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  1. Platinum #170 - Sonic Forces


    I had pretty high expectations for this game before I played it. Unfortunately it's pretty bad.. Not Sonic 06 level of bad, it's playable but still quite bad :/ I think the best way I can describe it is that it's practically a 3D Sonic game on autopilot, a lot of the levels just play themselves and you'll find yourself just holding square and effortlessly finishing stages in under 2 minutes, even on hard mode.

    My main issue was that the controls felt really weird, you won't really notice it if you haven't played Sonic Generations or Colours but the control felt either too slippery or too stiff, there was no in-between and this took me a while to get used to. I found tight platforming in this game ended up resulting in about 5-6 deaths before I finally got it right. 

    The list of challenges the game gives you which you need to complete for the platinum trophy was pretty bullshit too. The game itself was very short, you could beat every stage in just under 4 hours so to pad the game out they add 3 sets of collectables, medals for each type of character which you have to max out, speedruns for nearly every level and 14 secret stages which unlock toward the end which was all really frustrating, I usually don't mind collectables and challenges but having to play the same stage 4-5 times to do everything becomes an absolute chore very quickly. This is easily the laziest attempt at padding out a game i've seen in a while.

    Everything else was fine, the story was okay apart from a few cringey moments, the graphics were stunning at times, I had fun with the avatar creation for a while but overall this is just another average Sonic game to throw on the pile.

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      Well done! Also I love Sonic '06, it's the third best sonic game after adventure. ;) 

    3. Fidel


      Nice work!

    4. SlimSanta94


      Thanks guys :)


      @LuciaRosethorn I like it too, it's a guilty pleasure.. but you can't deny it's a terribly made game xD 

  2. Good list, I also just wish that one of these days they would put Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on one of these collections.. People need to experience just how epic that game was
  3. I'm somewhat of a masochist so i've been gearing towards the games with really difficult platinum trophies lately, but honestly when it comes to trophies I don't care how hard or easy it is, if I enjoy it I will play it and if I really enjoy it I will get the platinum trophy. I always put my personal enjoyment first before trophies and to me difficult games are usually more enjoyable and satisfying for me. I've always felt like challenge is something that should be encouraged, I know some people may not feel the same way and that's fine, but i've just always felt that challenge builds character in a way. Although i've met a lot of people that are quite cocky and arrogant because they can beat a few hard games, so I feel it's important to have that balance too.
  4. I beat zone 3 with Coda on Crypt Of The Necrodancer yesterday! It was a very short run but a very hectic one at the same time. Overall this took me around a week and a half of solid practice to do, i'll just need to practice the hell out of zone 4 now then I think i'll be ready to do all zones mode runs to try and get the trophy :) 


  5. I'm a retro gamer primarily so i'm getting this collection regardless, but i'm happy to see that these will at least be slightly more challenging compared to the PS3 collection.
  6. Nevermind the trophies, i'm just still in disbelief that this game actually exists...
  7. Because believe or not people on a site dedicated to trophies care more about getting trophies as quickly and as easy as possible then enjoying the game.. I don't agree with it at all either but it's just how it is.
  8. Platinum #169 - The Swords Of Ditto


    I'm a huge Legend Of Zelda fan so I figured that I would enjoy this game because the gameplay is very similar to A Link To The Past with a few elements from Majora's Mask thrown into the mix. It's a very charming game but it didn't quite deliver for me in terms of keeping me entertained, I felt like it was missing something :/ I can appreciate it for what it is, it's a good game and a lot of effort was put into it, it's just not what I was expecting.

    I really wouldn't recommend getting this game at the moment also, it's extremely broken at the moment.. I had so many issues with my game crashing and really bad amounts of slowdown when too many enemies were on screen and that's only a few examples :/ I also had a glitched trophy which required me to do an extra 2 playthrough to finally unlock which was also really frustrating.. I'd say either wait for bug fixes and patches or wait until this game is on sale if you're interested

  9. Crypt Of The Necrodancer: Completed Zone 2 with Coda yesterday, gotten really far with practice despite only having about 35-40 hours of it so far. I'm still using a controller and I plan on beating it with one, I definitely think it's possible. 



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    2. Roster60


      I most certainly will 😀

    3. BG_painter


      Damn boy that's crazy! O_o!!! Good job. 👍


      Oh, I love when the shop owner sings! :giggle:

    4. SlimSanta94


      @BG_painter Thank you! :) Same it's so funny, the shopkeeper is the real MVP xD 

  10. It doesn't unlock the 20 MyBuzz Quiz trophy, just so you know.. As far as I know that's the only one you won't get by doing it, whether or not you'll get flagged for doing it I couldn't tell you. If you look on the fastest achievers list for the game they've all used it so i'm assuming it's okay to.
  11. So, how's your day going? I mean Llama ignored me so that's why you're my favourite ;) @Lawless_Llama 

    1. SlimSanta94


      Hey not bad thanks just been working on dragonball a lot today xD how about you? did he? that's mean xD 

    2. AlchemistWer


      Llama llama llaaa 😅

  12. 1. Crypt Of The Necrodancer - It has a bad reputation on this site for being arguably the most difficult platinum trophy on playstation. But look past that and you'll find an extremely addicting and brilliant game. To me everything about this game is perfect, and the music.. 10/10, Danny Baranowsky did an amazing job. I couldn't recommend this game enough, just do yourself a favour and play it, even if it's on a second account if you don't want that trophy list from hell on your profile. 2. Undertale - Stupidly charming, the influence from Earthbound shines through completely. Great story, unique mechanics and gameplay and so many funny moments. The fact that one person developed the game and composed the soundtrack still blows my mind. 3. Rogue Legacy - This was the first rogue like game I ever played. I felt the concept of each life you have being a different ancestor was pretty unique, I felt there were many opportunities to experiment with different gameplay styles because of the wide range of classes to choose from. I loved every second of this game. 4. Titan Souls - Although the game was quite short this left quite a lasting impression on me because of how much I enjoyed it. Awesome game, great challenge also. 5. Super Meat Boy - Very difficult but very fair at the same time. It annoys you just enough that it makes you want to keep trying and it's very fun for that but in a weird way. Although it nearly broke me to get this platinum trophy, I loved every second of it. Honorable Mentions: Tembo The Badass Elephant Helldivers Olli Olli 2: Welcome To Olliwood Minecraft
  13. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
  14. Godzilla.. I've never even seen anyone with that on their list let alone with the platinum, fair play!