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    An ordinary hospital doctor who also loves video games; FF, Tales, KH, Otome games, any JRPG.
    Talent: I'm fluent in Japanese, so I've played most of my games in Japanese.
    Random fact: I live in the UK but I'm from Dublin in Ireland and lived in Japan for a while as well.

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  1. Code Realize and Nil Admirai
  2. Shin Megami Tensei series (nintendo)- looks very interesting and fun RPGs Harvest Moon series (Nintendo): I love these games, they are so chill and would make a great vita port. Xenoblade chronicles (nintendo): This game is fantastic, it would look amazing on the ps4
  3. Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1, I struggled and never won on normal difficulty and can't imagine how he would be on proud or critical modes. Spiral draco in Tales of Vesperia on difficulties higher than normal. I struggled on easy and normal with all my characters level 200 and having the hidden weapons, so this boss on chaos mode must be almost impossible without some special strategy and skill. Not next to impossible, but Penance in FFX was really hard and needs so much grinding and preparation beforehand with maxing stats and getting ultimate weapons, which are hard to get with those annoyingly tough mini games. The Yojimbo method is probably the best way but still needs a lot of gil. Trema and Chac in FFX-2 remasters's Via infinito: I beat these two as I had mastered all the dresspheres but they were really difficult, especially with the cat nip trick no longer usable.
  4. I find it hard to keep motivated by long, difficult or boring games. I find games that are either easy or moderate, nmo more than a 7/10 difficulty and estimated plat completion time of less than 100 hours a lot easier to stay motivated. I can never motivate myself for a game like Persona 5 or Disgaea, as just looking at the trophy guide puts me off even starting the game. Being selective about games and playing short easy plats in between the longer harder ones helps keeping motivation up, as playing a single game for ages without any trophies or plats can demotivate you. If you have an easy game in the background to play here and there, at least you're still earning trophies and plats whilst tackling the harder longer games.
  5. When I was teenager I was terrible for writing properly. I would write in pure text speak, and make posts on social media with intermittent capital and small letters, like "FiNalLY FinISHed eXams".... terrible I know. Looking back now, I cringe and delete those posts. All my messages were along the lines of "wat u up 2?" and littered with typos etc. as a teen As I reached my 20's and now 27, I am all for proper spelling and grammar, and wince when I see texts from my mum saying "c u seen". I also hate it when people start a sentence with a small letter instead of a capital letter and I don't know why it bugs me.
  6. At least Sony is a bit more lenient than Nintendo and all the censoring that's come to nicknaming Pokemon. The name you suggested seems ok though, it's a bit odd that it's seen as offensive. Did you try an underscore in between the two words to see if that works?
  7. I will never be able to understand the American love for guns, as all they're really for is killing people, or if it's your thing birds. I live in the UK and guns are just not a thing here, and it's the same in many European countries. I just don't see the point in selling them to the general public at all, forget who sells them whether it's a gun warehouse or walmart
  8. I have two accounts, but only use this one regardless of trophies. I don't see the point in using a dummy account as personally I don't care about my completion percentage. I just platinum games I want to platinum and play games for fun that I don't intend to on this one account. I can understand the logic behind a dummy account for completionists, but personally I wouldn't make one. My previous account was from the region Ireland which I lived in before when I first got my PS3 in 2010 but no longer live there, so had created this one in 2013 as my main account for all my games now. It has 4 plats on it but I haven't logged into it in years.
  9. Mine is FFX, the mini games are tough, and the grinding in this game is insane. I can't be bothered with that chocobo game, dodging lightning bolts or playing blitzball. Also to max stats takes an insane amount of time grinding in the arena
  10. I always wait due to my massive backlog and tighter wallet. I never used to wait for games like FF and Pokemon as a kid, as it was my parents that bought them. But now as a working adult with not much time to game which has led to a big backlog, bills to pay and other random things like petrol and tax (that I didn't have as a kid with no responsibilities, and also having to fork out cash from my own bank account), gone are my days of buying collectors ed and day one releases, and now waiting for price drops and buying used games have become the norm for me. I realised that it was pointless paying full price now. I actually feel so good when I bag a bargain game, it's like an adrenaline rush compared to guilt feeling of blowing away cash on a full price one.
  11. Mine was the FFXIII trilogy by far. I really loved those games and admire Lightning. Lightning Returns was my favourite of the three.
  12. What was your favourite Yakuza game and why? Who is your favourite Steins Gate character and why?
  13. $50 dollars for 300 hours is certainly not worth it at all, it's such a small amount of money in relation to the work involved. It's a waste of time and effort, when you can be working on your own games to platinum. I would just ignore and block the person
  14. For me there's two characters. Yuna, Rikku and Paine from my childhood days, I first played FFX when I was 11 and then FFX-2, which I played 11 times over as I loved the game so much. The YRP were my favourite, and I thought they were so cool growing up. I always loved their costumes as well, especially Rikku's Black mage, Yuna's Mascot and Songstress, and Paines Lady luck. Lightning is the one for my adult me. FF13 was my first PS3 game in 2010 and I really loved the 13 series. I played and platinum all three games twice (both Eng and Japanese versions), and had the collectors eds with the guide books for all three. I admired and looked up to Lightning the way she was strong both physically and mentally, was the rescuer and not the damsal in distress as most female characters seem to end up as. I also loved her hair style, I must have taken her photo to the hair salon dozens of times.
  15. Disgaea 4- pimp my ship trophy- The pirate ship pieces involve a lot of RNG