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  1. Been inactive in my hunting got a lot of trophies to clean up lol 

    1. Maxximum


      Finish up Until Dawn, then move on to the easy ones :) 

    2. Dmonic


      I plan on it I already did the bad ending know I need to save everyone lol 

  2. She's better then her twin brother Jacob but it is my opinion sorry if what I said bothers you
  3. My thoughts on for honor 

    i just got the game today I got the digital version and after a couple hours downloading I thought oh nice I can get into the game and play it so I went in and did the tutorial well after the tutorial I was like cool well big surprise I couldn't do anything because the game data still needs 9 hours to finish downloading I was like Wtf I can't even play the damn story mode I can understand the online bit but to have the game downloaded and then. Be able to do the first tutorial I was expecting to be able to play the story because that's what I mainly got it for so I messed around with practice mode and after about 45 minutes of getting uste to the game mechanics I tried to exit to the main menu well big surprise there was no possible way to exit and a little side note the npcs are retardedly hard for practice mode. Well enough of me complaining about the game guess I won't be playing tell tomorrow I'm starting to regret buying this game shoulda pre ordered Horizon instead :/ 

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    2. Dmonic


      Oh lol sorry I don't buy a hole lot of digital games as I usually like the physical copy so I'm kinda new to it I apologize for sounding dumb on the topic 😅

    3. DragonAlchemist-


      You should check your downloads to see if anything is downloading just for future reference. 

    4. Cobby


      To be honest it's fucking dumb and I wish games would stop doing it. Not sure if fault lies with the devs or Sony, but it needs to stop. They're just tryna hide the shite download speeds, so I'd probably say it's Sony's fault,

  4. The Death Wish of a Shady Man Became a ghost and met a strange ghost girl 20th Jan 2017 2:47:56 PM 96.25% COMMON Good game
  5. Beyond two souls I would have had platinum in only two playthroughs but I didn't save Paul so it took me an extra 8 hours or so to get the platinum it's not that bad though
  6. Is Berseria better then Xillia? Don't get me wrong I like xillia I'm just curious is all
  7. For Honor figured I'd give the game a chance doesn't look bad and the game mechanics don't seem to be unfair. I also purchased the premium edition of Persona 5 can't wait for that game lol
  8. The games not bad quit buggy at times but all around better then Unity. The game has the hook that allows you to get around easier but I wish they kept the combat system from unity and just amped it up a little I found it too easy in combat I do however love playing as Evie she's one of the best characters in the franchise in my opinion besides Ezio and Altair and Edward but back on topic the DLC takes place after the games main storyline and its interesting to say the least but depending on how much it is and scenes you can unlock items from the Ubisoft club menu by using the points you earned from playing other games I would just buy the base game then if you like it purchase the DLC just my opinion though
  9. Drakengard 2 on the ps2 and persona fes 3 on the psp
  10. I got my name while watching blue exorcist as I am a fan and I wanted something original that would stand out as my own instead of having the same name as someone else I honestly don't know why I put 66 at the end of it though but it fits I guess lol
  11. Ugh. The grind for WOTS 3 is a pain and it's not the get all skills part that's hard it's the weapon collecting to get all skills.... lol 

    1. Meepy-


      I didn't think it was really that much of a grind. I went for them as I played through the game while keeping a checklist of each weapon as well.

    2. Dmonic


      I'm having troubles with the last three of Shuzen's weapons on instant kill mode lol I'm determined though so it's not so bad but it's becoming repetitive and boring I'm saving the last ending tell I get all other trophies 😅

  12. You're welcome I think it's a great game it's just the grind for all stances is what throws people off lol
  13. Persona 3 the Movie: #2 Midsummer Knights Dream
  14. I'm currently working on the trophies for this game and figured sense it doesn't have a high platinum status that anyone with information that you know of on the game could share with everyone one else who might be interested in just playing or wish to platinum the game. I my self have found some things that may be useful so far! 1) If you have access to instant Kill game mode just eat a Radish then go to your map and leave Amana "You will get about 1450 Samurai Points each time" 2) You can "Farm" Scrolls for weapon skills such as Basics,Advanced, Special By going to the vender in Posting Station "He's near the exit to Gard gate" just buy ten scrolls exit then kill him and his guard and pick up the Yen you spent then leave Amana Rinse and repeat. "I found it easier on Instant kill mode" You cand do this with any merchant in game it's a easy way to level your weapons 3) in instant Kill Mode the easiest Ending is Ending Number 20: Senseless Person it's pretty basic just kill osai and her grandfather then got to castle Minori and kill the three main people there then go back to takatane Village and rest tell night then go to the inkling in kuchihagahara and draw your weapon during the scene and kill him then do any inkling tell obunaga scene then wait about 5days and leave takatane village and return once you see the inkling. Don't enter Castle Amana at all or you won't get this Ending 4) For a quick ending on hard mode I would go with ending number 11 Death of shuzen 3 Pretty much the first time you meet with him kill him just make sure to bring plenty of healing and dodge as much as you can from personal experience I would use duel swords as it has a quick rate of attack and I would upgrade the swords with a minimum of 150 attack 5) The trophy Bushido is easy to get in instant kill mode as you can just run in and one hit all three of the dojo tenants That's all I got for know if I find anything else I'll post it. Oh yea before I forget here's a link to a guide for all endings
  15. I've finally decided to go back to a game that I usta play all the time except I haven't played this one yet so I'm looking forward to it.

    Way Of The Samuri 3