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  1. Honestly I very, very nearly dove right into that one too. I barely missed it the first time I played the level Thanks man! That's really annoying, I had 2 crashes also but they were pretty early into my runs thankfully. Can't imagine getting so far just to have it crash. I agree too losing a run that far in is pretty frustrating considering it takes like 45 minutes to get back to where you were.
  2. Leo's Fortune completed! Difficulty - 3/5 Enjoyment - 4/5 Easily the fastest achiever. The fastest before me was nearly 2 hours. The game itself is quite charming and fun. It has a nice story and it's pretty chill to play casually as it has a perfect balance of difficulty in my opinion. The only thing I don't like is how Leo controls, it feels like he bathed himself in butter before starting his journey because he can accelerate on a dime, particularly when you're on a slope and this gives him a tendency to just dash straight into a spike or off of a cliff for no apparent reason. This was the only thing that made hardcore mode feel difficult to me, I feel like I would've beaten this way sooner otherwise. Good game overall, would recommend trying it out but I wouldn't recommend trying hardcore mode.
  3. First UR plat of the year done: Knowledge is Power - 2.36% Difficulty - 1/5 Enjoyment - 3/5 First platinum of the year. I basically just mopped this up real quick because my nephew decided to put it on my profile lol. This is one of those "why the hell is it UR" kind of games. Very easy platinum but it does require a few friends or enough devices that can run the app in order to do it. It's a decent party game overall, wouldn't be my first choice but it does remind me of when I used to play Buzz with my family every christmas because gameplay wise it's along those lines.
  4. The fastest way to do it is to either farm "Destroy the encampment" missions in either Canney Valley or Twine Peaks or do Play with others missions in Twine Peaks. The higher the mission level is the more mist monsters will appear.
  5. This is the first time i've heard about this game. I might grab it and give it a go if it's ever on sale.
  6. Another UR platinum earned: Unturned Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 6/10 This is basically what you get when you ask a 12 year old in ICT class to make an open world game in Roblox in 24 hours. It's extremely janky and rough around the edges but despite that I don't actually dislike this game, it has this weird charm to it and I didn't actually feel bored while playing. Despite that, I can't recommend this to anyone.
  7. Count me in, will make a more conscious effort to stay updated! Will post my first tier as soon as I figure it out EDIT: I've decided i'll just post my plats as I do them
  8. Yeah it seems like the Rock band servers aren't working for this game now and since shutdown is inevitable it doesn't seem like they'll be fixed. This has been a pretty persistent problem with Rock Band for years in general, not just with this game. They'll go offline for long periods before being fixed. I've tried it out a little now and there's good news and bad news to this. The good news is that you can play the game in offline mode, but the bad news is that the coins you earn and powerups are tied to the online and while the Rock Band servers are down you won't be rewarded with any at the end of a song. The last time I played this I was around 3-4 songs away from gold starring every song and all of my progress has seemingly disappeared so I can only assume this is tied to the online too. The lack of powerups in offline mode in particular is a big problem. Since it is basically impossible to score high enough to gold star any song without them. So even if you happen to own the game and wish to finish it you can't because of how restrictive this game is to play offline. Very unfortunate.
  9. Thank you man, much appreciated
  10. After grinding for hours on the end for the past 2 days. It's done. This was absurdly difficult to complete, harder than Crypt of the Necrodancer even, but I loved every second of it. I absolutely adore this game, it has everything that I look for in a rhythm game. A non-existent skill ceiling, fun and engaging charts, catchy tunes, infinite replay-ability, it has everything and I don't see myself putting it down anytime soon.
  11. DJMAX Respect 100% COMPLETE!

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    2. IntroPhenom


      I love the little break you afforded yourself on 26 MAY. A slew of so called "EZPZs". :)  If anyone deserves to kick back and relax a bit, it's certainly you.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Amazing achievement, SlimSanta. I've heard this one is one crazy challenging rhythm game to complete to a 100%. Great work, man! ^^

    4. SlimSanta94


      Thank you guys, I really appreciate it :)


      @IntroPhenom Hahah yeah I have a friend who let me play some of them, it was genuinely pretty interesting to dive into Rata game's catalogue xD 

  12. Did you ever see the multiplayer for Wolfenstein 2009? You’d be lucky to last a full second without serious lag lol. Also, I personally didn’t find battle mode to be unbalanced at all, playing as the Slayer has a high skill ceiling yes but it’s not unbalanced.
  13. Just got another UR platinum: Superbeat Xonic Enjoyment - 3.5/5 Difficulty - 4.5/5 This is one of the more difficult rhythm games i've done, overall a really difficult platinum to earn so i'm really excited to have this done finally. This essentially plays similarly to the Persona dancing games but it's a lot more technical and a lot more difficult to read. What makes this so difficult is mission mode, while not as hard as DJMAX's missions it proves to be a really tough challenge in their own right. I got stuck on them for the longest time and only recently had the motivation to go back and grind them out. Really happy to have this done. With that done i'll be grinding non stop for DJMAX 100% now
  14. Okay I somehow got it. Not sure what I did differently but I blocked, let a Torbjorn use his ultimate on me and I stood it in and it made the trophy pop.
  15. Well, I’ve just jumped in front of a bastion and 2 others, blocked 1,900 damage and survived and no trophy popped. So I’m inclined to believe it’s either bugged or it’s not what I’m doing which is using nemesis form and then raising his arms with L2.