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  1. As much as this was the state's fault for making incredibly stupid decisions with what they funded, a lot of this does still lay on Schilling. He was a very poor chairman because he had no experience in the industry and didn't allocate the funds properly. Employees who worked under him said that he regularly lied to them about the financial state that the company was in, and that they had no idea the company was in trouble until they stopped being paid and ended up saddled with 2 mortgages. And beyond that, he spent way more than than what funding they were given by RI. The whole project was way too big for what they were being given, and he had no idea what he was doing. So yeah it's the state's fault because they never should have given him this in the first place, but his complete mismanagement of what he was given was also a huge part of the problem.
  2. "The idea was to entice 38 Studios to Rhode Island with a loan guarantee as part of a new state initiative created to help bring new jobs to Rhode Island. The deal would have the state signing on as a guarantor on a $75 million loan. In exchange, 38 Studios would relocate to Rhode Island and over the course of three years create 450 new jobs." There's a pretty good article about the whole thing here.
  3. Oh yeah, that game created by a Boston Red Socks player that ended up costing the state of Rhode Island millions of dollars when it failed to sell well enough. For anyone who didn't know, a baseball player got a loan from the state of Rhode Island to make this game. So it was created with taxpayer money that the company couldn't pay back when it failed. So Rhode Island actually owned the IP and all of the studio assets for years. Definitely one of the weirder stories in video game history.
  4. It's really not. Like at all.
  5. Put me down for reckless tamer, I have both Cyber Sleuth plats and Next Order. Debating going after All Star Rumble. I have it but that game is awful and the platinum is tedious as hell. Is it really worth it to say I have every digimon platinum?
  6. inb4 someone brings up the only functional nintendo playstation prototype.
  7. I actually remember seeing videos about this game last year because I'm a huge fan of The Thing and constantly look for stuff inspired by it. I can't say no to a free horror game, so I'll definitely check it out when it goes up on Steam. I didn't realize this was done by a single college student, that's pretty cool. Were you interested in feedback and constructive criticism from players? I'd love to talk to you about the game after I finish it.
  8. Do you think that gay and transgender people just did not exist until right now and this is some sort of modern idea that's being filtered onto everything? Because history is filled with gay and trans people from all over the world and from very different kinds of societies, some which were far more open than I think you realize. Medieval people absolutely were gay. King James was openly gay and used passages from the bible to justify his sexuality to the church. The Greeks and the Romans very open about homosexuality and it was constantly displayed in their art and writing. The Indian people had a class called the Hijra who were made up of transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming people. The Jewish people recognized six different genders including special ones for trans and intersex people. The Native Americans celebrated same-sex marriage and a gender called Two-Spirit, which is still recognized and used by native people today. Game devs using these concepts in their games, whether they're historical, modern, or futuristic, is not bullshit and it's certainly not all they have in their work. I've never once played a game that held sexuality or gender as it's main focus, it's always a short side piece that deals with romance options that hardly even effect the plot (Like Mass Effect). Hell, there's literally only two video games with intersex characters in them, so it's not like the market is drowning in LGBTQIA focused games. Gay people are going to exist, apocalypse or not. And you know what, if they do it right this adds some solid conflict and tension to the story. People wanting Ellie to possibly pass on her immunity genes vs her own goals to be with the girl she loves and support her community in other ways. The first game had her nearly die for the possibility of a cure, and the ending is entirely about how she didn't owe them that. She doesn't owe them children for the possibility of a future cure either. Living for yourself and your own goals is not offensive.
  9. And the idea that someone owes the world kids and should be forced to have children purely because other people want them to is almost offensive to me.
  10. Yeah, I'm well aware. I don't want a direct sequel. I want something with the same style of story, gameplay, and tone as the original. They can't use the name or the characters, but they can make a horror rpg along similar lines. Will it happen? Probably never, but I can ask.
  11. I love Gex a lot, but honestly, I think Gex was a very 90's concept that wouldn't work well if you brought him back. The whole idea behind him was having Dana Gould write and voice him with snarky tv pop culture jokes. The series atmosphere was completely built around that concept and I'm not sure what the best way to bring him into modern games would be. So much of that joke material is incredibly dated and doing a faithful remake like Crash and Spyro would not go over well with the new young audience. You could either go full on 90's nostalgia in the way a lot of 80's themed media does right now, or you could just have "modern" Gex where he just adapts to current stand up comedy humor with more pop culture jokes. I can see why Square's attempt at bringing him back didn't produce anything. No matter what they choose to do, you're going to have people unhappy with the way they take him going forward. 3D platformers just have not been popular the past few gens outside of Mario and the very recent Playstation remakes. Crash and Spyro are far more timeless characters and they were just more popular in general. Gex really doesn't have the pull that the other mascots have in the first place, so it's a much harder sell.
  12. Oh man this is actually pretty long. I did the whole thing specifically so I could ask for more Parasite Eve.
  13. Going to second these- Yomawari: Night Alone- If you like horror games you should check out this along with it's sequel. It's an exploration game that reminds me of classic Silent Hill in a good way and I'm surprised it didn't get more recognition. Also play it with headphones if you can, it's a great experience. (It's on Vita and it's on PC if you don't have a Vita. It's 2d so it's not too demanding to run.) Mary Skelter- Good news, this is being tweaked and brought to PS4 if you missed out on the Vita version. It's not the most balanced RPG, but it's way more visually interesting and easier to map out than the other dungeon crawlers I've tried. It's like a fairytale halloween aesthetic, the art is nice and actually decently varied between areas. It's much easier to tell where I've been and where I'm going just by the surroundings. With most games in this genre I end up glued to the map because everything looks so similar that I can't tell where I am. So go look into this is you want a solid DRPG. Okage: Shadow King: A PS2 RPG ported to the PS4. More halloween aesthetic and an interesting art style. It's shorter than most RPGs from that era (Like 25-35 hours I'd say?) but it's very straightforward and doesn't have much padding. If you want a turn based RPG that offers something different and doesn't take a huge time investment to complete, you should try it.
  14. Why is everyone still posting in this thread about minor differences in Spyro when we should all be talking about the real injustice that is Nintendo ruining Solid Snake's butt?