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  1. I'm not a huge car person and am in my first year of driving. This is my current and also first car, a Toyota Yaris Hybrid in black. It's a used car though, from Dec 2014 but was in like new condition, very low mileage for the age and had a built in sat nav so I think I was pretty lucky to find it and in my favourite colour as well. I also got these cool Final Fantasy decals for it to add a personal touch.
  2. As a trophy hunter and trophies giving me motivation, its a good idea for me. Nintendo's lack of trophies/achievements have kept me away from them since Pokemon kind of simmered out. I only ever used Nintendo for pokemon, but when it came to the more "serious" gaming, I always stuck with PS as I saw it to be a waste of time to grind an RPG out on nintendo without a prize at the end. Hence I have refused to buy the Switch, I'd rather invest time on my ps4 and vita where I can enjoy games as well as be rewarded for efforts.
  3. I don't mind giving my first name but keep my surname a secret. My name is uncommon so I'm afraid of things like identity theft, and I hate my real surname any, I find it embarrassing to the point that I'm the only one at work who just goes by first name. No one knows my surname😅
  4. nope, I like my ID a it's just my name
  5. I'm fluent in Japanese and judging from the context, this means "with the three of us it will be too difficult/ challenging".
  6. FF games seem to have quite a few exploits to make the trophies easier.. In FFX there was a specific spot you just run around in circles to dodge the bolts, and in FFX-2s gunners gauntlet, there is a spot just by the waterfall where you can stand and infinitely shoot enemies without them ever seeing you, instead they just run past. FF12 had the auto leveling exploit. I've used these kinds of things, but never hacked trophies using USB save tricks and none of my games seem to have cheat codes like games often did in the nineties where literally everyone had an action replay or game shark.
  7. I like my PSN name, but do remember the pain of wanting to change a crappy name, as I had an old account which had a stupid name and ended up creating this account. That old account also had 2 FF plats (13 and 13-2) and Tales of vesperia and graces f which took ages, but I ended up getting them again on this account quicker and easier since I knew how to go about it. It just took forever though! I remember wishing for psn name change. I like this PSN name, but it would be a good option to be able to change for those that picked theirs in haste
  8. I don't think I've ever cheated, mainly because I've the games I've played so far didn't have a bug/ way to cheat/ were already patched, except maybe Nier Automata where I just bought all the remaining trophies from the trophy shop as I couldn't be bothered to earn it the legit way. I used to cheat a lot with action replays and exploit all the glitches in the old pokemon games but those aren't PS anyway. I have done various things to make the trophies easier, like tying rubber band to earn those "walk a x~thousand steps". Auto leveling with the Jelly's in FFXII is probably the biggest "cheat" I've done that I can remember.
  9. I go for RPGs from series I like. I like to collect trophies from a series, namely FF and Tales which I aim to always get the platinums in. I like collectable trophies, side quest and event related trophies, level/skill mastery related ones and trophies for beating optional bosses/ extra dungeons etc. I hate luck based and RNG trophies, online ones, trophies that need multiplayer or boosting and mini game related ones. I also play a lot of otome and visual novel type games as I really enjoy them like Collar x Malice, Code Realize etc. the platinum is always very easy so I easily get it naturally, but I don't play the games just for the plats of course. I only try to plat games I enjoy, everything else either just gets the main story done because I paid for it or just resold without finishing.
  10. I'd go with the Pro, especially if it's a birthday present (and I assume you wouldn't be the one paying?). It's a better system overall, supports 4K if you have a 4K tv (you can get them quite at reasonable prices these days, I got mine for about £320). I have a slim and it's good enough for me in that I was on a budget, got it on a black friday sale discounted by £100 from the original price at the time with two free games and was looking for the cheapest way to get it new. But if money was no option, I would have certainly went for the pro
  11. Do you exclusively play Playstation, or do you also play others like Xbox, Switch or 3DS etc.? I see you've got a good few JRPGs like FF, Persona, Kingdom Hearts, Tales etc. Which is your favourite and why?
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about that! it's a pretty old game I guess 😅 Instead, Disgaea D2 would be pretty good
  13. Here my favourites in random order, but I don't habr 25... FFX-2 FFX Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 KH 2.8 FFXII The Zodiac age Code Realise Sousei no Himegimi (Remake from the Vita version with the fan disk inc.) Crash Bandicoot Okami HD Life is Strange Atelier Sophie Disgaea 1 FF Type-0 Shining Resonance Refrain Tales of Berseria and Persona 5- available and released on PS3 and PS4 at the same time, so not sure if this counts. Looking forward to: FFVII FF Crystal Chronicles Spyro
  14. PS4: Crash Bandicoot, or a random Metal gear solid game PS Vita: World of FF, now that the new one is announced PS3: Disgaea 3, or maybe Resonance of Fate. Rune Factory Oceans wouldn't be too bad either.
  15. Japanese games and RPGs have a lot of grinding. In my opinion, I found Disgaea series to be the king of grinding in games, especially Disgaea 4. Disgaea 5 is on PS4 and has grinding in the forms of both levelling and item farming. You can easily spend hundereds of hours on these games, the main story is super short but it's the post game stuff where the game truly begins, so it takes repetitivity to a new level 😅 Final Fantasy: in order of grinding intensity from most to least imo= FFX (Leveling and Character growth) >XIII (farming materials for upgrading equipment) >XIII TZA(items for rare weapons and accessories) >World of FF (mirages and treasure). The online ones are also grindy, never played them myself but they do take a long time. XV, X-2, XIII-2, Lightning Returns and Type 0 hardly have any grinding and are relatively short games. Atelier series: These are very much farming, gathering and alchemy. So if you like running around gathering items and synthesizing them to make things to use it battle, and also do random quests these games are great. Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Little Dragons Cafe, Animal Crossing, Rune Factory: Not RPG, but farming/ slow life games that involve hours of mostly crops growing, gathering items, taking care of animals and doing other random things like talking and befriending towns people, completing requests or cooking etc. Rune Factory is a farming game with the RPG element of battles. I personally recommend the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games most. Tales series: Usually just for trophies, but these games tend to make you grind to complete the weapon/item books, enemy book, item drops for weapons etc. and also some leveling if you want. I've played them all so far, and from high to low: Vesperia>Graces F>Zestiria>Berseria>Symphonia. Hearts R, Innocence R, Abyss, Xillia don't have grinding, and for Xillia 2 it's only grindy for the skills trophies, but not for items or leveling. Dragon Quest series: A grindy JRPG like FF that you can sink hundereds of hours into. The Yakuza, Persona and Kingdom Hearts games are pretty long as well.