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  1. To my knowledge, the gold edition comes with: 1. Base Game 2. Season Pass 3. Assassins Creed 3 remastered 4. Assassins Creed Liberation remastered If someone could confirm that that would be great. I just wanted to see other opinions on this. it seems like a great deal to me for all the content your getting. Is the base game and DLC pretty good? IDK if its a great deal and should pull the trigger on it right now.
  2. I know every trophy hunter wants some of those games that we never really played and is sitting at 1%-2% and they mess up completion percentages and what not. If you had to pick 5 games you could get off your profiles, what would they be: Mine would be: 1. Read Dead redemption- im never gonna put the time in to finish it and get the trophies. 2. Dead Star- got two trophies from random ps plus game and the game died a month later because it was all multiplayer. 3. Surgeon Simulator: Will never be good at this game, and the plat is ridiculously hard. 4. Killzone shadow fall: couldn't finish the campaign it was too boring, and the insane multiplayer grind. 5: NBA 2k12: nba games are impossible to platinum most of the time. I regret all nba games.
  3. Ive done four full seasons and this trophy will not work. if anyone has earned this recently can i get any advice. thanks