other Lego games I had fun getting all the collectibles and I really enjoyed that quiet a lot of movies were compressed into this one game. I especially liked that the hubs were filled with NPCs, so it didn't feel as empty as the world in Lego Batman. #12 - Eat Them! 26.11.2018 I'm pretty sure I would have never bought this game, because neither its premise nor its graphic were really appealing to me. But since it was free on PS+ there was no harm in checking it out and it was surprisingly not as bad as I thought it would be. It was at times boring because of its repetitiveness, but since it's a rather short game the missions could be completed in a decent amount of time, and after getting all the good monster parts it was super easy to get all the gold medals. All in all, for me, it's definitely neither a long-lasting nor a super fun game, but or the few times I played it, it was pretty decent. #13 - Costume Quest 2 27.11.2018 Since I haven't played the first part I lacked a bit of the backstory and I'm sure I therefore missed a bit while playing the game, but it was nevertheless quite entertaining. Especially the Candy Corn Costume. While I certainly wasn't dying with laughter it was good for a little chuckle here and there. I generally liked the references that were made throughout the game. Similar to Invizimals, I feel that the expectations shouldn't be too high for such a game, since it's target audience are children, but with that in mind it's still enjoyable for adults. As I said before, I now plan to complete This Is The Police, which should be no problem, considering I have the whole month left. Additionally I'd like to get Kingdom Hearts 2 and 0.2 done this year to be completely ready for Kingdom Hearts 3, but we'll see how that works out with the rather limited time I'll be having due to work and Christmas preparations next month.
  4. I completed three games in the last three days, so now I only have my number 1 game left, and since I still have a whole month to complete it, I'm positive I won't have to change my game choice. (: 0 - (1880) Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories [PS3] 1 - (5951) This Is The Police 2 - (3762) XBlaze Lost:Memories 3 - (673) Eat ThemπŸ’― 4 - (7934) Fill-A-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure (EU/PS4) 5 - (4265) Lego Marvel's Avengers (PS3) 6 - (3056) Costume Quest 2 (PS3) πŸ’― 7 - (2677) Another World πŸ’― 8 - (2948) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PS3] 9 - (2219) Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom
  5. Taking part in the Gaming By Numbers Event really does seem to help me with sticking to the games that I chose to complete. I guess a big part of it is because of the deadline that I have to meet. A little mishap happened, when I thought that the '2064', that's part of the name of 2064: Read Only Memories, is its game ID, so I obtained the Platinum thinking that it could be my number 4 game, when in reality its ID end on an 8, which I already had. Since my other games that end on a 4 didn't seem to appealing to my, I decided to "quickly" plat Fill-A-Pix. So with that out of the way, Another World also finished and Eat Them! and Costume Quest 2 already started, I'm back on track. (: Even though 2064 was rumored to be a harder Platinum because of two of its trophies, I really did enjoy playing it. I even decided to try my hand and write a Trophy Walkthrough for this game to maybe help a few more people achieve this platinum. I really don't feel that it deserves the rarity that it, at this moment at least, possesses. I'm excited to see if my guide will be well received or not. (: Detailed Progress: 2064: Read Only Memories: 0% β†’ 65/65 100% Another World: 0% β†’ 13/13 100% πŸ’― Eat Them: 3/13 14% β†’ 6/16 33% Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure: 0% β†’ 30/30 100% #12 - Another World 11.11.2018 I think the game was alright. As far as I know it was a remake from a 20+-year-old game, so I don't think you could expect too much from it. It was quick and fairly easy to complete and that's exactly what I needed this game to be. I didn't enjoy the game too much, but I struggle in general with these older games, so I think that my opinion is pretty biased. #47 - 2064: Read Only Memories 13.11.2018 It has been a while since I enjoyed a game, that I've never played before, as much as I enjoyed this one. I generally love pixel art and pixel art games, but since that's judging a book by it's cover I'd like to go into a bit more detail. I really liked the story of this little, naive, and sentient robot that's coming to you in the hopes that you can help him find his missing creator. It seemed that quite a few people didn't like Turing's character and found him rather annoying, but for me it was the exact opposite. He is really cute and being mean to him hurt my soul a little bit. Other than that I enjoyed the story around the disturbances in the city that occurred because of the gap that's formed between the Hybrids and their allies and the opposition. I feel like it's a bit (of course not completely and not to its extent) relatable to today's world. Somehow it really didn't bother me, having to play through the game countless times - not only for the platinum itself, but also to write and check the accuracy of the trophy walkthrough. In my opinion it's definitely worth playing, even if it's just to