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  1. It depends on how bad the game is. I usually try to finish the story at least, but for games that I really hated and could not stand to spend even a second more, I just drop and sell them. So far, Hatsune Miku Diva F, Sherlock Holmes a devils daughter and Tales of Symphonia DOTW are games I hated too much to continue more than the first 2 or so hours. I think it's ok to do so, as there's no point in wasting time and forcing yourself to play a game you do not like. Gaming is supposed to be fun, not a chore. Tales of Zesteria was a game I pushed through to complete the story. I hated the game, but am a fan of Tales so I just played until the end of the story and that's it, but it was only because I like the series as a whole but hated this particular instalment.
  2. I live alone in an Apartment and game on my PS4 in my living/dining room where the TV and couch are, but I sit on a bean bag with the coffee table and my laptop right next to me (for walkthroughs etc. Location: Living room on my bean bag. For handhelds, I play in my bed. Clothing: Pyjamas or gym wear Friends or solo play: 100% solo. I hate playing with others in any sort of form. PSN Messages? I never use this and take days to reply as I never check or forget to access it. Whatsapp and Facebook are my go-to's for messaging as none of my friends are no more than casual gamers. Also, they all use Whatsapp anyway. Grind or sail through story? For my favourite RPGs, grind to the platinum! (e.g. FF, Tales). For otome and VNs, I do everything and see all the scenes to also get the plat. But for difficult or time consuming plats that I know I will never be able to get (Disgaea 4, Tales of Symphonia, FFX), just sail through the story. Snacks: None Beverages: I only drink black coffee, herbal tea or water.
  3. There are quite a few depending on what you like and consider a good game. (All used prices rounded off) PS4 FFX/X-2 remaster: £12-15 on ps4 FFXII TZA: £10 Yakuza 0: £20 Okami HD: ~£15 Atelier Firis and Atelier Sophie: £15 each FFXV: £6-8 Life is Strange: £12 Almost all PS3 games are cheap now, especially if you are getting them used. Persona 4 Golden on the vita is about £16
  4. I usually don't sell consoles either, just my Nintendo ones in that I traded in each DS when the new one was released. But I still have my PS1, PS2 and PSP😅 But yeah the smartphone game market is huge, with full games like many of FF games, World ends with you etc. now on it. It died pretty quick though. It was a huge thing when the Wii fit came out with everyone from moms to nursing homes having it, but after the trend died the Wii quickly dissolved. The Wii U was not very popular (I didn't really acknowledge it's existence tbh), and all this happened whilst the PS3 and Xbox were still reigning strong along with the DS/3DS. That sounds highly likely, just like they did with the various DS models like the 2DS, regular and then XL versions.
  5. I haven't touched my 3DS is over a year so will sell it I think. I had it mainly for the Pokemon games but gave them up after ORAS as Sun/moon and beyond lost my interest altogether in the Pokemon games, mostly because it's become too complex and all over the place. I don't have a 3DS blacklog. My main Nintendo favourites were the Harvest moon games, rune factory, the KH spin offs which are all on PS4 anyway and Pokemon. The 3DS doesn't seem to be getting any new releases as everything seem to be either the Switch or PS4/ Xbox. Looks like it. I think Pokemon was a big game for the DS's and the only reason I played Nintendo handhelds growing up. No new notable 3DS releases with all the focus being on the Switch these days seems like it's going to end up like the Vita. I think Nintendo were more successful with their handhelds in general compared to their home consoles, with the Wii being overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft, but the GBA and DS series winning over the psp and vita. The combination was an interesting one, but I can somewhat see the approaching death of the Wii and 3DS since all the new releases seem to be on the Switch.
  6. I know this sounds like a silly question but since the Switch seems to sit between the portable and home console genre, and with the 3DS still selling on the market, is the Switch replacing the 3DS or the Wii? I own a 3DS XL at the moment. If I were to say sell and “upgrade it”, I’m guessing that would be to the Switch instead of expecting a new DS console? What does everyone think? Also how are you finding the Switch and is selling my 3DS to get it worth doing? ive never used a Nintendo home console, just their handhelds as Ive been pretty much a Sony person since the ps1 and currently game mostly in my PS4 and Vita.
  7. I don’t have any studios I hate, but I do have studios whose games I think are rubbish or make bad games overall, namely EA. Biased but I hate sports and football games. As for Konami, I personally loved their DDR games (and to be honest was a member of Konami gyms in Japan), but haven’t played many of their other games to hate them. Naughty Dog was great in the Ps1 days, but all their Crash Bandicoot Ps2 games kind of sucked to be honest. The remake was good, would have been better if they didn’t multiple the difficulty by a hundred. But overall, I have more studios that I like than dislike.
  8. FF type 0 is a pretty short and not too difficult platinum. Amoung others I know I am Setsuna, Atelier Sophie, Nier Automata (30 hours if you just do the story and use the trophy shop, 60 hours if you don’t use the trophy shop). FFXV is about 50 hours but is very easy to platinum. Ys VIII and Odin Sphere are also highly rated JRPGs both of moderate length.
