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  1. I loved the XIII Trilogy and Lightning on PS3, it's been ages since I played those and would love to see them on PS4. Cross save like they did with FFX/X-2 would also be good! Great choice! I very much agree with the FF8. I never got a chance to play any of the PS1 FF games and FF8 looks amazing. I tried playing FF7 but the game felt too dated so I just decided to wait for the remake instead. Almost all the games I wanted have actually already been/will be remastered (mainly FF12, Crash Bandicoot, FFX/X-2 and the KH series, Spyro, possibly Crash Team Racing.. all games which sucked my childhood social life dry). Okami, FF Type 0, Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid are a few others, the game industry seems to be ahead of my brain. However, my remaining list of PS4 Remasters that I would love to see are: PS3 FFXIII Trilogy Tales of Vesperia Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Rune Factory Oceans PS2 Tales of Destiny, Destiny 2, the Abyss, Legendia and Rebirth Disgaea Hour of Darkness and D2 as a combo set DDR Extreme series as a set PS1 Tales of Eternia and Phantasia FFVIII FFIV PSP/DS/other FF12 Revenant Wings (with a better battle system, perhaps the same gambit style as XII) FF Tactics, FF Tactics Advanced, Tactics A2 and War of Lions.... any Tactics game please! A Harvest Moon game... my guilty pleasure. I'd like Island of Happiness or Sunshine Island. Chrono Trigger
  2. I judge mostly by difficulty/rarity of platinum trophies: If the person has a lot of difficult/rare platinums from games with 8 or 9/10 difficulty e.g. FF9, Disgaea 4, Street Fighter, Surgeon Simulator (I feel like asking my dad to plat this for me as he's a surgeon 😅), Stardew Valley etc. Collection from a certain series: I admire those who have a nice platinum collection from a series, in particular KH, FF, Tales, Disgaea, Yakuza, Metal Gear Solid. Those who have all the Kingdom Hearts Platinums are considered good to me, no matter what. FFX is another that I love to see. Platinums from games that require skill/ dexterity/ practice as opposed to duration: Examples like Crash Bandicoot, Street Fighter, Taiko Master etc. that need skill as opposed to just grinding/ leveling. No. of trophies or platinums do not matter, as you can easily get a bunch of easy ones. For me it's quality over quantity.
  3. 1. English and Japanese 2. English and Japanese. I love Japan and Japanese games, books, dramas etc., and English is an obvious choice due to it being the global language. However, if I were to pick two different languages excluding these two as I already speak them fluently, I would choose German (developed rich country, great for healthcare and working as a doctor with lots of medical advances and research), and maybe Spanish as it's the 2nd most spoken language after mandarin.
  4. It would be important for me. I hate the idea of having a pile of consoles in front of my TV for different games, it's really annoying and just creates clutter and takes up space. If it's not backward compatible iwth discs, I would love it to at least allow Downloadable games to be played. I have lots of downloaded PS4 games and free plus games, so it would be super amazing to be able to access and play those normally on the PS4 (along with data via cloud on plus) seamlessly instead of having some some ridiculous ps now type service. They should start being more "for the players", instead of always for themselves and money. It couldn't be too technologically difficult to allow DL games to be played. I have such a PS Plus backlog!
  5. I did it before for similar reasons. I had an old account lava_princeton, which had 4 pretty time consuming platinums: FFXIII, XIII-2, Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces. I just redid the platinums on this account as I loved those games anyway and did not mind doing them again. Maybe FF13 was a bit of a pain, but it was easier platinuming games the second time as you already know the roadmap, missables, things to look out for. You can also skip all the scenes and power through, so it's not actually that bad. I still have that old account but haven't logged into in months.
  6. I used my real name as the first bit (Lava) and Yuki is a nickname I used when I lived in Japan. Also, Yuki was the name of my favourite Character in the very first manga I ever read back when I was 12, Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket. My other side PSN account is lava_princeton. The Princeton bit was taken from Chazz Princeton in Yugioh as he was my favourite YuGiOh GX character. My tips on choosing usernames in general: Do not use numbers, or at least try and avoid it. If your user name is 2+ words, use an underscore instead of joining the words up into one word. Or otherwise capital the first letter of each word I tend to use my real first name, an underscore and then the name of a favourite character from a game/anime/manga/Pokemon etc. If already taken, I tend to add x or underscores, like x_lava_x. Choosing a key word from your favourite movie/ book/ other media is another thing and attaching it your name or another word. I Slytherin in a username once as I liked Harry Potter. Can't think of much other tips really. I like going for the names of favourite characters in general.
