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  1. I agree with you for the most part, as I prefer to play on my own so multiplayer and online trophies are a no go for me, i don't even buy games with those types of trophies. If I want to play them, I would play them on a seperate account or look to see if they have a Switch version. Trophies have definitely influenced my purchasing of games and I know I have avoided playing certain games only because of the trophies, which is a more recent thing in the past few years. I didn't care in my first few years of gaming which I regret as because of that I have games on my profile I can never platinum like Tales of Symphonia and Disgaea D2. I would have never bought those games if it were me now, as when I got into trophies I started to be very selective with games and only play games that I know for sure I can platinum. So that way I think to some extent trophy hunting can take the fun out of it if you care too much about it, or worry about completion percentage to the point that you avoid certain games. I remember wanting to play the new story of seasons and rune factory games, but their trophies are 100+ hours of.... farming and stuff. I enjoyed these games on switch but usually stopped playing them once my character got married and had a kid, but that doesn't cut it for the platinum so if I were to buy them, I'd get the switch one.
  2. I always found the disgaea games to have some good humour. Also Tales series have good humour in their skits
  3. My top 5 according to trophy advisor are all from Tales of Symphonia, a great pain in the butt platinum where I just completed the story and gave up on the plat after looking at the trophy guide, and also discovering that you need to play the game 5 times with no scene skip option: Tales of Symphonia master (platinum)- 5.68% Kendama master (get all of genius titles) 6/11% Completed the collectors book- 6.16% Get all Regals titles and all Preseas titles- both 6.34% Get all Sheena's titles 6.46% There are like 5 other Symphonia trophies after these, and finally a different game, the Tales of Zestiria Platinum at 6.69%. Tales trophies are very grindy anyway, especially Zestiria and Symphonia
  4. My account is Japan as well and Sony Japan have never really been helpful. I remember I bought a PSN network card for 10,000 yen from SEAGM which ended up being a used code. I complained to Seagm and they said they would contact their supplier, who bullshitted with "PSN is down/under maintenance, the code is valid contact sony of further issues...", when PSN was totally fine, they lied through their teeth and tried to fob me off. I contacted Sony Japan on their line app and after them asking 10 million security questions, they tried to log the code on my account for me and checked it themselves, and informed me that it was used, and they will get back to me. I screenshotted all the chat and sent more complaint emails to SEAGM with Sony's proof that it was used and after much trouble, they issued me a new valid code. If you buy JP codes online, don't use SEAGM. They are so rubbish. Sometimes the codes work and other times they don't/are used, and it's a right pain if you are unlucky to be sold a used or invalid code as they don't seem to care unless you contact sony.
  5. That’s good you got your money back. Yeah I never had issues with Seagm before so was pretty shocked and panicked when they fobbed me off. I will never buy from them again after that incident
  6. I had this with a Japanese PSN card on this site called Seagm, and when I contacted them they denied it and said that PSN was down or whatever when it wasn't, and told me to contact Sony Japan, basically fobbed me off. I contacted Sony Japan, they asked a bucket load of security questions including getting me list out the serial numbers of all my recent downloads and purchases on my account, before addressing the issue. They checked the card code for me and tried to log in from their end, and confirmed it was used. So I screenshotted all their messages and made a complaint to Seagm, showing proof from Sony that they sold me a used card, and they supplied me a new working code. The whole process took a few days as Seagm were slow, but I bothered them every day about it, demanding a replacement as it was a 10,000 yen code so not cheap. Definitely contact sony, obtain proof that it is used and then send the proof to G2A, and demand that they give you a valid card. Sony will unlikely reimburse your card as it was not purchased from them directly, they may do but if they don't, the correspondence from them would help complain to the site you bought it from.
  7. True, my grandparents were the traditional model where the men work, the wives (my grandmothers) did not even have education. They just got married into housewife life. My parents and my aunts/uncles all went to uni, became mostly doctors and are all the whole nuclear family thing, and also all live in different countries (US, Canada, UK, Aus), so things indeed changed a lot. My dad was also the cook of our house as he loved it, which would be an unthinkable thing in my grandparents generation where the women did everything. I remember good old myspace, and also before gaming was as big as it is now, I used to be obsessed with this site called Neopets which introduced me to the world of html and coding. Yeah it more is challenging but I personally think it's a good thing when patients challenge me, ask questions and try to take more responsibility rather than just saying "whatever you say doc"... especially with so many more options these days and I feel like the younger generation take more responsibility for themselves that way, and are more educated with things rather than relying on someone else to tell them literally everything even common sense stuff. I find boomers to be more dependent overall, which feels like a weight on the shoulders. I also notice that I get annoyed whenever my mum asks a question that can easily be googled, but instead of doing that she asks me instead. I keep telling her to just look stuff up on her phone, but she continues to ask anyway and ends up never looking it up, so I end up looking it up and telling her what google says.
