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  1. Surgeon Simulator.. Just don't go there, most annoying game i've ever played in my life
  2. Platinum #193 - Kingdom Hearts 3


    Enjoyment - 8/10

    Difficulty - 3/10


    This will be spoiler free by the way.. I'd been waiting nearly 15 years for this game to come out so as soon as I got my hands on it I literally dropped everything else and played it non stop until I had the platinum xD The presentation of the game is actually perfect, it's literally like playing through a giant Disney movie and it's definitely on the top of my list for one of the most stunning games i've ever seen, I was playing it on a 4K Tv and it was very close to looking like the entire game was animated by Pixar, it was that good. 

    Unfortunately the game itself was far too easy. I did my story mode playthrough on the hardest difficulty (which is proud, critical difficulty will be added as DLC later) and with zero xp so I would be level 1 the entire time and even with those handicaps I can only think of one occasion where I got stuck and even then it wasn't even for very long. It's never a good thing when you breeze through the game on the hardest difficulty. There were also a stupid amount of cutscenes, to the point where it felt like 70% of the game was just made of cutscenes, I feel like if you skip them all you could literally beat the game in under 5 hours. Personally I don't find any of this to be too big a problem though, because the game itself is so gorgeous that you just completely forget about all of the problems you might have with the game while playing through it. 

    Overall I had a great time with this, far too easy but the combat and presentation of the game was extremely satisfying at the same time. If you just want something casual to play or to give yourself some complete and utter eye candy for 60 hours then you should definitely play this game.

  3. Oh god.. it's not too late to reconsider.. I'm kidding haha, i'm sure you'll have no trouble with them mate, I believe in you
  4. I should really complete those guides I was meant to be working on.. 

  5. Thanks @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y I'd say overall Vol.2 is the hardest still. Vol.3 is definitely really difficult to 100% and miles harder than the first just because of Xari arena but because of the fact you can pause buffer to actually play it properly it's very doable at the same time. With Vol.2 90% of the trophies are either really hard or really annoying and the games themselves, missile command, stellar track and asteroids in particular are a nightmare to get trophies on..
  6. Thanks haha it still says 0.00% on this site because i'm not listed on the leaderboards and nobody else has the platinum yet.
  7. I beat it last night and got my platinum trophy.. Pause buffering makes the game a million times easier, although it's still pretty tough because it really depends how the bot controlling player 2 behaves.
  8. Platinum #191 - Atari Flashback Classics Vol.3


    Difficulty - 10/10

    Enjoyment - 8/10


    So I ended up being the first achiever for this game, feels great.. I hate giving games a 10 rating for difficulty just based on one trophy but I don't even feel bad about it in this case.. Games like air raiders, star raiders and avalanche were tough but fair for the most part and doable, but beating all 32 levels in Xari arena was just something else.. This is easily the hardest collection out of the 3 to 100% and arguably one of the hardest platinums i've ever done just because of Xari arena (and if anyone is curious, yes, it was harder than Meat Boy.)

    I was quite disappointed with the selection of games on this collection though, as half of them were sports games and i'm not really a big fan of those, despite that there are some gems on it which i'll likely go back and play at some point. Very proud of this one, this took me a long time to finish.

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    2. Deluziion90


      What a legend

    3. DamagingRob


      Very nice, congrats!

    4. SlimSanta94


      Thank you guys, now hopefully this is the last one that they release.. i'm not sure if I can bring myself to do another.. xD 

  9. Compared to the first two collections, these trophies aren't that difficult.. I'd still say this is easily the hardest of the 3 to 100% though, just because of Xari arena.. I have no idea what madman came up with a game like that but it's damn near impossible to complete :l
  10. Atari Flashback Vol. 3: Okay, Xari arena is actually ridiculously hard to beat, easily the most difficult trophy on any of these collections.. It's no wonder that this game never got released

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    2. SlimSanta94


      @MidnightDragon That's true, i'll just have to find somebody with insanely good reflexes then xD 

    3. UltraRareBoy


      Do it solo. Greatnes Awaits xD

    4. SlimSanta94


      @UltraRareBoy I'm trying, my reflexes suck ass xD 

  11. 1. Super Meat Boy 2. Surgeon Simulator 3. The Binding Of Isaac Here's me hoping to add Crypt Of The Necrodancer and I Am Bread to that list soon.
  12. This last trophy on Atari Vol.3 is an absolute pain in the ass... xD 

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Go for it SlimSanta94, you can do it! :D

    3. SlimSanta94


      Finally got it! i've been trying all week xD

    4. HaserPL


      @SlimSanta94 it's still 0.00% 😂 That's some new level of rarity bro! Great job, good luck with the plat man.

  13. Thank god.. I was starting to get so annoyed with quitting back to the main menu and starting over when I needed to restart