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  1. I think my ps3 died ;-; I started my ps3 and it got stuck on the start up screen. After 10 minutes, i tried to turn it off and it just gave 2 bleeps but didn't go off. And now, it wont do anything at all D:

    1. Captain_Cutscene


      Unplug it from the main supply then re-connect it and start it again :)

    2. Fawazc98
  2. I started a new psn account, and decided to give r&c all 4 one another shot, but i already redeemed the network pass on my first account. Is there anyway i can play online on 2 accounts with 1 pass?

    1. CasaDeBen


      Should work fine if its on the same ps3 and your old accounts still tied to the ps3

    2. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      as long as you still have it downloaded from the old account you willbe fine.

    3. skillexskill_


      Thanks, i'm glad to hear that :)

  3. I really feel like making a new account and starting all over again

    1. DracoLionheart


      Do what you feel is right, I did the same about a year ago and very glad I did. =)

    2. skillexskill_


      I just made a new account, i will try to keep my completion above 75% on my new account ^^

  4. I think the game that i was most addicted to would be RuneScape. I had around 800 hours in it back in 2009. After i stopped playing runescape i didn't really got addicted to a game. The only game that i can think of right now would be Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, with 200+ hours, but i don't play it much anymore.
  5. Been looking for a new vita game once i finished persona 4. Any suggestions?

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    2. xVolloxx


      Or Virtues Last Reward as it's one of the best storylines in a video game ever .

    3. skillexskill_


      I think Muramasa Rebirth didn't got released in Europe... :( And i've been waiting for virtue's last reward to get cheaper, its still pretty expensive here :c

    4. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Rainbow Moon or Ys: Memories of Celceta

  6. Well, i discarded the asian cards and trying to get them again. It felt like the only solution left.
  7. I am almost giving up on Ragnarok Odyssey, i don't know what to do anymore to get that damn plat... :(

  8. I think i now the problem. Someone with the Asian Localised version of the game neared me Utgarda Loki (floating) and Surt. Could that be the problem?
  9. Someone on gameFAWQs said the same, maybe it is because someone with the asian localised version neared me a card. This was the last thing i was hoping to do, but if it works, i will try it. And i thought the weapon card was a problem to, so after i got all the cards i made a new one, but no trophy But thanks for the help, i'll try it
  10. It's pretty weird that i keep dreaming about Lightning Returns... o.o

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    2. Hikari_Symphony


      I'm actually picking up the LR DS3 too, it looks awesome. Plus my second controller is getting extremely worn out.

    3. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Awesome! Yeah my controller is completely messed up, really should have gotten a new one sooner but Ive held out just for this controller.

    4. Hikari_Symphony


      Ah, mines not that bad but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. I usually don't make a habit of buying controllers but I made a exception.

  11. #9: Crysis. Platinum Trophy Earn all available trophies for Crysis® This was a piece of cake. Was a bit surprised by the Delta difficulty at the beginning of the game. It was pretty hard because i never played a Crysis before and it was my first playtrough. But after the second mission, i figured everything out and it was getting easier and easier.
  12. I accidently created 2 topic's, is it possible to delete one? o.o

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    2. UndreyVITA


      or more, I'm not a mod or a psychic.

    3. skillexskill_


      Thank you, Dr_Mayus ^^

    4. DEMON


      Just wait, a mod will sort it out :P

  13. I've been grinding for all the cards a while, and i finally managed to get them all with some help from friends! But... The trophy didn't pop, so i thought i overlooked one. I checked all my cards with a full card list, and i couldnt figure out what i was missing. After checking the list 4 times, i didn't know what to do anymore, so i hope anyone has a solution for me. These are the cards that i have: (checking with my vita next to me!) Orc card Orc Chief card High Orc Card MoiMoi Card Spore Card Poison Spore Card Spore Hazel Card Death Rock Card Magma Death Rock Card Wolf Card Fire Wolf Card Hell Hound Card Cuppie Card Poison Cuppie Card Guardian Card (no laser) Guardian Card (laser) Horo Horo Card Horo Horon Card Horo Horos Card Grizzly Card Grizzly Bebe Card Leib Olmai Card Killer Ant Card Domovoi Card Don Domovoi Card Raydric Card Einherjar Card Methos Card Poring Card Drops Card Poporing Card Marin Card Leshy Card Alp Leshy Card HillGiant Card HillGiant Chief Card FrostGiant Card FrostGiant Chief Card FlameGiant Card FlameGiant Chief Card Orc King Card Orc Hero Card Skoll Card Hati Card Fafnir Card Hjahanir Card Hraesvelgr Card Kona Hraesvelgr Card Grendel Card Mokkurkalfe Card (got from near) Fenia Card Menia Card Hrungnir Card Surt Card (got from near) Utgarda Loki Card (sitting) (got from near) Utgarda Loki Card (floating) (got from near) Cleric Card (aka armor card, got around 18 of them) Othel War Mace Card (Weapon card, got 2 of them) Sand Death Rock Card Desert Wolf Card Desert Wolf Cub Card Domovoi Card (red hood) Raydric Assault Card These are all my cards. I hope anyone has a solution for my problem. I really want that platinum! Thanks in advance
  14. I just got EVERY card on Ragnarok Odyssey but it didn't pop. So i double checked everything again, but i am 100% sure i have every card... I don't know what to do anymore... Anyone has a solution i could try? :(

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    2. skillexskill_


      So i pressed relinquish or whatever it says, but i still got the cards

    3. skillexskill_


      @aexuz, i did what you did, i discarded the cards and accepted them again from near but the trophy still didn't pop :(

    4. Aexuz


      :S thats really strange, I remember I was worried about my trophy not poping too but I did that and worked for me :/