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  1. I'm sure there's already a thread like this. But my 10 rarest are: 1. Crypt Of The Necrodancer - 0.04% 2. Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits - 0.10% 3. Injustice: Gods Among Us - 0.17% 4. Rock Band 3 - 0.20% 5. Super Meat Boy - 0.23% 6. The Beatles: Rock Band - 0.23% 7. Guitar Hero Metallica - 0.27% 8. Guitar Hero Van Halen - 0.29% 9. MLB: The Show 19 - 0.31% 10. Green Day: Rock Band - 0.32% My 10 most satisfying platinums would be: 1. Crypt Of The Necrodancer 2. Nuclear Throne 3. Guitar Hero Metallica 4. Overwatch 5. DJMAX Respect 6. Splasher 7. Jump King 8. I am Bread 9. Helldivers 10. Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe
  2. It's more of an issue with latency than the actual game.. That's kinda harder to fix than an exploit for a glorified JPEG image..
  3. There's several reasons to why this game is so rare. 1. It's been free to download multiple times. When a game is free on PS plus or by other means the rarity goes down significantly. 2. This game is particularly grindy. Level 100 requires 40 million XP which takes a significant amount of time, STAR labs and battle mode are also incredibly tedious due to how many mission you have to complete, which many trophy hunters won't have time or won't commit to doing. 3. Though it's not the hardest fighting game out there, it's still quite a significant challenge. Some STAR labs missions and the max difficulty battle mode in particular can be extremely hard for most players.
  4. So I started Taiko No Tatsujin 4 days ago and managed to make really good progress, pretty have everything unlocked except for the 10,000 note streak now. Only now when starting this I realise just why this platinum is considered to be so hard.. Having to FC the same difficult song 27 times in a row in a single sitting is never easy on the nerves.. xD 

    1. Miles


      Just use a script ez. For real though 27 times?! I thought it's like 10 and even that seemed like a difficult task. 

  5. Hey folks, i'm currently working my way through all of the death wish missions and i've come across a glitch in the "Bird Sanctuary" mission where you have to complete the birdhouse in Alpine Skyline without killing any birds. I first got to the end of the level to find that the banner to take you over the large gap to the time piece was missing. I left the mission, went into free roam, blew all of the horns again to bring the banners back and then went back into the death wish mission. I get back to where I was but now the banner is there, it's telling me to hit square to hop on but nothing happens, i've also tried going back to the horn yet again inside the mission and it won't let me blow it to re-trigger the banner. Has anyone encountered this? Are there any solutions to fixing this and beating the level? EDIT: For some odd reason, restarting my console fixed the issue, so if you also encounter this try that.
  6. I've been debating whether or not to give my input to this for some time, so i'm just going to say a few things: Firstly, there's nothing I can really say that hasn't been said already regarding the difficulty. It is incredibly difficult but not impossible and that's the really important thing that you need to remember. Gamers need a very specific mindset when approaching this game, you need to be fully aware that progression will likely take some time and any frustration you might experience with the game needs to be taken in your stride. If you let setbacks affect you then your chances for the platinum are slim to none. Half of the battle is learning the game, there is a ridiculous amount of depth that needs to be understood in order to play at a top level. Some folks have played for thousands of hours and are still learning new things. People are going to tell you that you absolutely 100% need a keyboard to play this game. THIS IS FALSE. Though it makes playing the game significantly more comfortable for some, the game is possible to complete using a controller. The best advice I can give is to try every means of playing the game that you have access to and using what is most comfortable for you. Personally I did the entire game with a controller, I have severe tendonitis in my wrist so I was actually at a disadvantage playing with a keyboard in the short time that I tried to use one. It all comes down to preference, it's not a disadvantage to you if it's what you're more comfortable using. Contrary to what people might tell you, the group of folks currently attempting to get the platinum are very friendly and supportive. I don't recall any occasions where a full on manhunt has been started over someone not having a place on any of the in-game leaderboards. The in-game leaderboards are often used to catch cheaters who suddenly appear out of nowhere with every trophy, since the necrodancer community is so small, a portion of people know the game like the back of their hand and it's a pretty big deal when someone completes this game, they're very easy to spot.
  7. So, to mark one year since i've finished Necrodancer, i'll be doing 5 hours of casual All Chars Low% runs on my stream. I'll be starting in around 40 minutes, Feel free to come and say hi :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. r2rokid


      Saw your bard low% run. That 4-3 troll. My jaw hit the floor. 🙃

    3. SlimSanta94


      @Alderriz It has! xD


      @r2rokid Lmao man, if that happened in an actual run... xD 

    4. r2rokid


      ...I'd throw a frenzy, question my life decisions and wonder if it was all worth it.


      But seriously, I thought dying at Bard 9/9 was the worst thing that could happen in a Lowest run. Turns out, I stand corrected. 😂

  8. It did get a physical release, but it sold very poorly, hence why most places either don't have any stock or won't stock it at all. You're better off getting a digital version via the UK store as it will be cheaper.
  9. 3rd tier 2 game done: Jump King 12th achiever Difficulty - 5/5 - 3.5/5 with save scumming Enjoyment - 2.5/5 It's finally over.. 21 playthroughs and thousands upon thousands of cloud saves later. Overall, this is a pretty fun game to play casually but no matter how you choose to go about it the trophies will be an incredibly frustrating and difficult experience. Cannot stress this enough, DO NOT play this game for trophies. I don't feel fulfilled in the slightest and in the end, my real prize were the 21 smoking hot babes I met along the way. In terms of difficulty, if you couldn't save scum the entire game, this would absolutely be on par with cloudberry kingdom and VVVVVV in terms of difficulty. This game is incredibly difficult to play without save states. Atari Flashback Classics (Vita) - 100% Wipeout: Omega Collection - 100% Jump King - 100% Rocksmith: 2014 Edition (PS3) - 97% Futuridium EP Deluxe - 57%
  10. I'll give you an 8/10.. Good stuff
  11. I must say, Jump King is pretty damn frustrating.. Only 7 playthroughs to go until I have the platinum lmao.

    1. Arcesius


      Just checked the guide, 18 playthroughs, what the hell 😂 Is the gameplay as frustrating as it looks? 😅

    2. SlimSanta94


      @Arcesius Yeah it's about as annoying as it looks.. I just finished my 17th run and i'm slowly losing the will to live xD 

  12. Thanks for the suggestion, i've added it.
  13. I'll be making a swap on my tier 2, i've started Wolfenstein 2 but it's something I think i'd prefer to take my time with, so i'll be removing that. Atari Flashback Classics (Vita) - 100% Wipeout: Omega Collection - 100% Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus OUT - Jump King IN - 11% Futuridium EP Deluxe - 57% Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PS3) - 97%
  14. It's still possible, but you'll likely have to find a partner to boost the online with.
  15. Well, like with any game you put in the time, you learn the mechanics, how the game works and you improve over time.