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  1. hi, I am looking for someone to help me make the country more to the trophies, because alone I see it a little bit difficult and tedious. I hope to find someone kind enough to help me. thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I am confused about this trophy because I finished the game and now I would like platinarrlo. I want to know how to do exactly that trophy if I have to press R3 even when stationary or whenever I press R3 I have to move? I'm waiting for an answer
  3. Hello everyone I wanted to know if I can do them online trophies with 2 controllers ... I mean me and my friend at my house ... as those trophies to win 100 games can you? the counts in the end? or should I make them online with other players?
  4. I would start and I would like to know if it is rather nice as platinum! you have to help them with friends online, or you can do it alone with two controllers in private? Please answer thanks
  5. hey do not listen then I listened and I did upload episode ... and then eventually gave it to me: D hahaha it was easier with all enhanced life to the fullest! thanks anyway for having responded Ciaooo eh!
  6. so if I do not charge me the episode from? Are you sure?
  7. Hello to all! I wanted to know for the trophy MemHunter Elite difficulty ... I wanted to know if you can do it in office is the same episode? me from then to the end of the game? I would not do it and then at the end of the game receive nothing and losing the unnecessary time or do I have to start new game all over again?