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  1. Sure, try your luck.. Buy them and see how quickly you get banned on this site
  2. Alien Isolation
  3. Seems like a fan of open world/RPG games.
  4. Just bought a Xim so I can use a keyboard on Necrodancer.. I'm beating Coda now, I don't care how long it takes xD 

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    2. SlimSanta94


      @Deceptrox Thanks, good luck when you do :)


      @UltraRareBoy haha don't worry, it's only for Necrodancer, and maybe PVE stuff on Destiny 2 xD Thanks mate :)


      @Phil That would actually be amazing.. xD Thanks! :)


    3. Phil


      I just realized we have almost the same number of UR trophies. I'm only about 10 more ahead of you. You're kicking my but in plats though.

    4. Spaz


      @Phil @SlimSanta94


      Both of you guys are kicking my ass in ultra rares. Great job for you both.

  5. The most time consuming games are easily the Earth Defense Force games.. They're hands down the kings of grindy platinum trophies.. I'd also say Friday the 13th and The Binding Of Isaac (If you start on Afterbirth+) are definitely up there among the most grindy also. To be fair Necrodancer isn't too grindy, it's actually a pretty short game.. it's just stupidly hard
  6. Seems like a pretty standard list.. I'm kind of eager to play this if i'm being honest.. It seems like what you would get if you put Mickey Mouse and Bioshock into a blender
  7. Don't get me wrong i'm happy that there's actually going to be closure and an actual conclusion to this game.. But I honestly can't support a company that forced their staff to work 80 hour weeks, treated them like crap and then let them go without severance pay.. I'll just watch the conclusion on Youtube, Telltale isn't getting another penny out of me.
  8. No, it only deletes it from your PS4.
  9. Been slacking lately due to playing a lot of Destiny 2 and starting my masters degree lately. But i'd been working on this a long time and finally got it done a few days ago Platinum 178 - Binding Of Isaac
  10. Hey guys i'd like to ask a question to the guys here that watch streams on Twitch regularly.. What's your opinion on people that show their face while they play? does it make you feel more engaged in the stream? It is 100% required for you to enjoy a stream? Or you don't care? Please let me know, i'm considering getting a camera for my stream :) 

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    2. SlimSanta94


      Thanks @cronocyde :) 


      @Starlove- That's a good point, i'm not the most confident of people but it would definitely help me to grow and build my stream and make it more personal to me :) 

    3. cronocyde


      @SlimSanta94: Are you only on Twitch or you do YouTube too?

    4. SlimSanta94


      @cronocyde Just Twitch, I only use my Youtube channel for videos of difficult trophies :)

  11. Judging by the look of the trophy list it'll be a blend of games which were in both Atari collections.. No level 81 on Tempest or level 19 on missile command trophies.. This will be nice, I could use another sub 1% plat
  12. Okay.. Big status about Binding Of Isaac after getting the platinum yesterday.


    I'll start by saying, if you're serious about getting the platinum trophy for this game, for the love of god DO NOT buy Afterbirth + before you have the platinum trophy. I learned pretty early on that purchasing Afterbirth + digitally results in you being unable to unlock the trophy for getting 1000000% on your save file, so I bought a physical copy of Afterbirth + as I happened to see one while shopping and switched my save over to that before I had completed everything on Rebirth. The result was that I had to do an extra 15 challenges of top of the 20 from Rebirth to unlock that trophy, some of which were very tough to pull off and were very annoying. Also the requirements to unlock Godhead had changed on Afterbirth +, originally you had to defeat 6 bosses with The Lost on hard mode to unlock it, Afterbirth pushes that total up to 10. On the plus side you can unlock a certain secret that makes playing as The Lost a lot easier with the DLC, but it forces you to donate around 900 coins on greed mode before you can get it, which adds another 50 hours onto your gameplay. So don't make the same mistake I did, platinum Rebirth first and then buy it, it'll make your life a hell of a lot easier.


    As for the game itself, I actually didn't like it to begin with, it felt like a slower version of Zelda on NES, the hitboxes felt awkward and I just overall didn't have a good time with it, I died a lot at first. 

