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  1. I mean the servers to play on. I'm not asking about PSN. I know games individual can shut down servers but I wonder if Sony can shut down all PS3 game servers. I don't know. Might be a stupid question of mine.
  2. As you said 'use google', which I did, didn't help me out because out of searching google for answers, I got the prediction that Sony will shut down PS3 servers, not necessary PSN. So your advice didn't help. Then the other reason I post this question here is that I thought here I would get an answer because people here might know it or heard about it because it will affect their trophy hunting. Then the first time I ask something here I get hate from someone like you and with no answer at all. Well at least thank you for your answer.
  3. Hey everyone, I want to make sure or hear opinions on the fact that ps3 online game servers are down or about to go down. Let me hear what you know about it.
  4. Yes it helped me unlocking the trophy too. Thanks
  5. Achievement missing: Bullseye Ninjas Army of Two Like a Boss Destroyer Complete Warrior (should be able to do this alone) ADD ME ON PSN IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME! McFeipel Thanks
  6. I'm completing the levels and I just won't get any trophy. How can I fix that?