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  1. No glitches afaik. The game has been out for four days & has a very unique gameplay system that has taken some getting used to with, what I find to be, relatively tough combat. Couple that with a 50-70hour campaign requiring two playthroughs for both light and dark and then all of the exploration trophies. You’ll probably see some people getting 100% over the next few days to a week, I’m sure.
  2. The gatekeeping by some people on a site dedicated to trophy hunting with glitches, exploits, workarounds, etc all commonplace is honestly astounding. Definitely compensating for something.
  3. I couldn’t get it to work. Started on normal, put it to max after the final boss fight. Didn’t work. Reloaded save & put it to max during the final cutscene, didn’t work. I think you may have to start on max and then decrease it.
  4. M&B2 drops in 2 weeks for full launch with PC/Console parity.
  5. No idea, same here though. Embarrassing launch.
  6. This ^ Been searching on and off for ages and not comfortable setting up a VPN for my PS (mainly due to not having a clue how to) but the guy in the server helped get me it last night. One game of GunGame and it popped for everyone. He usually runs sessions around 8/10pm South Africa Time (GMT+1).
  7. Total shambles. I pre-ordered the Watchpoint pack and can’t even play. When I do get in, heroes are locked because my account merge is “in queue”.
  8. Gutted it doesn’t have a platinum. Been playing for a couple of hours now and it’s decent but the crossplay seems glitchy, turned it off a few times but am still matched with PC players which in this game…is a nightmare.
  9. The base list looks easy enough BUT what are these devs smoking when they’re launching it with all of that dlc already? Remember when games like Evolve were panned for launching with £100 of dlc. I bet my left nut that the dlc for this will far surpass that. They abandoned TSW2 with endless bugs and hopped straight onto this. Poor support and predatory practices aside, it looks like an okay list and I’ll probably get it on a deep sale further down the line.
  10. Were you in the A1 cap and EMP spam lobby? Apparently you need to go into a regular match and level up one more mastery level to get it to click. Haven’t tried it yet myself though.
  11. Have never played the series. Just saw a review for it and it looked great but my fighting game experience is limited to NRS games like MK and Injustice which i'd say i'm above average at best. Street Fighter is a no go for me, I just ain't good at it. Would consider getting this and going after the trophies, I like the idea that there's a few ranked ones in there but am wondering is this game one of the 'easy to pick up, difficult to master' games or is it the other way around?
  12. They fixed it. You gain progress towards weapons/gadgets/specialists and vehicles. On the subreddit people were saying you only get mastery progress if you still have unlockables but I’ve unlocked everything for the Apache and still getting progress with 720 Apache kills today. Got 30 Dozer kills and a few spots on Casper currently at Tier 2. No actual 100% confirmation from DICE but I’m definitely getting progress.
  13. If true, another mediocre month. Can’t honestly tell the last time I actually downloaded and played a PS+ game. Same with Gold to be fair. Though, can’t complain. It’s included for £30 a year with the online features and ps+ discounts/add on freebies. Is what it is. Heard the Amalur port is a terrible cash-grab.
  14. I agree, I got AC: Valhalla at launch for PS5 and after 39 hours I just gave up and shelved the game. Love Norse mythology but it’s just too much of a collectathon. Just a standard Ubi title. Big empty map - check Hundreds of collectibles - check Passable story - check Microtransactions - check Reason I picked up RR is because I ski and Steep just sucked. I just want a game I can ski in and just chill. Enjoyed what I’ve played of it so far and going to stick it out, even if the trophy list is weak. I like the odd trophy but ain’t a die hard hunter like I used to be due to time constraints so I’m happy with it as it is. Let’s just eagerly wait for the R6: Extraction £59.99 release and the myriad of microtransactions it brings. This one bugs me the most, it’s literally a several years old timed event from Siege using the same character models from Siege. It’s literally a dlc.
  15. Seems fairly straight forward. Game arrived early direct from Ubisoft, just done a mass race as I didn’t get a chance to do one when the trial was running and it took some time so fifty of those will be a bit time consuming. Apart from that it doesn’t appear too difficult. Is much more fun to play than Steep.