  7. Mine is black. It's been black since i was a teenager as I was a punk type who always wore black with chains, check skirts and dressed pretty much like Avril Lavigne around the time of skater boy when I was growing up. Now in my 20's I just wear normal clothes, but with a strong preference and tendency to buy black dresses, skirts, black skinny jeans etc. and favour dark colours overall. My bedroom in my parents house had black painted walls which I picked out, and a black victorian style bed and draped curtains. I've moved out of there over 10 years ago, but my parents still kept my gothic room as it was. Another colour I like is Green for two reasons. 1. I am Irish (although I now live in the UK), and also I'm a Harry Potter fan and proud Slytherin. Pokemon Emerald was one of my favourites and one of the only Pokemon games that I completed the universal pokedex, and Emerald is my favourite gemstone followed by Ruby. I have a tendency to envy others as well, not so much now but as a teen I was pretty green eyed. I wear prescription green colour contacts as I find my brown eyes to be boring.
  8. As a fellow FF fan, I hope you enjoy the platinum hunt! I have a couple of FF platinums which I can give some info about regarding difficulty and time taken: FFXII TZA: Took me 90 hours and I'd give it a 5/10 difficulty. It was very fun to play, nothing grindy like X or XIII, although the bosses are tough and the Great Crystal is annoying. No missables really, so it's pretty chill. Completing the bestiary is easier once you go through trial mode as many monsters can be logged from there. I used Fuzzfingers video guide for the Great Crystal to get all the items and the paths to the bosses as it's too easy to get lost in there and save time. About jobs, there are so many recommendations online. I went with Shikari/Foebreaker for Fran, Shikari/Bushi for Vaan, bushi/knight for Basch, time mage/knight for penelo, White mage/machinist for balthier and Black Mage/Monk for Ashe. XIII: 137 hours on normal mode the first time I did it on my old account, 75 hours on this account on the JP edition due to easy mode being added in. 4/10 difficulty. Fairly long, horribly grindy on normal mode farming turtles but super easy on easy mode. Not sure if easy mode is available on the EU or US version though. You can bypass the farming by just getting one trapezohedron to upgrade one of Fang or Vanilles third tier weapons and dismantling all your Genji gloves, but you will end up not having any tier three weapons. Thats what I did the second time as I realised there is no use for Tier three weapons, since the Treasure hunter was my last trophy and this game has no NG+ or extra content. FFX: I couldn't get this plat but my brother did, taking 150 hours. The missable is the al bhed primers. Otherwise, lots of grinding for the sphere grid and also mini games and RNG with the chocobo trainer race. It's a long platinum and needs a lot of patients, but my brother said it wasn't too hard. I chose the expert sphere grid as I had picked that in the PS2 version (I had the PAL version), and got through the story very easily as I had Yuna learn all the black magics early one so she blasted Seymour away. It does have less nodes though, but it's quicker in terms of the platinum and great if you prefer to choose what jobs your characters do. I had Tidus on Auron's grid and Yuna on Lulu's, and made Lulu a healer initially instead. X-2: 80 hours and 7/10 difficulty, I had 11 runs on the ps2 one so I'm pretty much an expert on this game and got the plat and 100% in one playthrough. There is luck involved with the international section, but with the main story it's best just follow a 100% guide if you plan on playing this game. I can advise you on anything about X-2 if you like. FFXIII-2, Lightning Returns and XV were all super easy. 50 hours each and all 3/10 difficulty in my opinion. XV was by far the easiest platinum for an rpg i have ever done. Nothing much for tips, but for LR True Achievements has a fantastic step by step walkthrough which gets you the plat in one playthrough which I highly recommend. For XIII-2, be careful when developing the crystarium as it is different and you can end up ruining your characters stats if you go about it randomly. There is a detailed guide on game faqs that literally tells you exactly what to do step by step, but as a rough guide use the large nodes for magic for Serah and strength for Noel. Sab and Syn depend on whether it is an odd or even number node as to whether they increase strength or magic, and medic on only small nodes as it's only hp. I had to restart my playthrough because I did it randomly at first and only realised about 3 hours in, but it's better to focus one character on strength and the other on magic and optimise the crystarium otherwise the colosseum bosses become very very difficult. FF Type 0: I only played the PSP version and personally found this to be the hardest FF I have ever played so far. On normal mode it can be very challenging with on hit kills and 15 characters to level up, so the only advice I can give is to level up a few characters as opposed to focussing on only 2 or 3, and also the battle system is action so mastering the technique is another. I couldn't follow the story, it was more complicated than XIII so I just played the game for it's gameplay and also because it's an FF. It is a short platinum though, like 30 hours or so. As for other FFs, I know World of FF is easy but long and grindy, and XI is very difficult platinum-wise. I haven't played them but have researched them as I plan on getting them in the future.
