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    A otherwise busy doctor who also loves video games; FF, Tales, KH, Persona.... Otome games and any JRPG.
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  1. I start with the shortest and easiest ones first and work backwards from there. If it's a game I intend on platinuming, then I look up the trophy guides and go from the shortest one and leave the long ones to the end. That clears the backlog quicker. Also it's best to refrain from buying new games for a while. I only buy games on sale or if i can get them very cheap used, and this has stopped me from wasting money on release days for games that would just pile up in my backlog
  2. I don't look at other peoples trophies, just my own. But I do admire gamers with difficult trophies rather than a bunch of easy ones. I certainly think it's amazing when i see gamers with all the Kingdom Hearts platinums, or tough plats like FFX and Disgaea games, regardless of number. So it's quality for me. The person with a 100 plats from games like Telltale is obviously not as good imo.
  3. I've had mental health issues years ago as a teenager where I had anorexia for 10 years. Although I'm fine now, a normal weight and eat healthy, I still have this mind block that prevents me from eating anything unhealthy like sweets or junk food. I just eat normal food and enough calories and maintain a normal weight, but the aversion to high calorie stuff never disappeared. I have an obsessive personality as well, so that doesn't help and it sometimes affects relationships as well, so I gave up dating as I got sick of it. I now work as a doctor (Family med) and during my training, I worked for 6 months in an inpatient psychiatric ward for the experience and it was sad to how bad it can get sometimes. It was also during covid when people's mental health took a turn for the worst, so it was much busier than usual. I think covid really affected a lot of people, with all the lockdowns and loneliness. My mum dad severe depression as well, she recovered with medication after a few years; she's off them now and is stable. I also have two friends with anxiety disorder, one is under a psychiatrist and is on quite a few meds, while the other is a psychiatrist themselves but seems to deal with it on their own. I think even if you don't directly suffer yourself, there's always people around you that may do as it's quite common from my experience.
  4. Tales of Vesperia- Wear the rabbit ears for Yuri for 5 hours, I rubber banded this with Baul and it was my last trophy, as you can only get the rabbit ears after getting all titles which can only be done by getting all the other trophies and doing everything else the game has to offer.
  5. Just Disgaea, I've played the first one on DS, D2 and 4 on PS3. Also Shin Megami Tensei has demons
  6. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: I could not beat this game on critical mode, and there is a critical mode trophy. Another is the mini game trophies to complete the logs for each of the three characters. I could barely do the first level of each of the mini games, I found them hard. In the mirage arena, I got as far as the second last round, but there was a trophy for beating the bosses on the hardest final round which I kept dying too. I'm not great at action games like KH, so all these really challenging trophies were hard for me. I only managed to actually get 54% of the trophies and wasn't able to get the remainder. I found a lot of the trophies crossed my skill level at KH. FFX- I couldn't get the Lightning Dancer trophy or the chocobo race trophy so I gave up on the entire post game. I got frustrated and gave up. I think maybe if i spend hours and hours redoing it I might have eventually succeeded, but I was bested before that could happen.
  7. 1. I avoid games with multiplayer and online trophies and games that require two players to get a trophy unless I can somehow do it myself with two controllers, as I play solo and don't like playing with others online or having to rely on online servers etc. to get trophies. 2. I platinum every game I play (although this is a new rule since the PS4 gen, so I have some plats I couldn't get back in the PS3 days when I didn't bother). I ignore DLC though as I never buy it. 3. I read the trophy guide and ensure that I can platinum the game before buying a game. If I think I can't platinum the game, then I probably won't buy it. 4. Must be 150 hours or under completion time in the guide and less than 7/10 difficulty as that tends to be my max for skill level. The hardest plats I have are 7/10, and the longest was Persona 5 royal as my playthrough was 183 hours but to get the platinum it is much less. I just did all the extras not needed for the trophies and same with P4 Golden where I took 153 hours. With that all being said, the following games are excluded from these rules as I will buy and play them regardless of trophies due to how much I love them: Tales games, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Persona. Thankfully I have managed to get most of the FF plats and Persona plats for the games I have except FFX, but for Tales I didn't bother with Zestiria and Symphonia as they were really boring. KH Plats were impossible for me other than KH3, but it's been a series I loved since childhood so I played BBS and got about 54% of trophies but couldn't get the rest as they were too hard.
