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  1. I played HZD and enjoyed it, but in this game the enemies feel so much more tanky, bullet spongey, and so much more aggressive. It also feels like aloy doesnt do any damage to enemies. I have got upgraded weapons and armor, i know about hitting weak points and tearing off components. Human enemies kill me in one to two shots and the only way to hurt them is with perfect headshots, and machines are so fast and i cant even take time to shoot because im constantly dodging. Is there anything i can do to make the combat more enjoyable because right now it feels overly difficult even just on normal.
  2. They fixed the issue with saving on PS5, but it still doesn't work well. I had the game crash multiple times on me during the playthrough. I had the limiters glitch where I was struggling to get through a section with limiters on, so I chose the option to retry without limiters and it didn't take them off no matter how many times I tried. Then the cherry on top, I was halfway through the new game plus playthrough on my way to platinum, the game crashed and corrupted my whole save file. I did not have a cloud backup so all my work is gone. Made me really salty. I love supergiant games, but this is the worst running game they have made.
  3. Furi was my most recent platinum I loved it when it came out in 2016, but never got really good at it Came back to it in 2019 and got all the speed runs and furi difficulty done, but furier difficulty was just too hard to do. I though this would be a platinum I could never earn but I remembered how much I loved the the game and decided I wanted to play it again. I must've gotten better over the years because I tried furier again and everything clicked for me and I was able to get the platinum. Super proud of this one.
  4. The intermission dlc has more hard trophies in it then the whole full game. Like seriously why would you put 2 super boss fights in a dlc pack. I legit had to break the game to beat weiss and im still stuck on pride and joy because yuffie is terrible to fight with and they put the hardest boss from the main game as the first fight. That box breaking game you can not miss at all. why demand absolute perfection from that? it took 4 hours to beat the story of the dlc, but its gonna take me 30 hours to finish the rest of it with leveling materia and all the retries on the bosses. Seriously, I wouldve just played the PS4 version if I knew how hellacious this DLC was.
  5. @Herbset Do the FF7 remake platinum. Doing it right now and its so good. Its hard yes but worth it
  6. I have a rule when it comes to auto popping trophies. If it is an upgrade from ps4 to ps5 (Uncharted, Spiderman, FF7, etc.) then i will play the game again and enjoy my time with it and try to earn most trophies naturally and in a fun way. When I'm done doing that, I will pop the rest of the trophies. Things like the crushing and speed run on Uncharted, 100% all districts in spiderman, and all the hair pulling stuff I already did, then I don't find it worth it to do it over and make myself hate my time playing. I got my enjoyment from the game and I find that enough.
  7. I picked up Lost in Random and Golf club wasteland. Golf club wasteland has been really fun for 5 bucks. Its like a post apocalyptic golf game on mars and its pretty simple to play and charming. I would recommend it.
  8. This is really upsetting news. I'm going to speak from my perspective as a gamer, so you don't have to agree with me but these are my thoughts. I've never been against exclusives, I've always thought they were inevitable and showed how talent some developers are when they are invested in. I would never have expected or asked something like forza, halo, gears to come to PlayStation because those were built by Xbox for Xbox, the same is said for PlayStation. Their exclusives for the most part have been invested in for years and supported to be the best they could. But this strategy by Xbox to strongarm the competition by buying up huge 3rd parties and then pretending like they are responsible for the games that come out from these companies are their own work is disgusting. All these upcoming Bethesda titles have been in development for years before Xbox had anything to do with them and now they are just gonna pretend they are responsible for creating this content? They remind me of a kid who has rich parents and can buy them whatever they want or buy their way into success when it has not been deserved. Secondly, and this only applies to me and I would think a lot of others in this community, are the trophies. Trophies for me add such a extra layer to gaming for me as I love getting platinum's in my favorite games, and it has let me try a lot of different games I never thought I would've tried or liked but the trophies were a way into it. I know Xbox has achievements, but I don't really like them at all. The platinum for some reason feels much more rewarding. I know this is a very specific issue that only effects a small amount of gamers, but I feel like I might not have any motivation to try smaller games or niche titles if they are only offered on Xbox. This issue is small but important to me Overall, I just think this is Xbox trying to make up for 10+ years of not having exclusives besides Halo, Gears, Forza and constantly being outperformed by Sony. It feels very cheap and dirty business and I just don't like it. If Xbox had cultivated these developers and invested in them for years, I would not have an issue, but just throwing money at companies to own them to prevent others from having access to games is really fucked.
  9. Im sure this has been asked before but Im not sure where to find answers for it. On PS3, PS4, and PS5 I am able to use a offline account to try a game and see if I will like it before actually putting it on my main account and earn trophies. I know on the vita you cannot have separate accounts on one vita and it is tied to the memory card. My question is if there is any way I can star a game without being logged into my account to see if I will like it before I go for any trophies? Like start a game for a couple hours, decide I don't like it, and be able to delete the game without having any trophies earned be tied to my main PSN account?
  10. Saved this game to be my 200th platinum trophy. Did all the multiplayer stuff a couple years back before the servers shut down and im so glad to be able to 100% this game and have it be my 200th platinum milestone. Theses milestones I feel deserve to go to amazing games and this one is my favorite, just like my 100th was the witcher 3. So amazing to play this game again, it doesn't get old
  11. Ive pretty much done everything else I can do except max out all keepsakes. I still cant get meg to show up in my room. I gifted her all the nectar I can, I've fought each fury multiple times. Im on escape 109 or something and meg still wont go into my room to trigger me giving her ambrosia. Is there anything I can do to get her to spawn in my room or do anything that will increase my chances? Should I keep dying in the first room? any help would be appreciated.
  12. Found Persona 4 Golden on the Vita for 50 dollars at a local trading game store. Was it a good buy or did I pay too much?
  13. Have you got any of the online trophies to pop? i heard some people had problems with those
  14. That is insane. Ive never heard of a company messing up a trophy list to where it just doesnt appear with a patch. Frigging EA. Well there goes my streak of every madden platinum since 2016. EA is the worst.
  15. Just downloaded the game from ea access as they added it to the vault of games today, but the trophy list will not appear on my main list. I'm playing on PS4. Is this a bug or something the EA has done purposefully for the EA access version? Has anyone else downloaded it from the vault today?