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    An ordinary hospital doctor who also loves video games; FF, Tales, KH, Otome games, any JRPG.
    Talent: I'm fluent in Japanese, so I've played most of my games in Japanese.
    Random fact: I live in the UK but I'm from Dublin in Ireland and lived in Japan for a while as well.

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  1. FFX platinum. I got stuck at the chocobo mini game trophy and the lightning dancer, so I gave up. Tales of Zestiria sweet 16: I just could not get how to work the skill sheet to get this trophy.
  2. Tales of Berseria, Zesteria and Vesperia are all easy to platinum, but take 100+ hours. Berseria took me 90 hours, Vesperia took 125 hours. A lot of grinding, but you can make the game easier or harder by adjusting the difficulty setting FFX-2, XII TZA and XV: All fairly reasonable platinums, very time consuming except FFXV. XII took me 90 hours and was a bit challenging with the boss fights and dungeons, but doable with effort and a walkthrough. FFX-2 needs a walkthrough for 100% completion, as it has lots of missable side quests needed for the trophy and a fair few annoying mini games like sphere break and the gunners gauntlet. It wasn't hard, took me 80 hours, bosses are tough but if you get all the dresspheres and the mascot one, and invest in creature create to get a bunch of iron dukes, it's not hard. XV was easy to plat, took me 50 hours and didn't have much grinding compared to the rest. Persona 5: A very long platinum close to 100 hours, but easy to do and you can select the difficulty level. Nier automata: a super easy platinum, it took me 30 hours. If you do not use the trophy shop it takes 60 hours but it's easy to play. KH3: The only Kingdom Hearts game with an easy platinum.
  3. Mine was FF12 TZA, it took a long time to get this.
  4. FF13 Treasure Hunter, I grinded 30+ hours for this. Tales of Vesperia Title complete- I put in over 100 hours getting this. There were so many missable side events, and you also had to get all the items, complete the monster book and fully clear all the mini games, win the cooking competition etc... literally go through the game with a fine tooth comb to get this. Tales of Berseria A Solid B- grinded hours on end for this as well. It was also a super boring button smashing painful grind at that
  5. I like to be as efficient as possible, so I always follow the platinum trophy and 100% walkthroughs from day 1. I don't do a free for fun playthrough and get everything afterwards. Before I start a game, I make a list of all the missables and trophies that can be worked on naturally by progressing (e.g. 1000 enemy kills, opening all chests etc), and literally comb through the game doing as much as I can in the first playthrough, then clean up afterwards. I also usually play until the platinum and do two games at once before moving on to the next game. I work on one game on my vita (which i play on public transport, holidays, travel etc) and another game on my PS4 when at home.
  6. I play usually no more than two at a time; one on my PS vita which I play when I commute, go on holidays, public transport and sometimes when Im bored during lunch break. Then another game on my PS4 for when I'm at home, mostly just weekends or when I finish work early. I play until the Platinum before starting another game, so my backlog is big
  7. I use a trophy guide and get all the story and missable ones first. Once post game comes around, I definitely go for the quick and easy ones, and leave the hard grindy ones to last. I also keep an eye on ones that can be worked on naturally whilst playing the game, like collectibles. I leave the longest and most time consuming trophies to last I tend to avoid games with online and multiplayer trophies.
  8. Mine was FFXIII-2 in the last generation and FFXV Episode Gladio
  9. I noticed that you have a few Otome games like Code Realize, Psychadelica of the Ashen Hawk and Hakuouki on your profile. What is your favourite otome game and who is your all time favourite male otome game character? Why?
  10. All the games on the Japanese store are in Japanese, there's no English option for any of them. Since she lives in Japan, I would recommend a US account to access english games and just get the physical copies for any japanese games.
  11. It is a video game so it;s fiction. I found LIS pretty interesting and fun. In terms of drugs and thugs, I live in the UK and there are schools like that in the rougher parts especially around London boroughs where kids probably find it cool but as adults it's stupid. The game was fake in many ways as it's just a game, but I still found it engaging and fun, and the music to be pretty good. I was super easy but these kind of games are relaxing to play once in a while
  12. FFXIII - This took many many hours of grinding to get that treasure hunter trophy with some fairly tough bosses Tales of Vesperia Master- this platinum took forever, about 125 hours and needed almost every nook and cranny of the game to be completed, from sidequests, mini games and treasure chests to touching all the save points, completing the monster and item books and wearing bunny ears for 5 ours. It asked for so much, but I felt really accomplished when I got it. FF12: This was not too hard, but I loved the game and found the tough bosses and opportunity for strategic battles fun. It took 90 hours as well, which is not quick. Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Berseria- both of these were long and grindy taking 120 hours each. Xillia 2 was more challenging with the battle challenge trophies, but both needed a lot of effort, time and dedication to put up with the long grind.
  13. I am 26, a medical doctor for the past 2 years working full time about 50 hours a week to include weekends, nights and out of hours. I live alone in the UK but have a bf who likes gaming as well but we live 2 hours apart at the moment so we just see each other on weekends. I am not too far off in that as I grew older I've come to spend less and less time on gaming. I used to game for hours on end as a child both at home and in my parents car on long journeys, which decreased in high school and then again in uni due to studying for exams, but was still gaming for about 2 hours every day and 5 hours on days off in uni and summer holidays. I also did not drive at the time and used public transport, so I gamed on my DS and vita on commutes After I graduated medical school and became a doctor, got a driving licence and starting working 50+ hours a week, I can only manage an hour a day on normal 8am to 5pm shifts, and don't game at all on 12-13 hour shifts or night shifts as Im too exhausted. So now platinum trophies for even just VNs take weeks for me. I like to spend my weekends as much time as possible with my bf as we don't get to see each other in the week due to distance, so those 5 hour weekend marathons are no longer a thing for me like when I was single and spent most of my time outside work alone. In the future Id love to get married, I'm not too bothered with kids whether I have them or not.
  14. The majority of the time I platinum the game before moving on, even if its a boring game.
  15. I don't care, I never get trophies daily. As long as Im progressing towards the platinum, that's all that matters