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  1. For me, it has always and will always be getting a 00:00 time on the chocobo race against the trainer. It has been so over 10 years ago when the PS2 one was released so I ignored the race and just beat the dark aeons back then without Tidus. Now when I saw that there's a trophy for it, I almost shed a tear at having to miss out on an FF platinum as I like to collect FF plats....
  2. Here are a few of my personal favourites that I think are pretty good to have in a collection FFXIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Tales of Xillia 1 and 2 Tales of Graces F Metal Gear Solid HD collection Disgaea 4 A promise unforgotten Nier Rune Factory Oceans Resonance of Fate Alice madness returns Also on PS4 Persona 5 (also on PS4) Okami HD (also on PS4) Star Ocean Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5
  3. 1. Tales of Vesperia 称号コンプリート(Title Complete) コレクター図鑑コンプリート (Complete items/ collectors book 100%) 2. Tales of Berseria A Solid B All titles to level 2 (a massive and endless rhapsody of grinding move usages not hundreds but thousands of times for all 6 party members) Others that were otherwise painstakingly long FFXIII: Treasure Hunter (100% item collection) Tales of Xillia 2: Grinding out all the usage numbers for both support skills and passive abilities 400 times each, and with 9 party member, that makes (400x2)=800 x 9 = 7200 times
  4. 1. Tales of Berseria: ~110 hours, 3/10 difficulty, fun factor 7/10 It took me over 100 hours in the space of 2-3 months and a huge amount of grinding that really tests one's patience and dedication to a game. Repeatedly performing artes to get the required count number which took hours, farming Katz orbs, A Solid B for leveling up all titles until 2... there was a lot of repetitive grinding in this game. It was not a hard platinum, but sure was a super long one! 2. FFXIII: 75 hours, 4/10 difficulty, fun factor 5/10 I had gotten this back in 2010 on my old account but had found the game for only 500 yen in Japan along with the other two XIII games, so I decided to re-obtain the platinum on this account. It initially took me 137 hours back in the day due to my rubbish luck at drop rates, but with the addition of easy mode that made farming platinum ignots at 95% drop to essentially become a Gillionaire and buy all the weapon synthesis items, it took me exactly 75 hours. I played the game on normal mode, only using easy for farming ignots from the turtles as I didn't want to hurt my FF loving pride. The platinum was not as long as the first time where there was just normal mode, but still redoing it took me a lot of patience and FF dedication. It was a relatively easy FF overall, especially when compared to FFX, XII and older FF games. 3. Collar x Malice: 30 hours, 1/10 difficulty, fun factor 9/10 This is not a rare or prized plat, but I'm putting it down as it was one of my most enjoyable games. I was pretty addicted to this game and got really into it. The story and characters were fantastic, it was easy to slip into a bad end by making one incorrect choice but the correct choices leading to the true end routes were satisfying to watch. I choose this game because although it was one the easiest of of platinums this year, it was one my most enjoyable ones. It also took the stress out after work!
  5. The PS2 was my favourite, mostly due to the games. It had some of my favourite titles including FFX, X-2, XII, KH1, KH1, Sonic Heroes, DBZ Budokai 2 etc. I also rented a lot of games in te days of rental stores like Ratchet and Clank. Backward compatibility was another great feature As a kid I was also addicted to the Bratz games (embarrassing, I know) and had played every one of them until completion (there was 4 of them).
  6. My friends have brought over games before, and have certainly gifted games which I either tried but not played far enough to earn a trophy, or ignored hence no trophies. Tomb Raider (PS3)= gift Hatsune Miku Project Diva F= gift Tearaway= gift On my old account, there was a few with 0% completion, like Fifa 15, Sonic Generations, Mirror's Edge and all which were brought over by a friend and Fifa by my brother. These days as I emigrated and have no gaming friends here (except a colleague who plays Xbox which doesn't really count), no one's there to bring over games or gift them anymore.
  7. You can't transfer trophies between accounts, but you can revert your vita to factory settings (which will erase everything so be sure to back up data) and log in on your EU account. You can only have one account on the vita at any one time, and so it will only display trophies on that account. You can switch user ids by going through the whole restore process
  8. This month I got one of my games that was on my last wish list, which was Disgaea 5 which I was both happy and surprised about! For feb, because its Valentines month I'd like an otome game like Code Realize, Norn 9, Clock Zero or Hakuouki. Otherwise, maybe World of Final Fantasy or Danganronpa.
