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  1. I don't think you know what you're talking about here, honestly. Disgaea 5 didn't sell well at launch, but Disgaea games have always done better in the handheld market. Everyone was waiting for the handheld version of 5 because those versions end up being complete with all of the DLC and Disgaea works better as a portable game. When 5 launched on the Switch it sold more than double what the PS4 version had up to that point. It's also not fair to compare a niche series' sales from the late PS3 to a game at the very start of the PS4's life. The install bases are totally different and that attach rate is not what you're saying it is here. For real though, look at any forums where people talk about Disgaea and you'll see what the general opinion is. I never said that people dislike the old games, just that people tend to agree that the first has the best story and that it's pointless to play the in-between games because the plots are poor and the newest games have updated mechanics. Why would you play 4 instead of 5 if the story doesn't matter and 5 has better gameplay? People will tell you to play the first game if you care about the story, then the newest game because it's the most refined. Also using 3 in your example of a "newer" game is a bad choice. The game is over 10 years old, there's 3 games made after it, and it's the black sheep of the series. It's highly agreed that it's the worst entry point/ worst to go back to. It's exceedingly rare to hear anyone say they like 3 more than the first two. But you really see no difference in the sprite and animation quality between the PS2 and PS4 games? Because there's a world of difference in how well they're drawn and animated. If you mean the 3D models, I never talked about those. I was talking about the differences in the quality of the sprite work, because it's seriously night and day.
  2. That's not true though. Hour of Darkness would benefit from a remake more than any other JRPG that NIS has made and it's because of how much was added to the sequels. All of the numbered Disgaea games have added a ton of new mechanics, it's just that you don't really see the benefits of any of them if you only play through the main story. You're not going to see just how differently Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 function until you make it to the post game and start to use things like the character worlds, cheat shop, pirating, and the Classroom/Campaign HQ. Besides that, there are only 2 Vita games and they're not remakes, they're ports with all of the DLC added along with new mechanic systems that the sequels introduced. I honestly don't understand why you're saying that these games are all exactly the same thing when the only thing I've ever heard from people recommending Disgaea games is "Just play the newest one because it has the best gameplay." Playing these games out of order is awful because of how different they are and how much the newer ones improve. Trying to go back to 1 after playing 5 is incredibly hard to do because of how different it's systems work. Like off the top of my head I can tell you right now that Hour of Darkness needs a serious overhaul because guns are broken due to their range, and healers only getting EXP from defeating enemy units is awful. There's no evilities, no machichange, no stat changing HQ items, no HQ groups, no X dimension, no pirating, no character/class worlds, no dual weapon equips, no cheat shop, and no sub classes. Just tons of things that are used very heavily in later games are completely absent from the first and make it a chore to play in comparison to the newer ones. Also, Hour of Darkness is unfortunately really ugly and desperately needs new sprites. It was hideous even when it first came out and giving it a graphical overhaul on par with 5 would do wonders for the original.
  3. A port is not a remake, they directly said that it was being remade. Here you go. It was announced today at the end of a Nintendo Direct style video put out by NIS.
  4. The original Disgaea is getting an HD remake for it's 15th anniversary. The release window is Summer 2018, but we don't know what systems it's for yet. The most likely console choices are PS4 and Switch. (Vita is probably not happening. Disgaea 5 was never released on the Vita and no Disgaea has ever had a simultaneous release on consoles and handhelds.) This is really nice news though. Most people agree that the first Disgaea has the best story but the least refined gameplay. Having Hour of Darkness with decent sprites and Disgaea 5's gameplay systems sounds like the best thing you could ask for from the series.
  5. I've worked as a night security guard for the past few years, so I got to live the dream. I would just play video games, watch youtube, or browse forums all night and get paid to do it. I still had things that needed to be done for the job itself, but pretty much the whole shift was free time that I used for working on my own stuff or just playing games to try to stay awake. It might seem like an awesome deal, and for awhile it was, but after you work 12-16 hours a night for years it starts to fatigue you really badly. It's hard to keep a decent sleep schedule, it's difficult to make friends when you never meet anyone, and you start to get depressed when you feel like your job isn't getting you anywhere or helping you develop skills. Plus security was legit dangerous and I don't recommend it. I'm not looking forward to going into a job with more standard hours because I feel like I'm going to be losing all of that free time, but if other people can manage it, then I guess I can too. Video games are better in moderation anyway.
  6. Yes, and it's called "Which company will give them the most money and perks for their vote?" This has been a known issue for a very long time. Do people actually believe that game ratings and awards from major sites and magazines aren't influenced by industry ties? Please tell me that people haven't forgotten Kane and Lynch 2 and the fiasco where Jeff got fired from Giantbomb because advertisers thought he couldn't be trusted to give them the scores they wanted. Or how about Sony threatening to pull ads over less than glowing articles about Ratchet and Clank? Big companies pay for positive press, that's an undeniable fact. Seriously, it's a very bad idea to assume that video game press is unbiased, because it really truly isn't. Video game journalism is trash and that's why I gave up on being an editor. Not to say that there's not a problem with small reviewers too. Companies give youtubers free copies of games along with merch handouts too. We've seen this kind of thing for years and it's not going away. So yeah, here's your professional standards. They conveniently come with a side of doritos™ and mountain dew™.