  9. I'm far from a 100% profile, as there's many games I like and play that also happened to have long/ difficult/ time consuming platinums that I'm either not able to get or don't have the time and patience, especially with so many new releases it's hard these days to pour 150 odd hours into just once game. Games like the Disgaea games and FFX have indeed lowered my % since they are such time consuming and grindy plats, but I can't resist playing them since I really like them and don't want to just avoid games like that just because of the trophy list. Same with games like Star Ocean, FF9, Yakuza series etc. great games but tough plats. It would be a pity to avoid certain games for the sake of completion %. Although one way to get around it is to create a separate "junk" PSN account specifically for games you intend on just playing for fun and not getting the plat, reserving your main account for platinums only.
  10. I don't. I like to get trophies and hunt platinums in games that I enjoy, are of reasonable duration (<150 hours)/ difficulty (usually 7/10 or less). But I don't get bothered if I don't get the platinum in a long or difficult one like Disgaea 4 or Yakuza, were I'd just play the story and leave it at that. I have a few games I did not plat like Hatsune Miku and Sherlock Holmes as I did not like the games so ended up trading them in after a few hours of play, not even completing the story. But in life in general, I am quite laid back and usually just do the bare minimum plus/minus a few extras if it helps in any way and if I have time, but usually I don't bother if something is not necessary or if I don't get anything out of it. For games, I would not do anything that is not required for the trophies. (e.g. if a game says complete 80% of the item catalog, I'll get to just 80% and won't bother with the last 20%). Same with mini games, if there's no trophy I ignore them. I'm only completionist in games I really like, such as FF games and Tales where I feel a compulsion to get the platinum which I for some reason don't have with any other series. It's just these two series that I can get quite OCD about in terms of trophies
  11. Lack of Trophy support or any kind of similar achievements is the reason I avoid Nintendo altogether. I just feel that it's a waste of time putting time and effort into their games when there's no reward in the end. I much prefer to enjoy games and get the bonus satisfaction of trophies on Sony than put the same effort but get nothing via Nintendo. So I never buy or play Nintendo consoles.
  12. I keep my surname a secret but my first name Lava is my real name. Yuki is mi nickname that all my friends in Japan called me when I used to live there (and they still do), so I use Lava Yuki for everything. I live in the UK now, and fraud is huge. I've had two colleagues that got their identities stolen and bank accounts drained, so they had to cancel all cards, close accounts and redo everything from ground up: reopening accounts, setting up all the utility bills, phone contracts, changing workplace account info, reapplying for bank cards .... it all took weeks to do. Also with all the negative news from cities like London and Manchester, it's gone up. I shred everything with my name on it, even a simple letter. I also never give my real birth year, and on sites where you have to fill it in, I just use the year of my younger brother or something.
  13. My mistake, yeah FFVII is digital only. I only ones I haven't played before are the Walking Dead and Beyond, but have played the rest. The easiest I found was Life is Strange as it was just a simple drama adventure game with easy choices that don't impact anything like VNs where there are multiple endings and routes. Ive just played Devils Daughter from the Sherlock holmes games and used an online guide for the puzzles as I was too lazy to work it out myself 😅
  14. Here a few I've played that were really short and some others that pop to mind as being short platinums: Sonic forces (~15 hours) Life is Strange and Life is Strange before the storm (about 5-7 hours) Beyond (~15 hours) Heavy Rain (~15 hours) Sherlock Holmes games (~10 hours) Psycho pass Mandatory Happiness (depends on reading speed, but for me it was 20 hours) Steins Gate (~20 hours) Tearaway (~15 hours) Ratchet and Clank games (~20+ hours) The Walking Dead games (~15 hours) FFVII and Type 0 are 40 hours, and Nier Automata is about 30 hours. Slightly longer but not fun games.
  15. My first platinum was FFXIII back in 2010 when I got a PS3. My dad is anti-gaming, so the only way we got it was when he was looking to buy a blu ray player, and me and my brother suggested the PS3 and he fell for it hook line and sinker. I didn't know what trophies were or what they were for but they were in my guide book so I went about earning them and farming thousands of Adamantoises for hours to get the platinum being the completionist I am. I didn't even have a PSN account until 2013, when I was moving out from home to uni, got my own PS3 and looked up how to transfer data and hence trophies. I got a new account in 2013 (this one) as I changed region from EU to JP and prefer playing games in Japanese as I used to live there and study. So I redid the FF13 trophies, along with 13-2, Tales of Graces and Vesperia which were the 4 plats I had on my old account so I ended up platting these games twice. My first platinum trophy on this account was Vesperia, which was my 3rd plat in my pervious account. i don't have many plats, but I go for quality and games I really enjoy. I have 24 plats on this account, and 4 on my old one, so 28 in total.