get a fairly easy and fast platinum. #48 - Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure 18.11.2018 I didn't actually bother to check this game out before I bought it when it was on sale. I just knew that is was a numerical puzzle and I somehow thought it would be a Picross game. Sadly I was mistaken, but since I enjoy puzzle games, especially puzzles with numbers, I liked it nevertheless. For the platinum I didn't play most part of the game as it's supposed to be played. There were just too many big pictures to do that, but I decided to leave this game on my HDD and maybe I'll come back to it someday and complete the puzzles legitimately. I'm planning to complete the next four games for the Gaming By Numbers Event, which should be Costume Quest 2, Eat Them!, Lego Marvel's Avengers and This Is The Police. Once that's done I'd like to make the PS3 version of Kingdom Hearts 2 my 50th platinum and then I want to work on my Backlog Pyramid. We'll see how that works out. πŸ˜€
  6. It seems that I was a bit dumb when I checked my backlog and wrote down which game's ID ends on which number, because I read the URL for 2064: Read Only Memories and decided, that surely '2064' is not part of the name, but rather the game ID. So I obtained the Platinum and wanted to make an update post on here and decided to double-check the ID. I was a bit surprised that I got it wrong, but oh well. I just decided to play Fill-A-Pix to get my number 4. Other than that I completed Another World so now I'm up to 6 out of 10. Since I already started Eat Them! and Costume Quest 2 I should be able to update this list really soon. My only concern is This Is The Police, but if it doesn't work out like I hope it does, I'll just look for an easy and fast Platinum that I can use as my number 1. 0 - (1880) Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories [PS3] 1 - This Is The Police 2 - (3762) XBlaze Lost:Memories 3 - Eat Them 4 - (7934) Fill-A-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure (EU/PS4) 5 - Lego Marvel's Avengers (PS3) 6 - Costume Quest 2 (PS3) 7 - (2677) Another World πŸ’― 8 - (2948) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PS3] 9 - (2219) Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom
  7. In the last nearly two weeks I managed to complete three games I need for the Gaming by Numbers event, so I hope that I'll be able to complete all ten of them before December is over. Additionally I created a Backlog Pyramid and hopefully it will help me to stay focused on a few games instead of being all over the place after the event is over. Detailed progress: Eat Them!: 0% β†’ 3/13 14% Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom: 0% β†’ 47/47 100% Kingdom Hearts 2 [PS3]: 28/51 42% β†’ 32/51 58% Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PS3]: 25/46 42% β†’ 46/46 100% XBlaze Lost: Memories: 0% β†’ 40/40 100% #44 XBlaze Lost:Memories 31.10.2018 To be completely honest I only completed this game because it was a quick and easy platinum. I really can't be bothered with this type of games and I was really bored "playing" it. I don't know if I would feel differently about it had I actually watched all the scenes, but there just came a point, much like with Psycho-Pass, where I started to skip every dialogue and just rushed through the game. #45 Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PS3] 07.11.2018 Since I already got the platinum for the PS4 version I had enough experience to know what had to be done and how it could get done efficiently. I'm unsure whether it was the right decision to do the 100% completion for Aqua and Ven on critical difficulty, because a lot of the times my input got eaten which resulted in a loss of invincibility from my cartwheel/roll and more often than not my immediate death. One of the things I rather dislike about the game, other than having to play the command board a thousand times, are some of the bosses' mechanics. Especially The Unknown and Eraqus' Armor have a few moves where it was impossible for me to escape their loop of attacks and heal me. There were even attacks that, in my opinion, should have been survivable with Once More/Second Chance equipped but killed me when I wasn't at full HP. These random/inevitable deaths really frustrated me at times. On a positive note, I discovered this time around that the Ice Cream Beat minigame is so much easier when the game is played on monitor with super low reaction time rather than a normal TV. Lastly I have to say that I'm eternally grateful to Past-Me for deciding to nearly Terra's reports on Standard difficulty so that I only had to fight the two additional bosses and like 3 or 4 arena missions. It would have been a pain to 100% him on critical. #46 Invizimals: Lost Kingdom 10.11.2018 Another one of those games that you just complete because they are fairly quick to finish and really, really easy. Sure, the game itself was repetitive and there were a few bugs here and there, especially involving the camera, but this is a game targeted at smaller children and as such it wasn't even that bad. I just realized that I'm heading for my 50th Platinum trophy. I'm not really the kind of person to plan out trophy milestones, but I think I want to go for a more challenging game as my 50th and since most of the games I'm planning on completing for the Numbers Event are Non-Platinum games that shouldn't be an issue.