  7. Lots of people are talking about the trailer and suggesting that Rin is transgender, but honestly I don't that's where it's going. Catherine already had a trans woman in it's story, and that was Erica. It would be kind of odd to create a new character with the exact same trait, especially since people hated how Erica was handled. Making Rin intersex doesn't really seem to fit either so I doubt they're going for that. You know what does make sense thematically though- Catherine was essentially a succubus. Your choice was between your practical long term girlfriend or a sexy new girl. Rin is already being described as the opposite of Catherine, which means that she's way more likely to be a sexless doll with a perfect personality. That would also make sense with Vincent reacting the way he does. I'm calling it now, your choices are between your commitment to your girlfriend, a sexual relationship with a beautiful woman, or a sexless relationship with a woman who has a wonderful personality. This makes the most sense if you look at the message the game's story is trying to send. Rin being trans or intersex would add absolutely nothing and I'll be disappointed if that's real.
  8. I didn't tell people that they had to do anything. I said "maybe it's best to at least try". I'm not condemning or policing anyone here, I just suggested that it would be better and more constructive to try it. I genuinely don't understand why that's making anyone upset. This is seriously the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever tried to sass me for. You can do whatever you want dude. If you're that worried about my opinion, then please read my username again.
  9. Wow, you sound bitter. Maybe take a break from video game forums if you're going to get upset about someone suggesting that we should talk in detail about video games, yeah?
  10. Read my username and you've answered your own question. But in all seriousness though, why even bother to post in a forum if you don't want to actually discuss things? What's the point of writing a response to a thread like this if you don't have anything to say? Opinions about video games hardly matter anyway, but why even take the time to write something if you have nothing to say?
  11. I've never played Horizon, but I like how OP wrote a decent post about the things they disliked in the game and why, but everyone just says "No, it's good. You're wrong". Even the person with their youtube review channel in their signature isn't trying to refute any of those points. Like guys if you're going to post in a thread like this then it's probably best to at least try to detail why you don't think OP's points are problems with the game, or why you enjoy the game despite it's faults.
  12. Update: I'm running behind again in this event. I had a bad reaction to anti-biotics I was taking for a minor sinus issue and it ended up really messing with my heart. I'm ok now, thankfully there's no lasting damage, but man the last few weeks were not fun. I didn't play games much while I was resting either. I actually got back into neopets of all things and spent a ton of time on there. I guess it was just easier to casually play while I was recovering. At least my virtual pets are fed and dressed all nice for christmas. But yeah, the only progress I have is Games of Thrones at 78%.
  13. Best: .Hack G.U Last Recode- I loved .Hack when I was younger, but I was never able to play all of the games because of the way they were released and how crazy the prices got on the aftermarket. I'm loving this collection so much so far, it's absolutely worth it to see the entire GU series. Crash Bandicoot Collection- I love platformers, I grew up with Crash, and this is a very solid remake even though it has a few physics problems I could do without. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn- It's been a very long time since I've been able to get into an MMO, but I'm loving this. I play it somewhat sporadically but every time I get back into it it steals all of my time for a full month. Rocket League- I'm not usually into multiplayer games, but this is the most fun I've had in an online game in years. Scoring in this game is satisfying beyond belief. (I didn't buy Nier Automata, Yakuza 0, RE7, or Persona 5. These were my favorite games this year, but all of them were gifts from family or donations from people who watch me stream, so I don't think they count for this thread.) Worst: Mecho Tales- Please guys, don't play Mecho Tales. This is hands down the worst game I've played this year. Normally I'm the kind of person who looks into a game a lot before I buy it, but I got this on sale without reading anything. I saw that it was a platformer, looked at the cover art, and I jumped on it. Pure regret. The entire game is an eyesore made of clashing colors and grey blocks. The game is stupidly short, the controls are bad, the areas all look the same, the enemies take forever to kill, the bosses are poor, and the music will kill your ears if you turn it on. Don't just buy this because it has a double platinum. I'm begging you. Game of Thrones- It was free on PS Plus, but I still paid for the subscription so I'm counting it. I don't think I need to say that the game is hideous and boring, everyone knows that already. Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy- I just recently got into dungeon crawlers. I ended up loving the few that I played so I thought i would like this one too. Nope, its awful. This has the most unintuitive menu system I think I've ever seen. This is the first game I've played as an adult where I just felt absolutely lost and had no idea what I was doing. It doesn't help that the entire game is filled with copy/paste mono colored walls and you have to be connected online to read hints just to figure out where to go. I really doubt I'll ever turn it on again to give it another try.
  14. From what I understand, the engine they're working with actually has no physics system. Any time you see an object or character move, it all has to be done by hand. That's a much bigger time commitment and resource drain than most people might suspect. (And that's why the animations in their games look so robotic and awful too.) Also they laid off 25% of the entire company a few months ago. TLDR version is that they're going forward with different technology to make their games and cut a lot of employees because the way they do things was too expensive and low quality.
  15. Not true, Afro Samurai 2 was so poorly rated that the developers apologized for releasing it and forcibly refunded everyone who bought it. PT was a free demo, but this is the first time there's ever been an actual paid game that's been taken down and unable to be re-downloaded.