  8. Definitely Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts 2. It's always been my favourite place in video games and I remember thinking all those years ago when the PS2 version came out, how it was such a beautiful place and wished I could live somewhere like that. I like the clock tower they all sit on, the nice calm atmosphere and in KH3 the re design was pretty nice with the outdoor cafes, the restaurant and more going on. If I were to choose a whole world, then Rize Maxia in Tales of Xillia. I loved all the towns and scenery in that game, particularly Fenmont where Jude was studying, Kijara falls and the beachy area around it, Nia Keria and Hamil for how peaceful they are and Sharliton for the shopping. If I were to pick one to live in, it would be Fenmont as I'm a doctor so would work at the med school Jude went to.
  9. Persona 5 Royal Persona 4 Golden Final Fantasy X-2 Tales of Vesperia Detroit Become Human
  10. I'd keep the current one and aim for 80-90% completion, as starting a new profile means you'll have to start from scratch at zero platinums. Having a 100% profile with only like 2 or 3 plats looks a whole lot worse than someone with say 100 plats but only 50% completion. Also maintaining a 100% profile is very stressful as it would restrict the games you play and force you to buy all the DLC, so it would suck a lot of the enjoyment out of it. You may also find yourself going back to games just because new DLC came out, which doesn't seem worth it imo.
  11. FFX-2, XIII trilogy and Persona 3 if it ever gets a remaster
  12. Best is very difficult as I think all the FF, Tales, Persona and KH games all have fantastic character writing. Out of these I think the Tales games have the best character writing, as each character and their personality and backstory is very well written, the skits are very entertaining and I find the characters in Tales games in general to be captivating and interesting. I especially liked the cast in Tales of Vesperia, Graces, Abyss and Xillia 2, and also Berseria has a pretty quirky bunch as well. I particularly liked Yuri, Velvet, Richard, Pascal, Gaius, Ludgar, Milla, Aizen, Sophie, Ashe and Jade for character writing. Persona games are a close contender, I loved the cast of P3-P5R, and all the social links were very interesting as well. My favourite caste was the P5R cast followed by P3 and then P4G. I really liked the three protagonists, and out of the other characters, Akechi, Naoto, Mitsuru and Aegis were my top ones. P3 deserves a remake as the cast in that is amazing, and Akechi was a brilliant character and deserves more love, as he gets so much hate by everyone. I also thought the SL/confidants were pretty interesting as well, I really liked the ones in P5R as I thought they were the best written from a character point of view, my favourite being Takemi. Worst: Beyond two souls, the characters in this game were pretty rubbish and the story was all over the place. Out of the Quantic Dream games, Detroit was the only good one in my opinion. Jody was boring and the other characters and the story overall was so tedious and lacklustre. Another is Life is Strange 2, Sean and Daniel were nowhere near as interesting as Chloe and Max. Daniel was an annoying crybaby brat and Sean was kind of plain, the endings were pretty interesting but Sean and Daniel were boring characters to play as, and I didn't find myself interested in their story or journey at all.
  13. I buy them on Play Asia or Offgamers.
  14. Awesome thanks! I've reached 59 plats and my next will probably be Persona strikers as that's what I'm going for next and it seems to have a good number of trophies, so hoping it stops dipping to 89 whenever i start a new game as I want to keep it above 90%. I assume if it's XP, games with a larger number of trophies especially golds and silvers would make a greater impact compared to games with only a small number of trophies? I can't bring myself to go back and play ToS and ToZ with how boring they are and how grindy their trophies are as well, plus there's tons of great games I still have to play rather than going back to them.
  15. I always used just PSN cards, I never used paypal and don't have a Japanese credit card to use. You can still add funds to your account from the PC and PS4/5 and then just log in on the PS3 or vita to buy stuff.