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  1. Today is a great day to go for a Condor on Alpina 12 if anyone besides me still needs condors for platinum. Normal Tee, Weak Wind and the pin is is a great spot. I managed my first and 2nd Condor immediately after reset last night. I was using custom clubs with Power 22 and Control 3 and no sidespin. First was a rising shot and the second a backdoor dribbler. Go for it my friends.
  2. Does anyone still need "All's Fair" I would love for someone grinding for the Platinum to hit me up so we could knock this out. I'm having zero luck finding an opposing posse to counter naturally. Shoot me a friend request and let's do this. Platform: PS4 Time Zone: EST (6pm till 10pm most days) PSN ID: TheCatHerder42
  3. Greetings Programs! This chain has caught my attention. I am a trophy hunter and have been playing D2 since it was on the PSN free list. I am a capable Guardian with a Titan at about LL 623. I am looking for players to link up with willing to train me in Nightfalls and Raids. My goal is to get the D2 Platinum. My problem is that I haven't been able to find players to guide me and train me on end game activities. I am EST in North America and would appreciate help getting me to my goal. Experience in the activities is what I really need as my level is already past the activity caps and should be an asset to any fireteam willing to give me guidance.
  4. As I said above I get it fairly often. I'm not particularly good at moving the PCI to square up pitches. I tend to target a zone, typically somewhere center of the plate. When I break my bat it is on an inside pitch that I made contact on when I didn't get the PCI adjusted for an inside pitch. So you could try not moving PCI and swinging at inside pitches right on or just off the black. It should be just a matter of time before the infield is dodging shrapnel to make the play. I guess this one was easy for me since I'm a pretty average player.
  5. I get broken bats fairly often. It most often happens on inside fastballs either just on or just out of the strike zone. I suspect anyone swinging at these that hasn't gotten it are very good at lining up the PCI with the incoming pitch. You might try not squaring up an inside pitch with a player that has good contact and see if you can't get firewood that way.
  6. I know this a bit old but I was having trouble with this as well. I read quite a few discussions on this and tried some new things. The key is that you have to return to the clubhouse. When you have a good game instead of playing the next game in the series right away choose the menu option to go to the clubhouse. What was interesting to me that I haven't seen discussed is that the came where I got it to pop I was on a tear and twice put my time in the lead the second time it was for good. I think I ended up going 3 for 5 with a couple doubles and 3 or 4 RBIs. The interesting part was that it didn't announce that I was the PotG but the commentators mentioned that if we went on to win that the media would want to talk to me after the game. My conclusion was that if you hear anything like that, even if you aren't officially named PotG, and don't have the trophy that would be a good time to return to the clubhouse. Just my experience when I did get the trophy.
  7. You don't have to use Show Time for this. I pulled it recently in DD on a close play. I didn't think I would make it to the ball while running so I hit R2 for a dive and my player caught it and the trophy popped.
  8. My first take on this list is that El Ciclo looks to be the most challenging but I suspect it won't be too bad playing on Rookie and messing with the sliders. I'll probably see if I can get this one playing the way I normally play and try more often to get a triple. Other than that I think most of them will unlock during the normal course of game play. The RTTS ones will all be easy to get. I originally bought The Show because I am from Central Indiana and I discovered I could play as my Indianapolis Indians as much as I wanted. I tried out RTTS to get some trophies and discovered it was a fun mode that I could play when I didn't have a lot of time since you can set it to play only the plays your player is involved in. Give it a go and you may find it is a great game mode. I've never played as a RTTS Pitcher so this years installment will get me to try it as a pitcher. Agreed. In fact I didn't see a single trophy on the list that would require anyone to play online. I'm no fan of the Yanks but as a baseball fan I can appreciate his impact on the game as a rookie. He smacked my Indy Indians around often enough playing for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 16. Gives me an excuse to "let" him get one homerun then go on the embarrass them with my DD team. (Really I'm not quite that good but since I have been able to design logos for the long forgotten Anderson Lawmen I do like playing as them in DD. I do play online some so look for me as I am proud of my logos and uniform designs even if you mop the field with my play.) I'm not sure that luck will play a ton into any of the trophies. Being a casual player I have had pretty much everything on list list occur naturally as I play the game. You play enough and you will have a top player come to bat with runners in scoring position where the CPU intentionally walks you. Maybe it shows how much I still have to go to be a good player but I break bats regularly on Fastballs In and get sawed off. I've not been much of a Franchise Mode player so this list will get me to try it out a bit more. I just wish I could play as a Minor League team in Franchise mode so I can play as my beloved Indy Indians. I am looking forward to 18 and this year will be the first time I have pre-ordered the game so I can start enjoying it immediately. I hope to see some of you online this year. The Cat Herder
  9. I'm afraid that I've read that the trophies for The Show 15 are counted individually. So if you unlock "Oh It's Perfect" on the PS4 it remains locked on the PS3 and if that is the one you need yet you just have to get lucky. Fortunately for me I lucked into a Diamond equipment card back in June although I pulled Kershaw here recently. Go figure. >.> Both Diamonds I was awarded came from a free packs through the ones you get for playing/logging into the game 9 days. I'm pretty sure that winning games in Diamond Dynasty mode nets you slightly more studs than any thing else.
