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  1. Daily races rotation is already disabled? It's more than a week there are the same 3 races (not a real problem, the first one is pretty easy imo)
  2. Trophy guide speaks about another GT1's event (Hockenheim), I suppose because that event has only 3 races.
  3. Up Please, I'm in my third run and I didn't got the trophy..
  4. For this trophy, need I to flip 16 "random" bosses or different bosses? If I play a NG+ after flipped 13 bosses on the first run, can I flip just 3 bosses and get the trophy or i need to flip the 3 bosses that I forgot? Also, in Barclay Mills i can't wiretap juntion boxes, is a bug i suppose.. anyone has the same problem? Update: close and re-open the game fixed the juntion boxes bug
  5. Nope! I've got the trophy going in single player and load my lvl 61 character, I've complete just now the Gully my god.. Thanks anyway https://psnprofiles.com/Unji-Most_380
  6. I get Lvl 61 during the Gully Big Tournament but i didn't get the trophy, I suppose because i'm player 2 (2 Player split screen exploit). So.. I lose the tropy and i need to replay the entire game or i can unloack it by log in as Player 1 and load that character? I can't try atm because i'm in the Round 13 Wave 4..
  7. Thanks guys!
  8. Hi guys: I've a USA copy of We Happy Few and I want buy the season pass, but I'm European (Italy), how can I buy the USA season pass?
  9. Someone need to boost the online trophies of the game? I need: Intercept & Pursue Completed an Online Catchup Pack and Online Catchup Duel event King Of The Hill Won your first Driver Duel Championship crown NotoriousPlayed Online for over 10 hours total