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    A otherwise busy doctor who also loves video games; FF, Tales, KH, Persona.... Otome games and any JRPG.
    Talent: I'm fluent in Japanese, so I play of my games in Japanese.

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  1. I'm always hovering around 88-89%, so anything above 90% would be good for me. I just don't want to go back to playing all my PS3 games to get the platinums as many of them like Tales of Symphonia and Zestiria are so long and boring. My completion % keeps decreasing as they add more DLC trophies later one and also as I play more games that I don't platinum. Also even the ones that I do, I don't buy the extra DLC, like KH3 and FF15 which I platinumed but they sit at less than 100% now due to the DLC that game out afterwards, decreasing my completion %.
  2. I play games in Japanese so I play mostly in Japanese, both audio and text. If I buy a Western game (not JRPG), like say Detroit become human or Life is strange which has both Japanese and English voice and text options, I choose English as that's the original language of the game. However, I did play the first LiS game in Japanese just to see what it was like. But for JRPGs and games like Yakuza, I go for Japanese. All my games are mostly originally Japanese or English, I've not played a game where the original language was not one of these two (I'm fluent in both so play games in the original). But if a game originally French or something, I would choose my native language which is English.
  3. 8-12 hours of my day is spent at work, 1 hour commuting (30 mins to and fro), an hour eating and watching Youtube at the same time, and about 2 hours a day doing some form of exercise. Other than that routine stuff, I go on Reddit, do chores or browse online shopping sites, and the rest of the time is spent gaming
  4. Detroit Become Human- I found Hank's interactions with Connor so funny, and also his password in one of the chapters. I'm not sure if the Persona games are meant to be funny, but I laughed a lot at various points in both Persona 4 Golden and so far in Persona 5 Royal, also some of the responses you can give as the protagonist are really funny.
  5. Hi everyone, Now that Amazon are having their Prime Day sale, I want to get a good comfortable gaming headset that I can wear with glasses and also does not squeeze by head off. I had some old Turtle Beach ones on my PS3 and PS4 but stopped using them as they put a lot of pressure on my ears and my head used to get sore after like hour with them on, so chucked them. Does anyone have any headset recommendations? I'm seeing headsets like Turtle beach 600 gen 2 and some other ones like Recon 70 and Spark, these Bengoo ones with like 60,000+ reviews for only £20 which seems awfully cheap but suspicious at the same time, and some other random brands I have never heard off. Price doesn't really matter, although not too expensive (like under £100), the important thing for me is not squeezing my head off so that I can actually use them for more than an hour, and being glass friendly as I wear glasses to game, and works on both PS4 and PS5. Noise cancelling and wireless would be an added bonus For reference, my usual headphones for music are the Beats studio 3 wireless ones which I find super comfortable, so something like that but for gaming would be perfect. Any recommendations much appreciated!
  6. You are asking on a site full Playstation users and trophy hunters..... anyway i like the PS5. I never have and never will touch Microsoft. Gaming for me is either Sony or Nintendo, Microsoft is just not in my sphere of vision
  7. I never waste money on microtransactions and loot boxes, although I have bought DLC outfits and battle enhancements like DLC weapons, does that count? I didn't count them when doing your survey, as I assumed loot boxes are those things in free smartphone games that make you spend thousands before you know it
  8. 1. Persona 4 Golden: I loved all the gameplay in this, but the ending had me almost in tears where the MC leaves Inaba and they all run after the train, and also Never More playing in the background. It was such an amazing game that I was sad to finish it. It was the most I ever spent playing a game... 153 hours. 2. FFX-2: The Thousand words concert, I found that really moving and loved that scene. For some reason I found myself getting emotional. 3. Detroit Become Human: I was so amazed at how well crafted this game was. When I saw the flowcharts of endless possibilities and outcomes, I was like how can such a short chapter have so many things to do and so many alternative actions. The concept was also very cool to the point that I wish we had androids like that in real life, so I never have to cook and clean again. I also loved the actors in this, Marcus was so cool, made me want to watch Grey's Anatomy! 4. Lightning Returns: I really like Lightning and I found this game so fun to play through, doing all the quests, getting different outfits and customising lightnings jobs and abilities etc. I was pretty hooked on this game and liked the way it tied up the 13 trilogy very nicely. 5. Ken ga Kimi for V: As this game is only in Japanese, probably not many know it here but this game has me actually shedding tears more than any other game. It's full of tragedy, but the story is beautifully written and the happy endings are extremely nice. The other endings for each character can tear your heart out. 6. Tales of Vesperia: This was my favourite Tales game, I really liked Yuri and the way he was a dark hero. As a result, I have accumulated quite a bit of Yuri merch from my trips to Japan and going to the Tales Festival in Yokohama twice.
  9. I have never encountered a 100% account so far, but I would say got maybe going for 100% in games you know you can do, and then just do as much as you can in the other ones to increase your overall completion percentage. I never bother due to the DLC which keeps messing up my completion %, so I gave up as I don't want to buy all the DLC for games I no longer play
  10. For PS3, I think it was Tales of Zestiria, I'm still using my PS4 and don't have the PS5. As for PS1 and 2, I have no idea. On the 3DS, it was Harvest moon trio of towns but I never got a switch, i just stopped playing my DS altogether years ago.
  11. I wouldn't bother, there just aren't enough games out on it to justify rushing to get the console. I'm just going to wait until Sony revamps the chip in it so that it can be widely produced and I can just walk into the game shop and buy one without any hassle.
  12. Vesperia was my favourite, it was my first platinum trophy as well on the PS3 way back in 2014 and I remember spending ages on it. Berseria is also really good, I really like the whole anti hero thing with Yuri and Velvet
  13. I rented a lot of PS2 games, but out of the ones I bought 1. Final Fantasy X-2 2. Kingdom Hearts 2 3. Sonic Heroes 4. Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 5. Kingdom Hearts 1- my very first PS2 game and also first JRPG, the game that got me into FF as well so that's why it's in my top 5
  14. The lack of them is the only reason I have not bothered wasting time with Nintendo when I can use my valuable free time to play games with trophies. So if Nintendo had a similar system, I would certainly got a switch. I've not played a Nintendo game since the nintendo 3DS Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. I remember I had the limited edition gold Pokemon X/Y 3DS I had bought in Japan, I just keep it as a collector item but haven't touched it in years.
  15. Almost all my platinums were crap screenshots, except KH3 where I got a cool shot with Sora blasting a bunch of enemies with thundaga and hitting level 99, which was my last trophy and my favourite and only good platinum screenshot out of my 53 plats. However, most of my other plats popped by by doing random things on the field or in the menu. For Vesperia, my last trophy was wearing the black rabbit ears which I did while flying Baul around. My FF8 one was just in the bushes as my last one was killing 1000 enemies. I don't remember what my other Tales and FF platinum screenshots were, but they were always dumb collectibles where my characters were just on the field.