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  1. Platinum #205 - Guacamelee!


    Difficulty - 6/10

    Enjoyment - 9/10


    I wish I actually played this game sooner, it's a very well designed, very unique metroidvania that's also filled to brim with easter eggs from games ranging from Metroid & Legend Of Zelda to more obscure games such as VVVVVV, which is something I always appreciate. It's very clear  they put a lot of effort into it and it really shows.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      ¿Así que te has convertido en el luchador número uno? Felicitaciones por haber obtenido el Platino. :D


      Loved playing this one on PS3, wouldn't mind playing it again on PS4. Fun combat, awesome Metroidvania style, and just plain hilarious all-around. Great game for sure. Congrats on the Platinum. ;)

    3. Evertonian


      nice one

      another game I need to revisit and finish

    4. Condemned09


      Congrats :D 

  2. Probably Final Fantasy 7, I played the game to death growing up so it's always nice to revisit it.
  3. Nice job man, very solid Coda run too!
  4. Cloudberry Kingdom: Started going for the "Shenanigans" trophy the other day, i'm probably going to end up regretting it.. I've reached leve 270/320 so far so i'm making steady progress.

  5. Good, the game was really lacking in terms of difficulty.
  6. I'll take a wild guess and say that you really like Metal Gear Solid?
  7. Cloudberry Kingdom: Main story done, not sure whether to just leave it at that or go for "Shenanigans" xD 

  8. The rank isn't the problem, it's getting the manuals for every weapon, which is extremely boring and takes forever.
  9. I've done both, Far Cry is waaaaay worse
  10. Far Cry 2 is almost 11 years old, I wouldn't get your hopes up about it being stable. It's barely worked for years now.
  11. Platinum #203 - Dragonball FighterZ


    Enjoyment - 5/10

    Difficulty - 4/10


    I love the artstyle and gameplay, I think it's all fantastic. But I spent 3 months grinding the zeni alone, so just because of that I never want to play this game again xD 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! But this is why you turbo it. :P

    3. SlimSanta94


      Thanks guys :) 


      @DamagingRob I did turbo most of it, it was still horrible xD 

    4. NaseemJohn


      Not sure wether I’ll ever get back to this or not. Loved the game but don’t want a stupid trophy to fuck with that enjoyment. Congrats tho :)

  12. Dead By Daylight
  13. This doesn't look like it'll take long to platinum unfortunately, I was hoping for something a bit more difficult. I might pick it up regardless though because I do love a good retro/arcade collection.
  14. No, you won't be banned because it's something that's actually in the game and not a trophy hack.
  15. Platinum #202 - The Walking Dead: The Final Season


    Difficulty - 2/10

    Enjoyment - 8/10


    This game was better than I thought it would be, very emotional and appropriate end to Clementine's story. I don't appreciate the fact that they designed the trophy list to force you to play the game twice, because to me Telltale games have literally no replay value due to the fact that your choices have little impact on the story so playing through the game again to get everything I missed the first time was pretty annoying and soured the experience slightly, bit of a cruel punishment for not using a guide and just wanting to immerse yourself in the story. Overall i'm just happy this game was finished, they did a great job.