  8. My parents were born in the 1960's, so yeah probably gen x as my dad used to be really good with tech and often helped me sort stuff out with computers and things. He's got dementia now so he forgets everything you tell him after a few mins. My mum is just a casual user trying to keep up with the younger crowd, she just stalks me and my brother on instagram but never posts or comments anything herself so her profiles are totally blank, she knows the basics of scrolling through the feeds and using Whatsapp. My grandparents didn't know anything about tech and barely knew how to use the phone. All but one has passed away and she was always looked after by my aunt as she has tons of medical problems. I never really interacted with them though as they lived in a different country to me. My colleagues are mostly younger, the senior doctors all have small primary school kids so they would be in their mid 30s to 40s I suspect, I don't think anyone is a Boomer at my workplace. I think because we work with IT all the time these days, needing tech assistance would make it difficult
  9. I just use the ones with maps and bullet points on key events. I don't like long paragraphs like many of the ones on game faqs.
  10. The story and characters, that's why I like JRPGs the best. They are always great with that.
  11. You won't be in trouble, after all people move country and Sony does not let you change your region even for that. I've lived in three different countries (Ireland, Japan and now UK), and my PSN is Japanese as I mostly play games in Japanese, never got in trouble even after moving away and that was like 10 years ago. I used to have an Irish account as well which i suppose is EU since 2010 despite never using it, it's still there.
  12. FFXIII- Treasure Hunter- Involves getting all items, and as with these there's always going to be a some with a 0.1% drop or something. I spend hours trying to farm trapezohedrons to make the 3rd tier weapons, I got frustrated and ended up only getting 2 I think, and made weapons and dismantled them to reuse to make the other weapons. I also dismantled genji gloves, so only Lightning and Hope had their 3rd tier weapons in the end. Tales of Vesperia- 100% in...... everything.... all items/weapons for collectors book, all titles, all monsters... and many many missables. This took 120 hours total to get the platinum. I remember there were some missable enemies and also two swords that could only be stolen from Gauche and Droite, and if you failed to steal at least one (as you can make the other from one) you needed another playthrough. Tales of Berseria, open all Katz chests. The amount of hours needed to be spent farming Katz spirits is insane. It was good that there was a farming method although it was RNG based and took a long time, plus it was extremely boring. FF12 TZA- Complete the Bestiary- not exactly hard but some of the monsters had such specific requirements to spawn so it was time consuming. It was easier than the above mentioned, but one trophy I remember taking ages to do. Persona 4 Golden- Read all books. There was one particular book that needed hours of farming. You needed to complete a quest and the items needed were from such a rare monster that hardly showed up, I remember spending a good few hours at this.
  13. I found Persona 5 Royal very easy, you can get the platinum easily as well since they made the trophies so easy compared to the the vanilla game. As for difficulty, I played on normal and found it easy for a JRPG, especially when you compare it to normal difficulty on games like Kingdom Hearts and FF. However, the solution to finding it too easy is to simply just raise the difficulty level.... Safety mode is basically some kind of god mode, made for people who just want to focus on the story and social side of persona rather than spending time with battles and crafting good personas. I like both so that's why I just played on normal, I think Persona games do need a lot of planning though, if not a walkthrough to max all the social links due to the way the timing in the game is. I did find the battle against Lavenza really hard though, the twins are also not easy. Although there are no trophies for these like the vanilla game, they are the main challenge that the game offers.
  14. I never tried this, I don't think it's worth the risk or effort. It's just a game and it's not like trophies give you money or anything to warrant such desperate measures. If I get stuck on a game or trophy/trophies, I usually just leave it if I fail to get it after multiple tries and move on in the game or onto another game. You can technically increase your completion percentage anyway by platinuming more games, although it probably takes longer than going back to previous games
  15. Interesting post, although not all older people are bad. I'm from the UK and am a millennial of the born in the 90's, but I never actually noticed what boomers, but looking it up it's the elderly, like my parents generation. I don't have any opinions myself, boomers in the UK seem like regular old people to me, who may not know what a smartphone even is and yeah they do stick to old fashioned cable tv, a traditional radio instead of an Alexa or something. I was never bothered by them though and they are often friendly and polite to me, although the UK is a very conservative population that favours being polite, indirect and having good manners (and also lots of sarcasm) I work as a doctor so jobs and money were never an issue for me as there was always work if not too much work available to the point that agencies always annoy me with their phone calls to do extra shifts, so boomers never affected me career wise. Also, 90% of patients outside childrens and pregnant women are old, from the boomer generation so I deal with them most. I do see a stark difference between them and gen x/millenials patients though. For me, boomers seem more friendly, agreeable to what you say, ask very little if any questions, and apologise for bothering or saying they don't like to take up a doctors time. While younger generations especially the gen Z crowd for me anyway, are more often more demanding, come in armed with "dr google" and ask millions of questions... so very harder to deal please I suppose. As a millenial myself, I would be guilty of doing the same so I can't complain. It's interesting to see the differences between generations, but I don't think it's fair to hate on a particular one