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  1. The Maxima version has more content than the regular version, but the vita and PS4 versions are the same otherwise. As for the platinum, it's time consuming with RNG and luck based trophies. This thread has some good advice to give you a general gist: The game itself is super easy, it's just time consuming and the luck based trophies require patience.
  2. I never knew or noticed the trophy cabinet until now, but PSN profiles had automatically seemed to pick my rarest platinums. I decided to play around with it and picked my longest/most challenging platinums, all JRPGs from FF and Tales
  3. All the gold trophies in easy games like life is strange games, detroit become human, beyond two souls until dawn and all visual novels. These games require minimal or no effort to get any of the trophies. They just need patience with the playthroughs for things like all endings FF8- Getting all the timber maniacs, this is dead easy compared to beating omega weapon without boosters Game clear trophies that are gold are easy, like Tales of Xillia, FF8, Tales of hearts r, Nier Automata etc. These games are easy and can be cleared by anyone.
  4. Tales of Berseria Really good story and characters. Enemies that appear on the field (nor random encounters) Plenty of side quests to find out more about the characters and also non-linear gameplay. No RNG rubbish or stupid mini games A cool strong anti-hero main character like Velvet An easily understandable weapons and equipment system. Some humour and interesting character interactions FFX-2 was a close one but the random encounters makes it a big nay.
  5. Sounds like Tendonitis, it will get worse if you keep using it and don't let your thumb rest. The treatment is rest and pain killers. I used to have it and had to play visual novels to avoid using my thumb and type with my fingers only for weeks before it got better. I used ibuprofen gels on my thumb for pain, and took paracetamol (acetaminophen in the US) to help with pain. It could be worth seeing a doctor if you are really worried about it. I did not as I just treated it myself, but it did take a while to go away completely.
  6. Tales of Vesperia- It's not hugely difficult as long as you have a guide glued to your face with the amount of missables in this game, and I played this game very carefully ticking all the boxes until I got to my second last trophy before the plat which was to get all the items along with all titles... I was missing two items, the gauche and droite swords which could only be stolen from them in the battle, which I missed doing and had to start a new playthrough and play until their boss fight just for that. It was so annoying, especially since I thought I was being so careful with the missables in this game. The border repede trophy to complete the race in under 30 seconds was annoying too, it took me many goes at it. KH3- This was not hard either, but the mini games were really frustrating. All of them made my blood pressure rise and heart beat way too fast for Disney games like Frozen slider and dancing with Rapunzel. For a game with such an innocent vibe, it's got demonic mini games and half the trophies were mini game related. The Toy Story world shooting game with the robots and the flan mini games were a pain in the butt, especially the cherry and melon which i must have done at least 100 times. I was on the verge of giving up with how frustrating literally every mini game was, and there was just so many of them.
  7. In that case the Hori pad would be pretty good, it makes FPS games and games that need repeated button pressing much easier on the thumb. I remember I got tendonitis of my right thumb and was left playing visual novels for ages as I could only game with one hand until it got better, and with VNs all you do is read dialogue. That's what made me get the Hori pad initially.
  8. Tales of vesperia, there is a lot of missables and I was always scared of missing something... and then I did. It was also so minor, basically I forgot to fight one random battle soldier enemy in this dungeon near the start of the game, and that enemy does not spawn once you clear it so I missed that entry in the monster book. At least it was at the start so I could easily get it on a second playthrough, but having to sit with the missables checklist playing this game was anxiety provoking. I suceeded in the end with the plat though. Currently it's Persona 4 golden which I have sitting in my draw for like 5 years and plan to go and plat it this year if possible. The hard core Risette Trophy is the one that looks easy to screw up to the point that there's a guide about it on gamefaqs...
  9. It would be good if there was but the only way is to track it yourself. My lightning returns play shows 2 years, even though I got the plat in 50 hours over a month as I started the game and earned a trophy but then did not play it for 2 years before going back to it.
  10. I have the Hori controller and personally am not a fan due to the layout and size, it's not wireless and does not have the motion sensing that the official DS4 ones do. I remember trying to use it in Beyond Two Souls and it does not sense actions like having to rotate or move your controller in certain ways. I think it's just for FPS games mostly, but the wired only aspect bugged me, however that wouldn't matter if you sit pretty close to the TV. I just stick to the DS4 ones now as I don't really play FPS games
  11. FF8, it has game boosters in it to speed up gameplay and make you invincible. You can save anywhere on the world map as well. Visual novels and otome games also are good for than, you just read, make a few choices, or skip through the whole lot using a walkthrough. Psycho pass, steins gate elite, code realize, collar x malice, robotic notes, amnesia memories, hakuouki games, and root letter are a few.
  12. I'm not planning on getting one until much later this year if not early next year, but Tales of Arise would be the number 1 game that would force me to get one. For most other games, I can wait for the price drop.
  13. Not 2020 releases, but I played KH Birth By Sleep remix this year and loved Aqua as one of the main characters. She was really cool with her strong will and determination, and also my favourite Kingdom Hearts character.
  14. Looking at your profile, I think it would be crazy to start a new profile just for that as you've got some pretty good plats that take a lot of time and hard work. Do you really want to throw all that away? I have similar games on my profile which I know I will never platinum, but I just look at it and see it as a fun memory. I think rather than focus on your percentage and what is missing, it might be better to focus on all the ones you do have. I mean, you've got the FFX plat which is a plat I could only dream off, so kudos to that! Also lots of other great RPGs in there too. You seem to have spent a lot of time getting all those plats and it would be a pity to restart it for the sake of Hakuouki being your first game. I played Hakuouki as well and hated the game, but at the end of the day you are going to come across a game you hate and want to delete. At least Hakuouki is very easy and can be skipped through.
  15. I suppose developers maybe noticed that the trophy hunters chose games based on the platinums and would purposely avoid games where they knew they could not get the platinum for that game. So perhaps to address the issue, they made the trophies easier and removed difficulty related plats. I found this was the case in quite a few games like Tales where Graces F and Hearts R had trophies for beating the final boss on different difficulties, and KH games had trophies for proud and critical modes, but with the newer releases like Tales of Berseria and KH3, there were no such difficulty related trophies. Same with big name titles like Last of Us 2, a much easier plat without the difficulty ones in the first game. This is just my hunch by the way, whether it's actually true or not. I suspect everything developers do it always going to be related to increasing sales and making more money, so they probably want to target both the casual gamer who wants to play on easy or normal mode, as well the hard core gamers who prefer higher difficulties, and then the gamers who only care about trophies and getting them in the fastest way possible so would probably play on a lower difficulty to speed the process up so they can move onto the next platinum.