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  1. Yeah, I'm well aware. I don't want a direct sequel. I want something with the same style of story, gameplay, and tone as the original. They can't use the name or the characters, but they can make a horror rpg along similar lines. Will it happen? Probably never, but I can ask.
  2. I love Gex a lot, but honestly, I think Gex was a very 90's concept that wouldn't work well if you brought him back. The whole idea behind him was having Dana Gould write and voice him with snarky tv pop culture jokes. The series atmosphere was completely built around that concept and I'm not sure what the best way to bring him into modern games would be. So much of that joke material is incredibly dated and doing a faithful remake like Crash and Spyro would not go over well with the new young audience. You could either go full on 90's nostalgia in the way a lot of 80's themed media does right now, or you could just have "modern" Gex where he just adapts to current stand up comedy humor with more pop culture jokes. I can see why Square's attempt at bringing him back didn't produce anything. No matter what they choose to do, you're going to have people unhappy with the way they take him going forward. 3D platformers just have not been popular the past few gens outside of Mario and the very recent Playstation remakes. Crash and Spyro are far more timeless characters and they were just more popular in general. Gex really doesn't have the pull that the other mascots have in the first place, so it's a much harder sell.
  3. Oh man this is actually pretty long. I did the whole thing specifically so I could ask for more Parasite Eve.
  4. Going to second these- Yomawari: Night Alone- If you like horror games you should check out this along with it's sequel. It's an exploration game that reminds me of classic Silent Hill in a good way and I'm surprised it didn't get more recognition. Also play it with headphones if you can, it's a great experience. (It's on Vita and it's on PC if you don't have a Vita. It's 2d so it's not too demanding to run.) Mary Skelter- Good news, this is being tweaked and brought to PS4 if you missed out on the Vita version. It's not the most balanced RPG, but it's way more visually interesting and easier to map out than the other dungeon crawlers I've tried. It's like a fairytale halloween aesthetic, the art is nice and actually decently varied between areas. It's much easier to tell where I've been and where I'm going just by the surroundings. With most games in this genre I end up glued to the map because everything looks so similar that I can't tell where I am. So go look into this is you want a solid DRPG. Okage: Shadow King: A PS2 RPG ported to the PS4. More halloween aesthetic and an interesting art style. It's shorter than most RPGs from that era (Like 25-35 hours I'd say?) but it's very straightforward and doesn't have much padding. If you want a turn based RPG that offers something different and doesn't take a huge time investment to complete, you should try it.
  5. Why is everyone still posting in this thread about minor differences in Spyro when we should all be talking about the real injustice that is Nintendo ruining Solid Snake's butt?
  6. You should really consider getting a capture card if you're interested in streaming/recording. It's definitely worth it, the PS4's quality and features are nowhere near as capable. But games I know for sure are blocked or have large amounts of blocked scenes- Ratchet and Clank Yakuza 0 Persona 5 Sonic Forces Gal Gun: Double Peace Bioshock Collection
  7. That's really not what the OP post sounded like though. You didn't even ask what other differences that other people noticed in the remake. You didn't ask people what they were excited about or not excited about, you just pointed out minor differences that you personally didn't like. And you quoting me saying that I'm judging you is weird. I didn't say anything insulting towards you at all.
  8. Of course. I'm not sure if the confusion started because people kept incorrectly referring to remakes/remasters and advertisers picked up on it, or if the advertisements are the reason in the first place. Either way it's really annoying to deal with both sides of it and it's got to stop.
  9. I didn't jump all over him at all though. And no, it's not a remaster at all. It's a remake and what you're doing is spreading misinformation by calling it a graphical remaster. The game is being remade from the ground up the same way that Crash Bandicoot was. Old and new Crash do not play the same at all because the new game was completely remade in a different engine with different physics. It was not new models and textures being laid over 20 year old code and neither is this this new Spyro. And Spyro is NOT being remade by the same team that did Crash. This is being made by Toys for Bob, Crash was done by Vicarious Visions. They're both under Activision, but they're not the same studio.
  10. Seriously, do you guys not know what the difference between a remaster and a remake is? Everything in this post is wrong.
  11. His tail and feet clearly do sway in the wind when he's gliding, it's just not as exaggerated. I like the original animation more, but it's not absent in the new game. And yeah of course this is a different series entirely. It's a remake, not a replacement. The original trilogy will always be there for people to play if they want to, and if anything this will actually draw more attention to the old games. For Crash it just brought a new generation of people into the series and brought back the interest and love for the originals. Pointing out incredibly minor things like Spyro's fin shape really is nit-picky though. There are so many more big changes to talk about like the dragon statue characters having all new unique designs. If something as small as Spyro's spikes being shorter bothers you, then I don't know what to tell you dude. You're not going to enjoy this if you think it should be absolutely exact instead of giving the designers and devs some little freedoms over their project.
  12. You don't know what they made, but you're saying they're wrong? They aren't wrong, everything Supermassive made before Until Dawn was either DLC for other team's, port jobs for other team's games, or shovelware. Their history as a developer is pretty poor and everything they've created was a budget title. All of the full games that they've made before Until Dawn have below average to bad reception. They're asking how a team that made junky stuff like Dr. Who: The Eternity Clock suddenly got a deal to make something as high budget as Until Dawn that same year. Especially considering what Until Dawn was originally meant to be. Supermassive made a pretty cool game, I'm happy for them, and I hope they keep putting out quality games. I'm just interested to know what kind of team they have in comparison to what they used to be. It's a good question.
  13. That's actually a good question if you look at the developer's history. Everything Supermassive made before Until Dawn was either a port job, simple DLC, or shovelware. Fun Fact: Until Dawn was originally a pretty different game made specifically for the PS Move controller. It was kept quiet for so long after announcement and changed so much that people were reporting that it was cancelled. So I think everyone who knew about the original was surprised by what it turned into. I have no idea what kind of funding it got or what the team was like compared to their other projects, but I know that they were given access to the same engine that Killzone used when they switched the development from PS3 to PS4.
  14. God, same. I really enjoyed the movie a lot, but the audience I saw it with was the absolute worst. Through the whole movie people were on their phones, making the clicking noise, and a bunch of people started straight up screaming during the climax. I see horror movies in theaters pretty regularly and sometimes you get rowdy crowds, but this audience was bizarre and horrible. I watched 3 reviews after I went to see it and all 3 of them said the audiences were really bad and suggested avoiding big groups. I don't know if it was the marketing around this movie or the high praise it got before it's release, but it sure did draw in the worst crowds ever. I feel bad because A24 makes really good unique horror films, but it seems like general audiences hate them and end up ruining theater experiences for everyone who wants to watch them. It's The VVitch all over again.
  15. The massive amounts of effects in the environments. Look at the fields, the horse running through the forest path, and especially look at the one on one fight under the tree. There is absolutely no way those falling leaves and fire effects will look anything like that in the final game. By downscale I mean these textures are not going to look that nice and there won't be so many things going on around you. It's fake in the sense that the game you're going to be playing when it comes out will absolutely not look like this demo. Most AAA games shown at E3 end up graphically downgraded to some degree, but this one is blatantly obvious.