  8. I managed to complete two more games, which means that I fulfilled the bare minimum for this event. I decided to complete Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom rather than Heavy Rain for the PS3 because I'm really bad at guessing how long it will take me to complete a game and I don't want to risk not finishing all 10 games. πŸ˜€ 0 - (1880) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories [PS3] 1 - (5951) This is the Police 2 - (3762) XBlaze Lost Memories 3 - (673) Eat Them 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - (2948) Kingdom Hearts BBS [PS3] 9 - (2219) Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom
  9. This seems like a really neat idea to reduce one's backlog. My only problem is that nearly all of my played backlog is from the Ultra Rare or Very Rare category, so I had a bit of a hard time to choose my games. I hope that for my next pyramids, I either acquire a few new games that have a more common completion rate or that a lot more people play the same games I did and therefore reduce their rarities. πŸ˜€ Anyways, here is my Pyramid: I'm hoping to complete This is the Police first since it's also one of the games for my Gaming by Numbers entry. Other than that I think that I first want to complete the Kingdom Hearts series and then start on the complete Final Fantasy 13 playthrough. We'll see how that goes. πŸ˜€
  10. It's not my first time with BBS. I played it when it first came out for the PSP and I already got the plat for the PS4 version, so I don't have to pay attention to the story anymore and can thankfully cheese my way through the game. (: For me, Kingdom Hearts 2 is still my favorite from the whole series, but BBS is definitely more enjoyable than most of the other games, gameplay and story-wise.
  11. Thanks. (: And yes, the Kingdom Hearts series is a favorite of mine ever since I played the first game on the PS2. The story has become pretty convoluted over time, but the games are still worth playing in my opinion. (:
  12. After nearly 2 more months I still haven't finished Crash 3, but some of these time trials are really a pain. At least I managed to surpass one of my goals and finally finish another Kingdom Hearts Game. Maybe I'll get them all done before KH3 releases next year. Other than that I sadly didn't manage to progress much more, but I hope that with the help of the Gaming By Numbers Event I'll be able to reduce my backlog a bit more. My detailed progress: Destiny: 0% β†’ 10/24 40% Jurassic World Evolution: 9/52 13% β†’ 16/55 23% Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep [PS3]: 20/46 33% β†’ 25/46 42% Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories [PS3]: 23/48 36% β†’ 48/48 100% LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 11/70 12% β†’ 70/70 100% Project Cars: 5/45 8% β†’ 6/45 10% Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut [PS4]: 0% β†’ 18/19 90% #42 LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens 27.09.2018 As with all of the other LEGO games, I really do enjoy them a lot more when I have actually seen the movie the games are based on. Other than that there's not really a lot to say about the LEGO games. #43 Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories 14.10.2018 I'm really glad I finally finished this game. The game itself was actually pretty enjoyable the first time around, but having to play through the game 2 more times for each character was such a chore. Especially the Sora playthtroughs since he had so many rooms to go through on every floor. Apart from this I thankfully got through the game fairly quickly with spamming fire as Sora and stunning nearly every boss in Dark Mode as Riku. So there is that.
