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  1. In terms of satisfaction yes. In terms of difficulty absolutely not.
  2. Been feeling generally very run down lately which is causing a lot of burnout not just with trophy hunting but with life in general. I'm still playing Elder Scrolls Online for a few hours a day and other things but i've been putting a lot more time into looking after myself and doing things I find relaxing. I'll probably continue to do so over the winter so long story short, I won't be trophy hunting in any serious capacity for a while.

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Hang in there man. I know I'm just some random internet stranger, but feel free to PM me if you ever just need someone to chat with! 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hey man, sorry to hear that. Finding time to take care of yourself and any unpleasant life matters that may arise is always important. I know life can sometimes put a horrible strain on enjoying our hobbies and stuff but don't let that put you down. Hope you can sort whatever you're going through so that you can come back to do what you love the most. Enjoying other hobbies on the side to relax is also a great idea.


      Stay strong out there, and cheers. :)

    4. Prometheous101


      We all get burned out eventually, take your brake for as long as you need. Mental health shiuld always be over anything else. 

  3. The latest patch of the game with the DLC installed is really unstable.. So if you're playing with it installed I would suggest backing up your data regularly or just removing the DLC altogether to stop the crashes.
  4. This thread is some grade A cringe.. 😅
  5. Basically yeah. The hatch will be closed when you find it if you're not alone but that's what the key is for.
  6. It's not only available for the last survivor. The time that the hatch spawns depends on how many generators are repaired and how many survivors are left, so if all 4 players are still alive the hatch will spawn in a random location after 5 generators have been repaired. If anyone dies then the amount of generators you need to repair to spawn the hatch becomes lower until you happen to be in a situation where you're the last survivor where it will spawn regardless of how many generators you've repaired. In regards to opening it, the hatch will only open if you or someone on your team brings in a key to open it or will open automatically upon spawning if you're the last survivor. If the killer happens to close the hatch (which is unlikely to happen if you open it with a key as he has very little time to do so) then you cannot reopen it, even with a key. So basically the jist of it is, to get the trophy you need to have someone in your team bring in a key, all of you must stay alive and repair 5 generators to spawn the hatch, then you must find the hatch, open it with a key and all 4 of you must jump out within a seconds (not at the exact same time).
  7. Worms Battlegrounds. I've heard it's super annoying.
  8. Haha very nicely done man!
  9. Alright guys, it's my turn for an interview on here. Feel free to ask me anything, I will try my best to answer everything: 


  10. So i've had this game AFK for the past 2 days to get this trophy to pop and still nothing. So FYI to anyone that's planning on starting this version of the game, The devs clearly still haven't fixed it so be prepared to spend several hours walking to get this trophy to unlock.
  11. Platinum #289 - Taiko No Tatsujin: Drum Session

    Difficulty - 4/5
    Enjoyment - 5/5

    This is definitely one of the harder rhythm games out there to complete. The majority of the trophies aren't too bad but the game itself is very, very difficult to get the hang of and getting a 10,000 note streak across consecutive 8* extreme difficulty tracks requires a great deal of consistency and mental fortitude. Extremely proud of this one, I worked very hard on it. Will definitely be doing the vita version for the series completion at some point.

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    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. SlimSanta94


      Thank you very much everyone :) 


      @Joe Dubz Yes I bought that recently actually and i'll be going for the platinum on it quite soon. I'm slowly aiming for every platinum on every rhythm game, I made a checklist for it: 


    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      That's awesome man, I didn't realize this! I plan to follow along with your progress 😁


      Total rhythm domination, I looooooove the sound of that 💪


      It's definitely mad fun tho... After watching your vid from DJ MAX Respect I think this one will be a cakewalk for you!

  12. It's been a while since i've played it but from what I remember the Scarred Yian Garuga is essentially just the tempered form of the regular Yian Garuga. The most convenient way that a friend and myself found to farm it was to level up the forest area of the guiding lands to 7, gain a bunch of regular Yian Garuga tracks from the melder in Seliana and use those. Since everything you either encounter or summon in a level 7 area will be a tempered monster, you can use these tracks and it will summon a Scarred Yian Garuga instead of a regular one. I also believe there's an event quest for it, but it won't always be there as the event quests are on a set rotation so you get different ones every week.
  13. Update from my DJMAX status yesterday. I got the trophy on my first try of the day. I guess I just needed a break. xD But I can't even put into words how painfully difficult that was to get, just look at it:



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    2. SlimSanta94


      Haha thank you very much guys xD 

    3. lilpain97


      Very nicely done as always Slim.

    4. SlimSanta94
  14. Probably just experienced one of the worst chokes i've ever had. There's a trophy on DJMAX Respect where you have to get a 9,000 combo a song in a certain DLC pack and the DLC pack in question is stupidly hard. I was grinding one song for 3 hours as I was really close to getting it and 4 times I got the last 5 seconds of the track, on a 8,900-9,000 combo only to choke and miss at the very end.. THIS is why games that don't include a practice mode frustrate me so much and this is why it should be the standard in rhythm games. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Ouch. I'm sorry. :( 

    2. stealthlevel100


      Close one 👍

  15. Thank you very much! I don't blame you, the genre as a whole really asks for a lot I'd agree with that, hunting easy platinums and ultra rare trophies non stop are essentially the same thing at the end of the day. Like with anything in life really, trophies are essentially pointless until you decide to put your faith in them and give them meaning. Which is why I always say if it's what people enjoy then more power to them, i'm not in a position to judge anyone if they care about numbers on their profile more than I do.