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  1. I completed 11-11: Memories Retold relatively early on, and hoped to complete another game, but with only 3 days left I'm pretty certain, that I won't finish any more this month. I can definitely recommend this game to the PS+ Extra & Premium subscribers. It isn't too long and has a lovely story. The collectibles can be a bit bothersome at times, but there's chapter select and great video guides on YouTube. 11-11: Memories Retold All 51 Trophies 13th July 2022 • Platinum in 11 months, 4 weeks
  2. This game was actually on my list of games that I wanted to try out, so this is perfect. And I'm fine with unobtainable trophies. I'll never have a 100% completion anyways, so I don't think that I should limit myself by never playing games with unobtainables. (:
  3. Sounds like a really fun event to experience some games that haven't been on your radar yet, so I'd like to join. My two recommendations are El Hijo and Desperados 3.
  4. This event is always fun, and since I couldn't participate the last two times, I'm looking forward to participate once again. (:
  5. Really generous of you to turn this into a giveaway. I'm voting for Dirt 3 and would like a German PSN card in the unlikely case that I win. (:
  6. Once again a bit late, but I finally finished a game for this month: This War of Mine: The Little Ones All 29 Trophies • 5/10 2x 15h 26th June 2022 • Platinum in 4 years, 9 months I enjoyed the game a fair amount, so I would definitely recommend it to others that got it with PS+ or the new PS+ Extra, but getting a child to the Broken status for one of the last trophies that I needed was really annoying. I nearly gave up on it for this month, but then I had a bit more free time than I thought and got very lucky in game, so that I could finally complete it. I'm very confident, that I won't be able to complete any more games this month. For the next months I need to get some of the longer games like The Witcher 3 going. A lot of these story-heavy games that are in my backlog are merely at the beginning, so I have a lot to accomplish before these games are completed and I'm certain that I won't be able to fully complete one of these games in just a month. But we'll see which game I'm going to complete next. (:
  7. Finally completed a game for this month: A Plague Tale: Innocence All 36 Trophies • 3/10 1x 15h 29th May 2022 • Platinum in 9 months, 2 weeks I started it when I just got my PS5 and really enjoyed it, but then I was short on time because my university courses started up again and I chose to play shorter games rather than story-heavy games in the limited time I had each day. Since I wanted to finish a game this month to keep my streak going and this game is a rather short and easy one, I decided to power through and finally complete it. I really enjoyed this game, especially that you had to be stealthy rather than just kill everybody on sight. I also quite liked the stories an characters, but one of the things I disliked was the ending. I think I would have liked it more if they kept the story more historically accurate, but overall it's a great game and I'm excited for the sequel. With the start of the new league a few weeks ago I once again got into Path of Exile. I really hope that I can finish this platinum this league, because I'd like to transition to PC to keep playing, but I want to finish this version first. I also dug up This War of Mine when I saw the new PS5 version coming out and I'm pretty hopeful that this can be my completion for next month.
  8. Rayman Legends All 51 Trophies 15th April 2022 • Platinum in 3 years, 10 months I guess this game is more fun if you actually enjoy Jump'n'Run games. At one point I just completely stopped playing, because there were just too many levels to play and too many points left to get to the final Awesomeness-Level. Then at the start of the year I decided to finish this game, and with consistent silver and gold trophies it thankfully didn't take too long to get enough points for the "Truly awesome!" and subsequently the platinum trophy. I'm just glad that I finally completed it, and I'm definitely not touching the PS3 or Vita version of this game. Other than that I also finished Little Hope from the Dark Pictures Anthology, but since it only took me 3 months, I doesn't count for this event. I also played a lot of Plague Tale and had hoped to complete it this month. That didn't happen, but I'm confident that I'll be able to complete it in May. I also like the idea to complete Star Wars games for May, but the only ones in my backlog are both Battlefront games and I'm absolutely sure, that I won't complete them anytime soon. 😄
  9. It seems like it's available, but only in the Premium tier: For people who are purely playing on PC that's a lot of money, just to play mostly old games. Especially since you have no use for the PS+ benefits.
  10. Like a few people before me I could also finish Fall Guys before it gets unobtainable. I only needed a legendary colour for the Head Turner trophy and today I got a legendary pattern and colour in the ingame shop. I still think it's unnecessary that this game gets new trophy lists just because of a new launcher, but at least I don't have to get these trophies all over again. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout • OR • All 35 Trophies 30th March 2022 • Platinum in 1 year, 7 months
  11. This is already available. When you're on a trophy list you can toggle the "Global DLC rarities" on and off in the floating PSNP+ menu in the upper left corner of the page.
  12. Bugsnax All 28 Trophies 25th March 2022 • Platinum in 7 months, 1 week Not the game I originally intended to complete, but I'm glad to get it off by backlog nonetheless. It was one of the first PS5 games I played thanks to PS+, but at some point it got a bit repetitive and catching all the different Bugsnax was at times more annoying than enjoyable. I didn't feel compelled to get back to this game before, but now I wanted to install a few other games and didn't have the space, so I decided to finally complete Bugsnax and get rid of it. At least until the Update/DLC comes out. 😒 Depending on my luck regarding the ingame shop I may also complete Fall Guys this month, but other than that I don't think I'll finish any more games from my backlog.
  13. Finally got my February game done: Tomb Raider: Underworld All 33 Trophies 28th February 2022 • Platinum in 2 years, 7 months Wasn't actually a hard game, but the controls and the camera for this game were really annoying and at times absolutely rage inducing. I can't tell you how many times Lara decided to just jump into a completely random direction instead of to the ledge right in front of her. The story was okay, but nothing that interested me too much. Overall a good enough game that I don't think I would have enjoyed casually. I'm not sure yet, what I want to complete for the next month. I'm definitely going to play Horizon: Forbidden West and finish up Little Hope, but that's not a game I started over 6 months ago. I'm actually getting kind of close to finally complete Rayman Legends, but that's going to take me at least another two months. Maybe I'm staying with Tomb Raider for a bit and complete the PS4 one, since there's not too much left to do and it's been over 5 years since I last played it. Another alternative is Bugsnax, which I should be able to complete rather quickly. We'll see.
  14. No real update on my part, but wanted to let @Gretchen27 know, that I'm going for the Streak Challenge. We'll see how well it goes, considering there's only one week left for this month and the game I wanted to complete is still sitting at 2%. But I'm confident that I can get it done. (:
  15. As I said in my last post, I wanted to get MediEvil and Flatland Prologue done this week, and I just finished these games yesterday and today, respectively. MediEvil took me way longer than it should have, but I'm glad, that I'm finally done now. This leaves only Spiderman: Miles Morales for the Common bracket, but I'm certain that I won't finish it until well into February, since the new Pokémon game is coming out tomorrow and this will probably take some time for me to play through, before I can get back to my backlog. While finishing these 4 games I also managed to get the 50 trophies of any rarity for the monthly quest. I put together a tentative list for my Uncommon Games, but depending on how well it goes with some of these I may change something later on. Common Games List MediEvil Cat Quest Flatland Prologue Knight's Retreat Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (11%) Uncommon Games List A Plague Tale: Innocence (10%) Bugsnax (31%) Final Fantasy XIII-2 (11%) Hades (4%) Jak & Dexter: The Precursor Legacy (18%)