  10. Don't quote me on it but I think that receiving cards is an online function even though you can get them from any successful game mode including Exhibition games. I was fortunate enough to get mine on the 4th or 5th free pack award I opened. At any rate I wouldn't bet on being able to get that one past the end of October.
  11. I finished up "Life is Strange" Saturday and thought I would ad my thoughts. Episode 5 wasn't my favorite mostly because The characters didn't feel quite as real to me as they had in all the prior episodes. I fell in love with Max from the beginning and hurt with her through out but the switch from terrified and sobbing at the end of 4 when she found herself in the Dark Room in the hands of Jefferson to being fearless and on the ball enough to picture jump seemed strained. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the episode a lot and loved being able to save so many in the town as well as the nightmare although I too found it lengthy and should have been broken up a bit. There were several characters I connected with in the game such as Warren, Kate, Samuel and David. The Hospital Sequence, I managed to save Kate, was one of my favorites. Max wanting to deepen her friendship with Kate despite her discomfort with hospitals was just one of many moments where she especially felt like a real person, human and fallible. I guess all along I did all I could to help Kate and encourage friendship between Max and Warren. I hurt with Max when she hurt and rejoiced with her when she felt encouraged. I did my best not to spoil any of the game as I played but I did pretty quickly come to the conclusion that the only real choice for an ending was for Max to go back to the bathroom and allow Chloe to go. So in the end I chose to Sacrifice Chloe. It was still not an easy decision and I had to wrestle with it as I did not want to just automatically go back and replay the end to make a different choice. By then I knew that Nathan would be caught and flip on Jefferson and the real story of what happened to Kate would come out and lead to her not being pushed to jump. This all firmed up with me being a Star Trek fan when Max mentioned "City on the Edge of Forever". From that point on I pretty much knew what choice Max needed to make when the time came. It was made slightly easier when Chloe herself knew the right thing to do and while obviously scared realized that it was what really needed to happen. I just feel like neither of them would have been ok if Max had chosen to Sacrifice Arcadia Bay knowing pretty much everyone else they cared about would die including Joyce and David. (see next section for my reasons for this) In the end it was my choice and after watching the end sequence from Max being sobbing in the bathroom through the funeral was just touching I was satisfied with it. Did anyone else notice that Max took a step closer to Warren at Chloe's grave before the credits rolled? Part of my final decision was that with the final way Max altered before the sacrifice choice made it pretty clear that Evan, Alyssa, the Trucker, the Fisherman, Joyce, Frank and Warren for sure would die. Max had gone back to the party and made sure that Chloe would take them to hideout from Jefferson and from there go to the Lighthouse. That meant that Evan dies from debris taken pictures. Alyssa eventually falls, the trucker has no means of escape or shelter and the Fisherman in too much shock to do anything to get to a safer area. We saw that the diner explodes from the fuel spill killing Warren, Joyce, Frank and the other man. We can also presume that Jefferson kills Nathan to frame for everything he has done in Arcadia Bay as well as killing Victoria to further set Nathan up. We can also presume that Jefferson gets the drop on David as well since Max wouldn't have been there to warn him and thus dies as well. The only ones that we don't have a strong leaning on their fate are Kate, Stella, Brooke, Juliet, Dana, Taylor, Courtney, Trevor, Zach or Logan but given the intensity and destruction of an E6/F5 tornado it is likely that most perished or were seriously hurt. I did watch the Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending and given that Max and Chloe didn't see any life other than deer, another possible indication that very few survived. I just don't think that living with all of that would have sat well with Max and Chloe and would have been a stain on their future relationship as well as others have said that death would continue to hunt Chloe. Props to anyone that made it through my discourse. No fault from me for to anyone that choose to "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay". It was a difficult decision for anyone that was vested in Max or any of the other characters. I just felt that any a decisions to sacrifice so many would have haunted both Max and Chloe for the rest of their lives.