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    An ordinary hospital doctor who also loves video games; FF, Tales, KH, Otome games, any JRPG.
    Talent: I'm fluent in Japanese, so I've played most of my games in Japanese.
    Random fact: I live in the UK but I'm from Dublin in Ireland and lived in Japan for a while as well.

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  1. My rarest is not very rare, it's the platinum trophy for FFX-2. FFX-2 is my favourite FF and I had like 11 playthroughs on the PS2 version and knew the game inside out, so this plat was a piece of cake for me and I was able to get 100% and the platinum all in one playthrough. It took me 80 hours altogether with the extra Yadonoki tower dungeon, and I got lots of iron dukes and caught all the monsters in the creature area, even got almighty shinra and the human characters like Tidus. Destroyed Shinra in Sphere Break as well in chapter 5, as I dug up all these rare coins in Bikinal desert. The most annoying trophies were completing the bestiary and the yadonoki tower trophies as it had a lot of rng.
  2. I work long hours and exercise a lot, so my gaming is usually limited to an hour or so before bed. 9:00 - 17:00 work 17:15- 19:00 gym 19:00- 20:00 dinner 20:00-21:00 surf online or study 21:00- 22:30- gaming 23:00- use my phone a bit for social media before bed Weekends I have more gaming time. Mornings are spent in the gym, and lunch afterwards around 1 or 2 pm. 14:00 to 16:00- Chores and shopping 16:00-18:00 gaming 18:30- dinner Then I usually surf online, read magazines, online shopping, study etc. 21:00-23:00- gaming
  3. I go soley by price. I compare the cost of a used physical copy vs the digital one. I play a lot of Japanese games on my vita, mostly otome games and have to buy digital for them as it's usually much cheaper to buy digital than import them. Although there were a few occasions where Solaris Japan which sells used games ended up being cheaper when I calculated it including shipping, in which case I went for physical. I also buy digital in sales, as some of the discounts are really good, especially around New Years and Black Friday. I personally prefer digital over physical in general, but my main goal is to choose the cheapest option, wait for flash sales and price drops. I don't buy full price digital games though, as they are very expensive. All my digital games were bought in sales
  4. I think trophy hunting will still be there, it has been around years and I don't see why they would remove it. I think there could be some new features in the future and I think trophies for games are getting generally easier, but the concept of trophy hunting will likely remain the same.
  5. Yeah ToS killed me too, needing 5 playthroughs is way too much and the game didn't exactly win in the graphics and battle system department so it was hard to get motivated. Also I don't get why they didn't have a scene skip option
  6. FFX's Chocobo trainer trophy is pretty tough to get a time of 00:00. FF9's jump rope trophy is also very hard
  7. Tales of Symphonia as it takes so long and requires 5 playthroughs Tales of Zestiria: I never understood any of the skill sheet stuff to get those trophies, and the game was really boring so I couldn't be bothered with post game let alone the plat. FFX: I could never manage the mini games, and all the grinding needed for the plat would easily take 200 hours for the plat. Disgaea 4: This is the longest plat game I have, I just don't have it in me to grind relentlessly for 300+ hours to get the plat in this
  8. A gaming achievement would look out of place on mine but my proudest platinum is Tales of Vesperia. However, as my job is a doctor, if I could get the plat in Surgeon Simulator I'm sure that would be a star on my CV!
  9. Before starting a game, read the trophy guides and beware of games that are above a 7/10 difficulty like FF8 and Crash Team racing which are 8/10, or take hundereds of hours (like Disgaea, Yakuza, MGS Survive etc), as these can be demotivating if your aiming for a 100% profile. Also, needing to put a lot of time and effort into one game makes blogging more difficult where it's more interesting to readers to have many different games. Games like KH3, FF15, Spyro, Nier Automata etc. you can guarantee platinum trophies, they're fun games and they aren't exactly cheap/easy games like VNs. Persona 5 is also a low difficulty but does take quite a while, as is FF12. Good luck on your profile though!
  10. So far I just like Crash Team Racing, Kingdom hearts 3, Jump Force and Spyro released this year. In the later part of this year, games that will likely enter my list are FF8 Remaster, Code Vein and although not playstation, Harvest moon mineral town remake.
  11. Excellent interview! Good luck with your career, it's great to be able to balance both trophy hunting and career
  12. Yeah I just kind of gradually drifted away from and and all my colleagues and friends all text in normal English. I can't pinpoint when exactly the transition from text to proper English was, but it was probably around the end of uni for me (which was when I was 25!)
  13. Code Realize and Nil Admirai
  14. Shin Megami Tensei series (nintendo)- looks very interesting and fun RPGs Harvest Moon series (Nintendo): I love these games, they are so chill and would make a great vita port. Xenoblade chronicles (nintendo): This game is fantastic, it would look amazing on the ps4
  15. Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1, I struggled and never won on normal difficulty and can't imagine how he would be on proud or critical modes. Spiral draco in Tales of Vesperia on difficulties higher than normal. I struggled on easy and normal with all my characters level 200 and having the hidden weapons, so this boss on chaos mode must be almost impossible without some special strategy and skill. Not next to impossible, but Penance in FFX was really hard and needs so much grinding and preparation beforehand with maxing stats and getting ultimate weapons, which are hard to get with those annoyingly tough mini games. The Yojimbo method is probably the best way but still needs a lot of gil. Trema and Chac in FFX-2 remasters's Via infinito: I beat these two as I had mastered all the dresspheres but they were really difficult, especially with the cat nip trick no longer usable.