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    An ordinary hospital doctor who also loves video games; FF, Tales, KH, Otome games, any JRPG.
    Talent: I'm fluent in Japanese, so I've played most of my games in Japanese.
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  1. I don't play enough to get burned out, as due to work and other commitments I only play an hour a day and some days I don't get a chance to play at all compared to when I was in uni and played every day. Is it perhaps the type of game you are playing? I find always playing the usual long RPGs I play all the time to be tiring so I take breaks with easier games in between, mostly otome games as to not get bored.
  2. For me it's RPGs and otome games. I have most of the Tales series platinums (Hearts R, Innocence R, Graces F, Vesperia, Xillia, Xillia 2, Berseria), Nier Automata, Atelier Sophie and some FF ones (FFX-2, XV, XII TZA, XIII, XIII-2 LR), totalling 15. I also have many otome game platinums, a total of 16. I'm working on a few more at the moment.
  3. 1. RPG (Turn based): Final Fantasy X-2- Fun story line and it was my favourite FF game that got me sucked into the series.The girliness and battle system were my favourite parts. Honorable Mention: FFX- superb story and characters 2. RPG (Action): Tales of Vesperia on PS3. I mostly play action RPGs so this was a tough choice for me, but as a huge Tales fan Vesperia was my favourite as I liked Yuri, the battle system is amazing and the amount of side quests and things to do in this game is endless. It was my first platinum as well. Honorable mention: Tales of Graces F- my first Tales game and such a cute heartwarming story 3. Platform: Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, my first ever and favourite PS1 game that rests close to my heart Honorable mention: Sonic Heroes 4. Fighter: Dragonball Z Honorable Mention: 5. Racing: Crash Team Racing- I was a huge CB fan on the PS1, so this is an obvious choice and I spent many hours of my childhood on it. The remake was amazing too 6. SRPG: FF Tactics A2- I like Ivalice and the job system in the tactics games. This one also had a decent story with FF12 characters popping up Honorable mention: Disgaea 4- very difficult and challenging but fun 7. Otome: Amnesia V Edition- I loved this game and really liked the characters, especially Ikki. The CGs were pretty and it was my first and favourite otome game Honorable mention: Collar x Malice Unlimited: the fan fisk of collar x malice, lots of sugary romantic CGs and much more fun to play than the main game 8. Action: Kingdom Hearts BBS: I love KH and BBS is my favourite, Aqua is my favourite KH characters. Honorable Mention: Nier Automata 9. Stealth: Metal Gear Solid- the only stealth game I've played 10. Drama Adventure/VN: Life is Strange 2, I liked this more than the first game Honorable mention: Psycho Pass, my first VN and I loved the anime too 11. Simulation: Story of Seasons- I love the HM games and the first SOS game after the name was changed was my favourite. The marriage bit is my favourite part of HM games. 12: Rhythm game: Dance Dance Revolution games, I was addicted to these growing up Honorable Mention: Hatsune Miku Project Diva F
  4. Mine was Hakuouki, I found the story extremely dull and boring. Another is Tales of Symphonia DOTW, it was so cringy and embarrassing I had to stop after reaching the first town
  5. Claim to fame: Tales of Berseria, 1.40% Walk of Shame: Ephemeral Fantasy on dark, 70.10% Tales of Berseria is extremely grindy, so I can see why many people wouldn't bother. It has so much repetition and farming related trophies. Ephemeral is super easy, not even a guide is needed for this plat. I liked the story but it was really short.
  6. I've done it! That sounds like a really interesting thesis, I've never heard of Ludonarrative dissonance, the only game I could think of was tomb raider as I mostly play JRPGs
  7. Tales of Berseria: 1.30% Final Fantasy X-2: 1.40% Final Fantasy XIII: 2.20% Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: 2.50% Tales of Xillia 2: 3.20% All mine are Tales or FF games. I do love these two series so I like collecting their platinums
  8. Hi everyone, Just got the platinum FFX and was going to move into FFX-2. Now before I start any game on my completion profile I always test the game on my mock account. Glad I did too, so here's some questions. 1: What the hell is this combat system? Is it turn based or does the AI constantly attack until you choose your move? It's active time battle, so you can have it as wait mode where characters wait while you select what to do, or active mode where they keep attacking even while you are choosing. 2: Looking at some of the thread titles it seems a few people had trophies glitch on them. Are they glitched/broken or have the gamers just made some mistakes instead of the actual requirements? None that I'm aware off. I had no issues getting the platinum. 3: Now I heard you have to use a guide for this game as the 100% requires certain tasks to be done. Does that not spoil it too much or is there a great guide which offers instruction but with minimal spoilers? You should use a guide if you want 100% in the first run, and choose Youth League in chapter 2. It doesn't spoil too much, and Gamefaqs have good ones, that's what I used. 4: I still can't get over that combat system at the start of the game. Do you get used to it or is it forever sucky? I loved it, it was my favourite FF combat system so I can't comment on this. Try get into sphere changing and using different garment grids. it makes the job system more fun to use. 5: It seems like a marmite game even among FF fans. Is it the story which is poor or the whole frikkin thing? It is, as it's very girly with the pop songs, names like dressphere instead of job and garment grid, and having three girls as the main characters. i'm a girl so I loved all the girliness, but I can see why guys wouldn't be too keen on this game. The story is pretty ok, not as good as FFX but if you played X, it's worth at least one playthrough and seeing the perfect ending just to see what happens to Yuna and Tidus. 