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  1. Ive pretty much done everything else I can do except max out all keepsakes. I still cant get meg to show up in my room. I gifted her all the nectar I can, I've fought each fury multiple times. Im on escape 109 or something and meg still wont go into my room to trigger me giving her ambrosia. Is there anything I can do to get her to spawn in my room or do anything that will increase my chances? Should I keep dying in the first room? any help would be appreciated.
  2. Found Persona 4 Golden on the Vita for 50 dollars at a local trading game store. Was it a good buy or did I pay too much?
  3. Have you got any of the online trophies to pop? i heard some people had problems with those
  4. That is insane. Ive never heard of a company messing up a trophy list to where it just doesnt appear with a patch. Frigging EA. Well there goes my streak of every madden platinum since 2016. EA is the worst.
  5. Just downloaded the game from ea access as they added it to the vault of games today, but the trophy list will not appear on my main list. I'm playing on PS4. Is this a bug or something the EA has done purposefully for the EA access version? Has anyone else downloaded it from the vault today?
  6. Does anyone have any new info on this. Ived looked up so much for this trophy, tried all the methods ive found and nothing works. I cannot make contact with the ball in a way that breaks the bat. any help or new knowledge would be appreaciated. thank you
  7. I think i might pick up the deponia games. I played the first one and they are point and click adventure games that are pretty funny. Plus with them all being just over a dollar you can get all 3 for less than 5 bucks. That's a good deal.
  8. Jedi Fallen Order is my first 2021 platinum. Great star wars game, i love the uncharted like set pieces in the game along with tomb raider like exploration. The plat process is a little grindy with backtracking to previous levels but i would recommended the game. If anyone is looking to play it but not wanting to buy full price, buy a month of EA access for 5 dollars. A month is plenty of time to plat the game and you get access to alot of other EA games too. Just remember to turn off auto renew for EA access in the subscriptions menu.
  9. I dont know about you all, but I never really paid much attention to the level I was. I was more interested in my platinum count and my completion percentage. I am most looking foward to the trophy tracker update for PS5. That will make grindy trophies so much better because youll see the progress your making.
  10. You dont got alot of non plats, but if you want a fun challenge go dead space 2. Be a awesome one to add to collection. If you want a more tame on that is also good, go with deadpool.
  11. I know this is a longshot but i figured someone here might know the answer to this. So, I sometimes like to play games on a different user on the same ps4. This allows me to try games before I put them on my main account, so in case I earn a trophy, it wont be there forever if I dont like the game. This second user doesnt have a psn account tied to it. I was trying to take the save data that is tied to the dummy account and put it onto a USB drive, however, it is saying I need to be logged into PSN to even do that. I understand with ps plus needing to be logged in, but im just trying to copy the save data on a USB. IS there any way to circumnavigate having to sign in to back up my save or am i just outta luck. If anyone knows this info it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I dont know if anyone can confirm this, but this was the best place to try to find an answer. Im playing on hard right now as my first play through because ive played the first. the main game isnt too bad, but trying to get the key parts is making me pull my hair out. the enemies hit so hard and i die in 2 hits even with my health close to fully upgraded. Does anyone know if playing on normal difficulty will also lower the difficulty of some of these key challenges. If anyone knows I would appreciate your input. Thanks.
  13. Theres also another sale going on. Its a 15 dollar and under sale. I think that sale has better deals then this sale. check it out
  14. Just completed the platinum for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Of all the Tomb Raider games, this was probably the least annoying one to platinum. It was actually quite a bit of fun after the initial first few hours. I wanted to share some tips I have for making earning the platinum as painless as possible. 1. If possible, buy the definitive edition or buy the extra dlc weapons. Some of them are crazy powerful when fully upgraded and make combat an afterthought (which will be very helpful during deadly obsession) 2. Look at the miscellaneous combat trophies and try to do them as soon as possible by reloading a checkpoint as soon as you get the chance to use the combat move. It makes it much easier than trying to get them naturally. 3. Play normal first and complete everything on this play through. It will be worth it in the long run as you will end up getting every skill and most of your weapons fully maxed before your deadly obsession play through. Follow a guide for certain collectibles and you should be fine as nothing is missable. 4. Go to merchants and buy all the ammo pouch upgrades and as many upgrades as you can from them (and buy the lock-pick as soon as you can from the merchant who appears during the side mission about finding the dice for the kid, this is important as she will move to different locations in the game world, so it is best to buy it before she moves. 5. Finally, if you do all of the above, you will be super powerful and ready for deadly obsession on new game plus. Deadly obsession can be a pain, but as long as you take your time with platforming and save as much as you can at base camps, you should be ok. Some areas can go long stretches without being able to save, so it might be best to look up what to expect from whats coming next (especially sections where you have to out run something). Those are a few things I learned while getting the platinum and hopefully this can help you while trying to earn the platinum yourself. Good Luck and thanks for reading.
  15. I was curious as Im playing Detroit right now, but this question can apply to all games that give you choices on the actions you take. When you play the game, do you make decisions based on how you personally would act in that scenario, or do you make the decision based on how you think the character your playing as would make the decision? I've always struggled when playing games like this, because sometimes I do what I think is right, and some other times I will do what i think my character would do. How do you guys play free choice games? I like playing games like Detroit and Beyond two souls, but I always think about this whenever I have to make a decision in the game. Let me know what you think.