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  1. I found the key to this level was to not "race" at the start. Start slowly and crash into as many cars as you can for the first two laps. Use rockets and other offensive Wisps as accurately as you can and send any other boosts to teammates to fill your Ultimate level. You should be able to take out 15 in two laps like this. On lap three just drive as quickly as you can, save your Ultimate for the second half of the lap and you should be able to get past enough cars to get a star for the key to count.
  2. Gutted, but that's what I thought. Thanks for the response all.
  3. So, this is on PS Now, but there seems to be little or no information online about what you can actually access with this. Most forum posts suggest that all three trophy containing DLC's are in the Gold Edition, but I can't see how you access them. The DLC tab on the main menu has two blank boxes and if you press Triangle to try and access the store it says that there is nothing available at the moment. Does the DLC come already installed on PS Now and if so how do you access it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Unfortunately this is a Big Ben game. This means two things. 1. They don't care if the trophies are bugged and will make zero attempt to fix them. 2. They don't care if the game is bugged and will make zero attempt to fix it. Alas, this is a common theme across their games. Even worse is that they have released Rugby 20 without addressing the issues in 18. Same problems with the Handball series and once they took over the TdF series in 2019 as well.
  5. Totally agree with this sentiment. Been counting for some of the trophies and know I've done enough, but nothing has popped. Would be really handy to know what is actually counting towards progress. MoG seems to count for some trophies but not for others. Really enjoying the game, but a tracker would make a world of difference to my general sanity.
  6. Still had the original rewards when I logged in. Maybe it will change at the end of the week as I'd already logged in this week?
  7. Excellent solution. Worked first time for me. Thanks for sharing.
  8. It comes to something when a website like is actually better at searching for games, DLC, bundles and offers etc than the official Sony PS store. Surely they must have beta tested this with anyone over the age of 14?
  9. If you haven't already found it, locker codes at should help.
  10. Thanks both, was afraid that may be the case. Not really thinking of youngsters who may not have mobiles or tablets yet. Never mind.
  11. Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer anywhere. If you own a game on PS4 which has Play Link and requires a mobile phone / tablet to play multiplayer, can a Vita be used as a device?
  12. I can confirm that this works an absolute treat. Thank you for sharing this. One thing I would add is that you need to make sure you save your game with 1 game of each season left and back it up to either a USB or the cloud. That way, if you don't the required offer you can reload the back up and try again. Season 4 took me four or five goes with season 5 taking four attempts, so patients is a must. Of course, that said, if you're playing anything by Big Ben you must have the patients of a saint anyway.
  13. Used to really like these games, actually playing 2018 at the moment and really enjoying. It's just sad that Big Ben took the publishing from Focus Home. This pretty much guarantees two things, broken trophies and a refusal to fix in game bugs / broken trophies. Basic rule of gaming, check the publisher and avoid Big Ben and Soedesco if possible, try and learn from past mistakes.