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  1. 479 : Dragon Ball Fighterz
  2. want to apologize to MD, though i'm sure she wouldn't listen
  3. 477 : F1 2018 Trophy CollectorAcquire every trophy in F1® 2018
  4. 476 : F1 2011 (Vita) COMPLETECONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING F1 2011 Clearly not my favourite F1 game but still enjoyable 6/10 Caulifla
  5. First 200m Individual Medley VictoryPlace first in a 200m Individual Medley race. Olympic Event MasterReceive 10 gold medals in Olympic Event. Tried Them AllPlay each of the 16 original events at least once.
  6. i'll try Not gonna be easy though.. First time i think i won't be playing the PS5 version due to this trophy Edit : Thanks to @Atackname-YT, i go the trophy on PS5 version as well, thanks mate Caulifla
  7. A Great DayWin your first race A Good DayGet on the podium Caulifla
  8. In unranked races i guess you can do this trophy with a friend but for ranked races it seems impossible unless you're a great driver which i'm not Most players behaves like rammers and i end up in last position most of the time... Is there a way to make this trophy easier? Thanks Caulifla
  9. 475 :Tokyo 2020 PerfectionistObtain all Trophies. Not as good as London 2012 but still enjoyable : 7/10 Caulifla
  10. 474 : Yakuza Like a Dragon
  11. Safety firstObtain a Safety Rating of 'A' in Multiplayer Patent pendingSet a valid Time Trial lap with a set up taken from a rival ghost The 1.6% clubWin a 25% + distance race against 'Ultimate' AI opponents
  12. Hello @charxsetsuna how are you doing?



    1. charxsetsuna


      I'm good, you?

    2. Caulifla


      not great but glad you're good friend.. take care

    3. charxsetsuna


      Hopefully it gets better

  13. Corrin (Female version) the sole reason i created this account : CORRINfireemblem
  14. #469 : Up Platinum TrophyUnlock every Trophy in the game.