  9. What I want Backward compatible with at least the PS4, even better if it had PS3. I know this is highly unlikely as it was on the PS4. Including PS Now into the PS Plus subscription to at least stream games if not backward compatible (highly unlikely again...), or maybe having it cheaper for PS Plus users. Being able to stand up vertically without the need for a separate stand Being able to share games across users easily without the need for making any primary or whatever like the PS3. Do away with long loading times in some games like FFXV More social media connectivity and sharing, not just Twitter. Instagram, Facebook (used to be there, but seems to have ended), YouTube, Tumblr etc. Keep the region free Blu Ray player like the first PS4 and PS4 slim models A greater and better selection of themes and avatars, as I find the current PS4's selection is not that great. Being able to transfer photos from a memory stick to use as your PS cover photo/profile picture instead of being limited to screenshots No more than £350~380 (that's about $500 I think) More colours from the start as opposed to introducing other colours like white ages after. At least have black and white at launch. What I expect Better graphics/ 4K, processor, more VR stuff, general hardware improvements etc. The usual stuff that gets better with each generation Increase in DL only games with the slow end of physical copies More games being only half complete with the rest of the story or extra episodes as paid DLC (aka FFXV style, still releasing stuff over a year after release....) More games with online trophies (I hope not...) Games getting easier and shorter in general as companies focus more on visuals and making the game look like a movie (maybe excluding all those long and hard JRPGs).
  10. I lived in Japan and the best place to get cheap second hand games is by far Book Off! Best store ever for everything and anything from games, consoles, manga, books etc.. I got a limited edition Gold Pokemon X/Y 3DS there and lots of games super cheap. Book off is a chain store so it's everywhere, you will have no trouble finding one. As for easy platinums, all visual novels (e.g. Root Letter, Robotics Notes, Walking Dead etc), otome games (e.g. Hakuouki, Collar x Malice, Amnesia) and the boys equivalent called "gyaru" games are super easy, can be done in a couple of hours. Japan is full of these kinds of dating sim games for vita and you can easily scoop up a bunch of platinums with these. The JP PSN store is also packed with them, but obviously a second hand physical copy would be much cheaper. There is usually an aisle of them in the store so finding them should not be much of a problem. It's hard to recommend as the majority are easy, so I just choose based on whichever looks interesting or has good reviews on Amazon. Another way to get cheap games is second hand on Amazon jp (you can have things delivered and collected from a convenience store via click and collect), Rakuten and Yahoo Auctions. Tsutaya is a retail store similar to Book Off, but a bit more expensive. My account is Japanese and so have also downloaded a lot of games from the PSN store, but in terms of other easy to platinum vita games that are available physically (majority are btw): Stein's Gate Stein's Gate 0 Psycho Pass 真かまいたちの夜 (shin kamaitachi no yoru) 真 流行り神 (shin hayari gami) Time Travellers 死印 (shiin) Plastic Memories VA-11 HALL-A Robotics Notes White Album 2 Chaos Head series Clannad Fate/ Stay Night Danganronps Another Episode Side Kicks, Hakuouki, Collar x Malice, Hyakka Hyakurou, Code Realize, Clock Zero, Amnesia, Sweet Clown, Diabolik lovers etc. otome games Conception Persona 4 Dancing all night Luminous Arc etc.... There is so many Here is a site that lists the difficulty of trophies for Vita. Its a Japanese site but the ones at the top under one star are all the super easy platinums難易度リスト
  11. I've wasted time playing a couple of rubbish games this year like Stein's Gate and Steins gate 0 free on plus(at least the plats were easy), but in terms of games I enjoyed.. 1. FFXII The Zodiac Age 2. Tales of Berseria 3. Collar x Malice 4. Lightning Returns 5. Amnesia V Edition 6. Life is Strange 7. Nier Automata 8. Psycho Pass
  12. For trade in value, Gamestop gives the least back and is one of the worst for trading in games even for store credit in my opinion. You can get far more by selling your games for cash on ebay or or another store. I know in the UK we have stores like Cash Converters and CEX exchange that sell used stuff and give much better value than actual gaming stores, so if there are similar stores in your area they can be worth checking. Local selling sites are also good in that you often don't need to ship stuff. No receipt needed btw. About buying, personally I wait for sales as I have a backlog anyway, but if you're need of something to play and don't mind spending more for getting the game quicker, then there's no reason to wait. A second hand version is another option if you want to decrease the cost a bit. You need PSN Plus to play online for the PS4.
