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  1. What about the PS3? update doesn't mention it
  2. thank you @DaivRules. I misunderstood
  3. it'll be a problem anyway. imagine a guy playing GTA 5 online for instance. Any online trophies he'll get will be flaggable. I can't imagine how many reports will be submitted..
  4. hope it includes PS3 as well, still have lots of games on that console that i wish to play if date and time is showed being blanked, does that mean that it's going to be even easier for cheaters to try and justify they didn't cheat on a game ?
  5. Platinum 435 : F1 2021 (PS4) :platinum:




    Still glad to get a platinum for a formula one game :)

  6. 435 : F1 2021 (PS4)
  7. any update @Sly Ripper?
  8. It doesn't matter.. logged in, logged out, i keep seeing those ads whenever i visit the forums. i'm tired of this so i'll leave.. can't keep ruining my time here with those ads keep showing up all the time...
  9. Yes Captain Obvious. Please take a minute to read what i've written before.... Tired of this issue that keeps bothering me everytime i visit the forums...
  10. I thought it might be because a status update i did yesterday in which i added a picture to it. It's the only explanation i have. @Sly Ripper
  11. Almost done with Yakuza 0 platinum :). Just need to finish 5 more ultimate climax battles,  


    Also glad that Caulifla has finally made it to DB Xenoverse 2 :) Now, please Namco Bandai, add my beloved Kale <3


    I got an issue with an ad that kept appearing, that's why i deleted and put back this status...


    Take care everyone,






  12. hello i've had an issue where the same ad keep appearing whenever i'm on the forum. I'm a premium and made sure i didn't allow ads to be seen. here's the link from the website that keeps putting ads..
  13. I've been into US Sports lately : Bought a Nascar game and the madden nfl :) It's been ages since the last time i played one of this sort of games. Can't wait to start Madden :)

    1. Honor_Hand


      NASCAR Heat 4 by any chance? I am eyeing that one from the current sale as well. :)

    2. Corrin-of-Nohr


      no sorry @Honor_Hand it's Heat 5

  14. Hello. Haven't been around for a few weeks, hope everyone is okay :) Many things happened lately from the saddest moment ever :😢  to the best : My birthday on August 28th :D


    Explore the Best Caulifladbsuper Art | DeviantArt


    take care everyone

  15. Hi everybody. In 2014, a poll was created in which everyone could vote for their favorite ending. With the remastered, did your opinion evolve? As far as i'm concerned, it hasn't changed anything, still go for "Destroy"