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  1. Platinum #78: Resident Evil 3 (PS4) Game Score: 7.5/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 I was really excited for this when they announced it. I was really hoping they were going to over a 'Nemesis DLC' for Resident Evil 2, but standalone is even better. I remember getting Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for Christmas when I was a kid and really enjoyed it and was so terrified of the Nemesis. When I played the demo of this game, I was also overwhelmed by the Nemesis and super stoked for the game. So just like the original RE3, this is a short game. And yes, they did cut content. And yes, they changed some of the lore which sucked. One thing I didn't feel they did well enough was showing a cut scene of the entire outbreak much like they did in the original. They show the chaos of Raccoon City, but only a little bit. And even though I was super scared of Nemesis in the demo, when I got to the actual game part of it, he wasn't really scary at all. They did a much better job with Mr. X inducing the fear factor, in my opinion. Nemesis just felt too scripted. I wish the early rumors that Nemesis could break into save rooms were true. Oh well. There's definitely a lot more that feels like could have been done here, but it is what it is. Fortunately I had gift cards, so the final cost out-of-pocket was like $19. Is it worth $60? No, absolutely not. Get it on sale. As far as the platinum goes, it's really easy. The only 'issue' I had was doing Inferno mode. I was completely fine until the very last boss. First attempt, get all the way to the third and final power source and as I'm pushing it in.... my PS4 crashes. No big deal, but then for the next hour and a half, I just could not win. My quick dodge and roll just turned super inconsistent and I kept dying. But it eventually worked out. I know they're doing a RE4 remake, which... whatever, at least there will likely be a platinum with that one. I just really wish they'd keep things sequential and remake Code: Veronica first.
  2. I mean, they're both top-down shooters, so they're at least a "little bit" like each other technically-speaking. 🙄 Jeez, that post was from years ago. Lol.
  3. So my hard drive on my PS4 Pro corrupted and I had to format it and do the whole annoying she-bang. Since I lost all my software, my version 1.26 FFXV was no longer there. But I can attest that I followed the directions listed and was able to download version 1.26 no problem (even though it downloaded it as the most recent version 1.29 as indicated in the instructions). I have the Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition physical (version 1.00) and Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition digital, so it was a mix of using those. But yeah, still works so that's good to know.
  4. Hey I never noticed this. Way for me to respond a year and a half later. Sorry about that. But considering I didn't start the game until last month, I guess it works. So I did get the platinum for this completely solo, and admittedly, legitimate play would make some of the trophies (like the streak trophies) incredibly difficult to complete since it's an RNG. But the guide that's available is a good pathway to get it. It's a tedious grind though -- I can't say the exact hour count, but it had to of been at least 45-50 -- so it makes sense why there's so few finishers of this one.
  5. Platinum #77: Death Road to Canada (PS4) Game Score: 8/10 Platinum Difficulty: 6/10 I bought this game when it came out on 2018, but held off because it seemed like an absolute nightmare to complete 100%. And it kind of is. The guide that's available is quite helpful, although a little bit outdated and incorrect at parts. This is the type of game that really relies on save-scumming to get the more difficult trophies, as since it's an RNG type of game, there's certain trophies on this list like 10-game winning streaks that I tried to legitimately do, but wasn't able to. It makes perfect sense why less than 20 people have completed this game. Which is a shame because as far as just a fun game to sit and play, even couch co-op with your friends, this is it. If you're dedicated to the platinum, you honestly could get it within a month of playing and following the guide. But if you like games similar to Oregon Trail, but with zombies and scavenging, I'd give this a go. Highly recommended.
  6. Platinum #76: MediEvil (PS4) Game Score: 7/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 I guess a lot of people's only time with MediEvil is playing the original game's demo on the Pizza Hut Demo Disc on the original PlayStation. I still have that and never owned the original, but did beat it back in the day when you could rent video games from Hollywood Video. This game is a reskin of the original game with a few adjustments to the functionality, camera (which still could use work), and controls. It was fun to revisit this gem and play as Sir Dan again. It's an enjoyable game, but still retains a lot of the irritation and frustration from the 1998 classic. The platinum is easy, but can be a grind. After finishing all the game's tasks, you're rewarded with access to play the PSone original. Not a bad completionist prize, if I do say so myself. I hope they do a remaster of MediEvil 2.
  7. I quite enjoy the Deponia series. I'm two games in and was waiting for a sale to get the last two. If you dig point-and-click adventures with wacky characters, good humor, and a pretty decent story, I'd suggest giving them a go.
  8. Gotcha. No, I literally played the prologue back in October and haven't got back into it since. I'm gonna have to catch up on it. But I was looking and there are gaming sessions still active for the game. I'd try linking up with those chaps, as they're farther along and would make it easier on you.
  9. I only just started the game some months back. I was looking to get back into it to take care of the MP trophies. Can you do them straightaway, or do I need to get a bit further in?
  10. Gosh, I hate you. Not really. But I was just thinking to myself the other day, "They stopped with the trophies. Finally!" Nope...! Lol. Glad you're happy about it. Someone should be. 😂
  11. Platinum #75: God of War (PS4) Game Score: 9/10 Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 I took my time on getting this platinum for placement, and I just didn't really enjoy the post-game grind to be honest. Took me forever to decide to upgrade, and when I finally did, it made the Queen Valkyrie quite easy, only taking me a few attempts. This game is very good, but I'll be honest when I say that after being at the edge of my seat during the game and finishing it on my birthday last December, I just wasn't really that committed to coming back to it. After the fantastic end to the game and reveal about Atreus's lineage, I honestly just didn't care much more for after. I don't think I'm going to do a New Game+ until perhaps when they announce God of War's follow-up for the PS5. This game is great, and I'm bummed that I just got burnt out on it.
  12. No platinum is a bummer, but it actually is gonna help me a bit with my OCD. DOOM (2016) was my first platinum, and I'm going to save DOOM Eternal to be #100. And then I want to replay the classic DOOM games as a 1, 2, 3 placement (for example: DOOM (1993) as #101, DOOM II as #102, and DOOM 3 as #103). But if you finish the classics chronologically by release, DOOM 64 would be before DOOM 3 so it would just look odd in my platinum placement. Pointless, I know. But to me that's very comforting.
  13. I'm gonna get back into it. Played it for like five or six months last year, but that was a long time back. On the path to 100%, but it's an arduous task to say the least. And then there's Master Mode for the true masochist.
  14. I haven't yet. Been wanting to play that, Raw Data, and Killing Floor: Incursion. Heard they're supposed to be decent enough.
  15. You're not wrong. Interesting concept, poor execution. Almost threw one of my Move controllers out of sheer frustration. Good thing for the wrist straps. Lol.