6: Are there any annoying chocobo mini-games in this one like the balloon race in FFX or does it have a bunch of groovy new mini-games which are actually fun? There is Sphere Break which I loved (although some people hate), the Gunners Gauntlet which is pretty fun, and Blitzball which is crap compared to FFX as you don't control the characters. For sphere break, you can dig for rare and powerful coins in Bikinal desert, especially using the chocobo after dispatching one in chapter 5 and easily win against everyone. Sphere break is very maths-y, so if you are good with numbers it's fun. Gunners Gauntlet is a shooting game. There are some other side quests like catching chocobos and dispatching them to find items or discover new areas. There is also a strange massage mini game but you only get to do it once. 7: Being that I am ginger and times know to spit my dummy and cry like a lil baby biatch, what other infuriating things does this game have. The sphere grid for FFX was too grindy and actually destroyed the final part of the story section due to being overpowered. Anything like that in this game? No sphere grid, just regular leveling up. I was so addicted to this game and had 11 playthroughs back on the PS2, and got the plat in one run on the remake with how much I played and know about FFX-2. You can become overpowered by getting 6 iron dukes, getting to level 99 and mastering all dresspheres which is what i did. You should be about level 70 to comfortably beat the final boss, and master as many dresspheres as you can, especially berserker, dark knight, black mage and white mage as they are very useful. Mascot, gunner and lady luck are great too. 8: What were your pro's an cons for this game? Pros are that it's actually fun FF game, great job system, able to change jobs in battle, non linear with lots of mini games and side quests, nice music, all characters are equal in power and level up the same, new Creature Create allowing you to get multiples of super rare items like iron dukes and recruit members like Almighty Shinra and Tidus onto your team to use in battle, you can catch chocobos and dispatch them to find you items although they run away sometimes depending on how many you have. There's also a hot spring scene, Cons: Girly game if you are a guy with pop music and love stuff, a walkthrough is essential for 100% as everything is missable so not good for those who like to play blind, you need to master the mini games for trophies, blitzball has become watered down, the international part in the tower is either love or hate with lan element of RNG (I enjoyed it but it can be annoying at times), via infinito is 100 floors and takes forever post game. Using the Commsphere in chapter 4 to get 100% is a pain.
  9. My rarest is not very rare, it's the platinum trophy for FFX-2. FFX-2 is my favourite FF and I had like 11 playthroughs on the PS2 version and knew the game inside out, so this plat was a piece of cake for me and I was able to get 100% and the platinum all in one playthrough. It took me 80 hours altogether with the extra Yadonoki tower dungeon, and I got lots of iron dukes and caught all the monsters in the creature area, even got almighty shinra and the human characters like Tidus. Destroyed Shinra in Sphere Break as well in chapter 5, as I dug up all these rare coins in Bikinal desert. The most annoying trophies were completing the bestiary and the yadonoki tower trophies as it had a lot of rng.
  10. I work long hours and exercise a lot, so my gaming is usually limited to an hour or so before bed. 9:00 - 17:00 work 17:15- 19:00 gym 19:00- 20:00 dinner 20:00-21:00 surf online or study 21:00- 22:30- gaming 23:00- use my phone a bit for social media before bed Weekends I have more gaming time. Mornings are spent in the gym, and lunch afterwards around 1 or 2 pm. 14:00 to 16:00- Chores and shopping 16:00-18:00 gaming 18:30- dinner Then I usually surf online, read magazines, online shopping, study etc. 21:00-23:00- gaming
  11. I go soley by price. I compare the cost of a used physical copy vs the digital one. I play a lot of Japanese games on my vita, mostly otome games and have to buy digital for them as it's usually much cheaper to buy digital than import them. Although there were a few occasions where Solaris Japan which sells used games ended up being cheaper when I calculated it including shipping, in which case I went for physical. I also buy digital in sales, as some of the discounts are really good, especially around New Years and Black Friday. I personally prefer digital over physical in general, but my main goal is to choose the cheapest option, wait for flash sales and price drops. I don't buy full price digital games though, as they are very expensive. All my digital games were bought in sales
  12. I think trophy hunting will still be there, it has been around years and I don't see why they would remove it. I think there could be some new features in the future and I think trophies for games are getting generally easier, but the concept of trophy hunting will likely remain the same.
  13. Yeah ToS killed me too, needing 5 playthroughs is way too much and the game didn't exactly win in the graphics and battle system department so it was hard to get motivated. Also I don't get why they didn't have a scene skip option
  14. FFX's Chocobo trainer trophy is pretty tough to get a time of 00:00. FF9's jump rope trophy is also very hard
  15. Tales of Symphonia as it takes so long and requires 5 playthroughs Tales of Zestiria: I never understood any of the skill sheet stuff to get those trophies, and the game was really boring so I couldn't be bothered with post game let alone the plat. FFX: I could never manage the mini games, and all the grinding needed for the plat would easily take 200 hours for the plat. Disgaea 4: This is the longest plat game I have, I just don't have it in me to grind relentlessly for 300+ hours to get the plat in this