    It wasn't until I unlocked Azazel, who starts with Brimstone which is basically a blood laser that kills everything it touches (which is super fun by the way) where I could start digging deeper into the game and seeing more things it had to offer.


    I love rogue-like games, but the main complaint I have with them is that the developers promise a game that is different every time you play it, which just isn't the case when you play them. The Binding Of Isaac was the only exception i've found so far and that's why I became hooked pretty much immediately after unlocking Azazel and this quickly became one of the most interesting games i've ever played. I literally had 0 runs that were exactly the same and I loved that, it actually delivered what it promised for once.

    The RNG is not kind in this game, not in the slightest. You'll get rooms where you'll be hit immediately upon entering and you'll have runs where you'll only be given the most useless items. But when you get great RNG, great runs and item synergies that practically break the game, which happens just as often as getting a bad run, it's the most satisfying and fun 20 minutes ever. These are the runs that keep you interested and keep you playing, you never know what's going to happen next in this game. The unpredictability makes it so goddamn engaging that you'll find yourself not putting your controller down until it's completed, not even to sleep.

    If there was one bad thing I would say about this game however, it is that certain characters are a bit too reliant on the items you find. The Lost and Isaac for example, two characters that are basically defined by the items they receive. It's not that big a deal but the game itself feels more luck based than skill a lot of the time, especially in runs where you completely break the game and breeze through everything.


    Overall, I can't recommend this game enough to anybody. it's absolutely incredible and everybody should try it, even if rouge-likes aren't something you'd normally play. I'm definitely going back to get 100% on this at some point in the future. Maybe after getting my 200th platinum.


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    2. IntroPhenom


      Well you certainly know how to wallop an ultra rare platinum game!  Friday the 13th will be free next month. Any tips for someone thinking about seeking the platinum?

    3. Honor_Hand


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts an experience on this game. Now I have more of an idea of what people like about it. That unpredictability you speak about... I normally hate that kind of stuff in video games but here, you make it sound like it is something actually entertaining and engaging instead of rage inducing.


      Good luck with your next games! :)

    4. SlimSanta94


      Sorry for the late responses, I've been pretty busy lately! Thanks guys :) 


      @starcrunch061 I feel this one stands out because of the sheer amount of items there are, it really does keep it from getting boring. :) 


      @IntroPhenom Haha I try my best! :P If it's just the platinum you want then get a friend whose company you enjoy and do everything minus PH.D in murder (which you need 3 for) and 7 counselor  & Tommy Jarvis kills in a private match. This is easily one of the most boring grinds i've ever done and having a friend with you to take advantage of all the hilarious glitches will make the 1,000 games with Jason a lot more bearable. Good luck!


      @Honor_Hand Yeah there's a lot of bad RNG in the game but it never makes you want to throw your controller at the TV thankfully xD Thanks :) 

  13. Platinum #178 - The Binding Of Isaac


    Enjoyment - 100/10

    Difficulty - 9/10


    I'll write a lengthy status tomorrow about this game, because oh boy..I have quite a lot to say about it. For now, i'm off to bed!


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    2. Spaz


      Game is far too time consuming for my tastes. 


      You and @lilpain97 need to pair up together.

    3. lilpain97


      Congrats slim, you gave me motivation to go back to this. 

      Pair up on what though 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

  14. Has pretty good taste in games!
  15. You won't be locked out of doing the Leviathan raid but you won't be able to reach a power level which is high enough to complete it without at least Curse Of Osiris & Warmind, so yes you cannot complete Leviathan on prestige difficulty on the base game. Forsaken also changed the way rewards for flashpoints are given, which also applies to people that own the base game. You used to collect you rewards from Cayde-6 but since that NPC has disappeared from the game you can't anymore. The way Bungie has gone about changing this has bugged the trophy and made it unobtainable. The Emissary from beyond trophy is also unobtainable with the base game, as Trials Of The Nine is currently offline until the start of 2019 and will very likely be a Forsaken only activity when it returns.