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  1. That Bioshock is life
  2. Been trying to do at least one all characters run on Crypt Of The Necrodancer a day recently.. I'm trying to stay consistent with it because I know the God run will happen eventually, it's just a question of when.. 


    I'll leave a link to my Twitch for anyone that wants to watch:

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    2. SlimSanta94


      @Orphioon Thank you! I'm using a controller at the moment, if I become serious about completing Coda after then i'll be investing in a Xim4 :) 

    3. Orphioon


      You're likely going to have to relearn how to play it if you switch to keyboard, but at the same time, its a massive investment and its such a fun game its hard to stop and wait, such a dilemma. 

    4. SlimSanta94


      @Orphioon I'm prepared to re-learn the game anyway, I know Coda will be a lot of work either way if I do choose to try and complete it.. I most likely won't though, i'd be proud enough of myself just having everything minus the last two trophies :) 

  3. Can't thank you enough for this mate, I've been having an easy time getting the mini crowns but the large ones are a different story.. This will really help
  4. Platinum #161 - Rime

    I can appreciate how well made and pretty the game is, but the gameplay just wasn't my type of thing, i've never been too good at puzzles xD 

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    2. LostLunar


      Congrats! I honestly loved the game and the whole story behind it but I can see why some people wouldn't love it as much as I did. The only problem I found with it was that there was wayyyy too much unnecessary platforming 😂

    3. SlimSanta94


      Thanks guys :) 


      @Hemiak That's true, especially with the collectables you always found yourself aimlessly wandering around trying to find them all or just find where you had to go next xD 


      @LostLunar Thank you! I did like the game as a whole, i'm just not good at puzzles at all xD 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  5. The trophy data will transfer between versions and only give you one list for both, but shortly before the release of Rise Of Iron in 2016 they split the character progression between the two versions, so now if you reach the max light on PS3 (which is 335) you'll have to start over on PS4. They did this so they didn't have to release Rise Of Iron on PS3 and keep supporting the console.
  6. Monster Hunter - The grind is real.. 120 hours in and i've only gotten 10 mini crowns and 5 large so far, might just have to get to level 100 and then rely on the events for crowns from there.

    1. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Are you enjoying the game at least? :3

    2. SlimSanta94


      @Super Sand Virginia I am, it's a lot of fun :) The endgame can be pretty tedious sometimes but that's expected with games that make you grind insane amounts xD 

    3. Super Sand Virginia
  7. It's about damn time we see Gunstar Heroes on one of these!! Very surprised by the lack of Sonic 3 though, easily the best game on the mega drive. I also would've liked to see Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on one of these collections too but oh well
  8. So what's actually the best way to go about hunting for crowns? Do you just do random missions until you get monsters that give crowns or is there a way of telling which missions have them?
  9. I just got the Downy Crake.. I found a tip online that said if you wait in the campsite for around 60-90 seconds after arriving you're more likely to find one as they won't spawn in right away a lot of the time or while you're looking at the monsters.. Sure enough after my 3rd time entering Ancient Forest I waited for 90 seconds, went outside and found them.
  10. Goddamn we're finally getting Smash Bros. on the Switch.. My day has been made :D 

    1. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Saw the trailer when I read your status update. Very nice :)





    2. Arkonaborg


      Can't. Wait. For. It.  :dance:

    3. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      Lmao look at this!


      I still excited myself for some game announcements >:)



  11. To be fair they should really come up with something different.. Continuing with Black Ops is like beating a dead horse at this point :/
  12. I'm a musician! I'm 24 from South Wales I have a bachelors degree in Music Technology and i'm studying my masters degree in Sound Production starting in September. My main instrument is drums but I can also play guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, flute and I sing and compose music. I play in an alternative rock band, but we also have heavy Prog influences
  13. I reached level 49 and tried this thing today.. I killed him by myself with a full set of Xeno armor and a hammer lmao
  14. Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2 0.32% - 5 Achievers This was a really difficult platinum trophy to get. I'd even go as far as saying that in terms of difficulty that it's on par with Super Meat Boy if you choose not to abuse cloud saves to get it, Which I chose not to do. Where as the first collection was pretty straightforward, having mainly pretty easy trophies to get minus beating level 81 on Tempest, this collection had the opposite, where many of the trophies were very brutal and demanded a lot out of you. For example the Asteroids trophies, i've been an avid Asteroids player for years but scoring 50,000 points without losing a life and 0 points in a single level is just painful. Obtaining the rank of Admiral (the highest rank) on a game of Stellar track, which is an extremely complicated game on the surface was also pretty difficult because it basically asked you to play perfectly in a game that not a lot people will understand how to play, never-the-less it's a very fun game once you learn how to play it. Then there's reaching level 19 on Missile Command which in my opinion was the hardest trophy on this collection and even one of the hardest trophies you could get in general, which is seemingly near impossible unless you have godlike reflexes and have very good luck, by the time you reach level 15 everything moves so quick that you just have to stay as focused as you can the entire time. This game didn't take me very long to beat (only 2 weeks), but it tested my patience and pushed me in ways no other trophy list has. It was a pretty painful experience from start to finish and i'm proud to have it and i'm glad it's over with.