  13. I don't know why I haven't seen this thread earlier, but I find the idea very interesting and want to give it a shot. I haven't chosen all 10 games yet. First I wanted to see how far I come with the games that are already on the list, so that I could possibly add a more time-consuming game if there is enough time left. I actually completed the first game of the list today and made progress for a few other ones. 0 - (1880) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories [PS3] 1 - (5951) This is the Police 2 - (3762) XBlaze Lost Memories 3 - (673) Eat Them 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - (2948) Kingdom Hearts BBS [PS3] 9 - (249) Heavy Rain [PS3]
  14. It seems like another month has gone by since I last updated this thread. Sadly, I didn't manage to complete all of my goals for this month, but I think that I actually did get a bit more done than in the last month. Maybe I shouldn't set too many different games as my goal since I know that I don't particularly like to stick to the same game for an extended period of time. I guess I can only hope to one day either learn to stick to the games I chose or to get better at judging how much I can actually get done in one month. Either way. As always here's the detailed progress over the last month: Dead By Daylight: 53/98 50% β†’ 62/98 59% Diablo 3: 38/54 68% β†’ 44/54 85% Fallout Shelter: 26/35 60% β†’ 35/35 100% Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories: 3/48 4% β†’ 23/48 36% LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens: 0% β†’ 11/70 12% After nearly three full months I finally managed to get my next Platinum Trophy, and it even was my 40th Plat overall. And then a day after I got another Plat. So I'd like to think that August was actually a pretty good month for me. Before I finish this post with the more detailed impressions of the games that I platted this month, I want to go over my goals for September: Complete Crash Bandicoot 3 - I actually hope that three time's the charm here, because it would be pretty embarrassing to not finish it again, especially since there aren't even that many trophies left. And I would really like to finish the Trilogy before staring Spyro, especially now that its release has been moved to November, I think. Finish 4/6 playthroughs of Kingom Hearts Re: CoM - I managed to get my first Sora playthrough done this month and I actually already started on getting some of the enemy cards and miscellaneous trophies out of the way. Thankfully Riku's Story is much shorter and since I already started this one too it should be possible to finish it and another two playthroughs. Especially if I use some of the speedrunner's tactics. I just hate that you need to play through every story three times. That's just excessive. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to continue my LEGO Star Wars playthrough in the next month, but I don't really want to set this one as a goal. And now, as I already said, the games I platted in more detail: #40 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 19.08.2018 When I purchased this game I had a feeling that I could quite possibly like it, but I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I never played the prequels, so I didn't know any of the lore and didn't know exactly what to expect from this game, but since I always liked to play RPGs and really liked the look of it, it couldn't hurt to buy this game. The premise of the story is this typical "There is an evil force and you are the chosen one to defeat it" that everybody has played at least a thousand times, but I don't think that the story is the thing that makes this game so fun to me. I mean, it was interesting to find all these books throughout the game to get a better understanding about the characters and the world itself, but once I finished the story (twice) and started on the bounties and rifts and leveling up the other characters and getting to the point where I could arrange better builds for my characters I actually wanted to keep playing this game. So I'm definitely going to keep playing this game, since I want to get some of the in-game challenges done. I also plan on getting the DLC the next time it's on sale. I'd also like to add that I feared that the controls would be a bit rubbish, and while I imagine that it's a bit more comfortable to play this game with a mouse and keyboard, it was really easy to get behind the controls. Off the top of my head I don't really find anything absolutely negative to say about this game, except for Diablo's character design. What's up with that? In the final fight when he starts walking to you it absolutely looks like he has jiggling breast and I think that this could have been handled a bit better. #41 Fallout Shelter 20.08.2018 I started playing this game around a year and a half ago on my phone, but I didn't like it all that much and pretty quickly forgot about it, but since it was a free Platinum I just had to start again. And I have to say, it was a pretty relaxing trophy to get. Everyday after work I would just start the game up, change the rooms for a few dwellers so that they could level up their skills and then do the quests I sent them on the day before. It thankfully never required too much of my attention and I'm grateful that the Weapon and Outfit trophy didn't glitch for me in a bad way. Though I don't really see a reason to keep playing the game after getting the trophy. For me it lacks a certain incentive to keep playing.
  15. These are some other trophies that are connected to the ones you already listed and can't get before finishing the story either. All in all the trophies you can only get post-game should be these: Conqueror, Craftsman, Heartless Highbrow, Lingering Will, Mushroom Master, Professor, Seeker, To Rule Them All and Treasure Hunter. I'm not too sure about the Navigator trophy, but I think that you're able to get through the Cavern of Remembrance without finishing the story, so Navigator should be obtainable before the final fight.