  9. I have a tendency to not buy or avoid games with super long/ hard trophies. However, I still buy the game if it is from a series I'm like or am a fan off, for example: I bought Tales of Zestiria, Symphonia, and got Disgaea 4 and 5 both free via PS Plus as I like these series despite their difficult/ time consuming trophies. I just bought them for the fun. FFX is another, being an FF fan and FFX being my first FF games as a kid, I couldn't miss it just because of trophies. However, games I avoided because of the trophies include Yakuza series, World of FF, and Metal Gear Solid. I'm not a fan of any of these so although the reviews were not bad, I couldn't be sure if I'd enjoy them or not, and wouldn't want to be stuck with a game that I both don't like and is only partially completed trophy-wise.
  10. iphone 6s
  11. Yes, I have a couple of rubbish games that I got in sales, tried and didn't like much but are now stuck on my trophy list which I'd like to ideally delete. Oh well
  12. 1. Tales of Vesperia 2. Final Fantasy X-2 3. Tales of Xillia 2 4. FFXIII 5. FFXII TZA
  13. Trophies I like: 1. Side quest related trophies (e.g. Tales of Xillia, FFXV, Lightning Returns) 2. Trophies that involve doing something different (e.g. Tales of Vesperia's touching all save points, secret missions in boss fights etc., FFX-2 Tonberry treasure) 3. Goal specific trophies e.g. defeat a certain number of enemies (Tales series, FFXII), collect all recipes in Tales, steal items a certain no. of times, earn x amount of money, max out levels etc. 4. Exploration related: such as completing maps, opening a certain % of chests. 5. Relationship trophies: Persona's commu links, Tales of Symphonia and Innocence R's affection levels, otome games overall 6. Completing a certain challenge: Trial mode in FFXII, beating superbosses or obtaining summons in FF games, obtain a specific item (e.g. Trophies I hate: 1. Excess pointless button smashing grinding: e.g. Tales of Xillia and Xillia 2 making you use all characters passive skills 450 times per character each... totally pointless and waste of time. 2. Online trophies: I'm a 100% offline player, I hate having to rely on servers. 3. Multiplayer trophies: I'm a loner type of gamer who prefers single player without having to boost. 4. Waste of time trophies: Wear black rabbit ears for 5 hours in Tales of Vesperia, reach 100 hour play time 5. RNG trophies: Like the slot machine fragment in FFXIII-2, Chocobo race in FFX, mini games for mirages in World of FF. 6. Difficulty related trophies 7. Time Attack Trophies Trophies that I'm kind of ok with depending on how long they take are collectibles like getting all items, completing the bestiary, opening all chests etc. The bestiary completion was pretty ok in FFX-2, XII and XIII-2, but it was a real pain in Tales of Vesperia. As for item collection, it was horrible in Tales of Vesperia but the fragment collection in FFXIII-2 and only having to get 80-90% of items in Tales of Graces and Xillia was ok.
  14. To me it would be trophies for games that you only buy for the trophy, like Hannah Montana as opposed to actually enjoying the game. I don't see easy trophies as junk if you enjoy the game though. For example Danganronpa is a VN, long but not difficult and many people see VNs and otome games as junk trophies. I disagree, as personally I love Otome and VN games to take a break between RPGs, and the trophies are a nice bonus but not junk as I bought the game to enjoy it.
  15. For overall game design, scenery/ environment and atmosphere, FFXII would be my top one. I really like the lively atmosphere and variety of towns and cities, and it had some interesting places. Tales of Xillia and Nier Automata are two others, very beautiful for scenery design. I also really liked Nier Automata's character design with the gothic dress, white hair and blind folds. For characters, I liked FFXIII series. I really loved Lightning's design and found that the other characters like Hope, Serah, Vanille and Fang were well done as well. The clothing designs for Lightning Returns were my most favourite. The Disgaea games have quite a cool quirky design, as do many of Nippon Ichi's games.