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  1. Here's what you don't need to know about SlimSanta94 aka. Slim:

    - Mad lad confirmed: 199% OP - Invaded noobs in Bloodborne 2, Dark Souls 4 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Trice

    - An Irish drummer with the skill lvl of half way to Chuck Norris playing using his toes

    - Ginger(hence the cuteness overload)

    - Never sober even if doesn't drink

    - Founder of the Necrodancer religion and also owns the only official church

    - A complete noob bcs couldn't platinum Necrodancer in just one day

    - Doomed to play Necrodancer for the rest of his days(even after platinuming it)

    - IGN scored him 11.2/10

    - Satan scored him 66.6/10

    - I scored him Cillian Murphy+Dylan Moran/10


    P.S. - Slip etc

    1. Orphioon


      Wouldn't Spooty be the founder of the Necrodancer religion, or is he the god?

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