  13. I've tried to only download games that I would consider playing pretty soon so I don't have too many to be honest, but have focused mostly on games I purchased. The ones I want and hope to get out of the way this year are: To Platinum 1. Atelier Sophie (~30 hours) 2. Witch and the Hundred Knight (~60 hours) 3. Tearaway (~15 hours) To Complete +/- some post game content 5. Disgaea 4 Returns 6. Disgaea 5
  14. i can answer all these for definite as my main account is Japanese which I made when I lived in Japan, but I live in the UK now. I also have a secondary EU account (which I never use but made for the sake of it) If I have a NA PS+ account on my PS4, create a second account based in Japan, and buy a PS+ account for that one as well, will my NA account have access to PS+ free games and sales from both regions (as long as I remain a member of both)? Or is it impossible to have two accounts with PS+ of different regions on the same device? A: Yes, in general on the PS4 you can share games between accounts (as seperate users of course) and you can have ps plus subscriptions for both. However, you must buy and pay separately, so you pay for two subscriptions hence double the cost. When I checked, I seem to be able to play games I bought on this account on when I switch user to my eu account. -On the PS3 you can as well. -Has a workaround been found for the Vita? I'm assuming any game I buy / get as part of PS+ through the Japanese account I will not be able to play on the Vita with the NA account. I'd need to use a spare memory card just for those (and not be able to consolidate trophies under the same account). Am I wrong? A: The vita is more complicated in that it only allows one account as it's a personal console and the process of switching accounts is long and cumbersome, but doable and there are youtube videos on it. It involves resetting to factory settings and backing up data though, so it's not something you want to do very often. Maybe between platinum trophies or something. About the memory card, it is handy to have a spare one, not sure if it's necessary though. I have never done it as I only use my JP account, haven't used my EU account in years as I just created it for the sake of it. I'm assuming any game I buy / get as part of PS+ through the Japanese account I will not be able to play on the Vita with the NA account.-> You are correct, you will not be able on the Vita. You can on the PS4 though. I think you need to make the account with the games you want to share your primary one. Can I link a NA credit card to the Japanese account? Otherwise, I need to use my Japanese cc or maybe buy digital codes on Amazon Japan or something like that? -A: Nope, you cannot link a foreign card to any account that is not of that region. You also cannot link a non-Japanese paypal account either, so you need to buy digital codes. I use Play Asia as it's the cheapest, very reliable and instant by email. How are the sales on the Japanese PS Store generally? The sales are fantastic with great discounts. Also I got some excellent free plus games including Disgaea 5 this month, and in the past life is strange, gravity rush, Disgaea 4 returns, Atelier Sophie, Steins Gate 0, Tearaway, Witch and the hundred knight etc.. In the past couple of weeks in sales I've also seen games like Metal gear solid 5 drop by 85% and all the FF and Square Enix games go half price, Persona sale where I got 4 Golden for just 1200 yen, half price nippon ichi games etc. KH ps4 was also 50% over christmas, and FFXII was off 40% when I bought it. There are massive sales and discounts around festive periods, mainly New Years is the big one (the equivalent of the US Black Friday). Others include Xmas, Golden week sale is one to keep an eye out for, Halloween and anniversaries of series. companies (e.g. FF 20 year anniversary, Tales series anniversary etc..). There are also random sales throughout the year, I subscribe to the emails so I never miss out as they are only for a short period, like a week sometimes
  15. To be honest I had thought they ported quite a lot of games actually, in fact much more than I'd ever expected: FFX/X-2, entire KH series, Okami, Life is Strange, Heavy Rain, Beyond, Ratchet & Clank, Tales of Zestiria and Berseria, Persona 5, Tomb Raider....