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  1. The mrs loves the game much more than me so she just plays it whenever she is free. But yeah, I get it seems weird
  2. Hi dieselmanchild Thanks very much for the offer. I would like to take you up on it. When would work best for you?
  3. Hi all i will soon be getting the lvl 70 trophy in Hardcore which should complete my platinum trophy, however the trophy for completing 5 bounties never popped despite the one for 500 doing so for me. is there anything I can do or will I be missing it forever? really pissing me off! chris
  4. Ok, thanks for the answer. I didn’t realise my question would cause such a stir. Yes, it was a very lazy question, if you did not want to answer, you could just ignore it, but anywho thanks for those that did. Happy holidays peeps.
  5. Hi guys It’s a lazy question I know but I have about 36 games left that I have not platinumed. I know some are unobtainable as servers have closed down, I am looking at you annoying wwe games! just wondered if someone could tell me which ones still are and which are not.
  6. Urgh, I have only 12 trophies to go and I now find out it is unobtainable Gutted to say the least.
  7. Yup bridge found, I will be using it if I need to do it for a trophy. Whenever this trophy appears as available could one of you kind people let me know. At 99% and it’s doing my head in now.
  8. If they do install a new game + I will perform my own assassins creed jump off the nearest big bridge I can find.
  9. Hey guys i have seen a list of 200 easy platinums that is very well put together, but with my job and children, it took me 8 months to complete assassins creed syndicate, which is a 20-30 hour estimated game. Are there any lists for games in under 1 hour. I enjoy having a big project in the go, but damn, sometimes I just need a quick platinum fix! Thanks
  10. Hey guys, bit unrelated, so sorry, just wondered, if I have batman Arkham knight in disc, which I then lost, if I got it on psn, would trophies still pop?
  11. Wow, thanks guys 👏🏻👏🏻
  12. Hey guys and gals just wondered if you knew of any super quick 100% games for easy trophies on either vita, ps3 and ps4. For example I know detuned for ps3, and Home for vita and PS4 but I don’t know if many others. Any help much appreciated. Anything less than 3 hours please.
  13. Thank you 👍🏼
  14. Hi guys have a uk account and had created a US one so I could get some stackable plats. I bought twin robots as I already had the uk versions of the PS4 a and vita versions. All was well and was about 50% through the us version Trophy list and was going to finish it off today. Now it it has a locked symbol and when I tried to load the game it says .... Cannot use the content. Only the following users who hold a license for this content can use it. If you want to use the content, purchase it from the Playstation Store. If if I go to the playstation store it just downloads the uk version which I already have the trophies for. Is is this a new thing playstation have just brought in so I can’t stack games anymore? Is there anything I can do?
  15. Awesome list, and the trouble it must have taken you to do is a lot. I am a big fan of quick easy plats which I play alongside other favourites like final fantasy and fighting games that take forever. My only issue with the list is that it is not in some sort of time order, and while one game like 36 fragments can be done in an hour other games such as Amnesia may need 20. And I never know which ones to do first.