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  1. Holy crap bro, I can't believe this, thanks a lot I really appreciate it!!
    +++rep to this guy, he gifted me 1 year premium  D:D:D:D:, keep getting those plats bro, you got my respect!!! B)👍


  2. is a crazy canadian
  3. To celebrate my +800 likes for community reputation, I offer a 1 year Premium membership to :


    • the first non PM member who answer this status
    • OR the first PM member who can then tell me the name of a non Pm member who'll get the gift

    First arrived, first served :)

  4. Breaking BATS! Complete Level 2 - Breaking BATS!
  5. #136 Access Denied Platinum Hacker Get all the trophies
  6. i said that as a joke. i'm sorry if it sounded like a serious suggestion. You're totally right about what you say.
  7. Turn On/Off Turn On/Off toggle switch over 100 times
  8. Any Call of Duty Black Ops game : too many hackers play these games
  9. trophies weren't earned legit so they've been flagged. Hide them to get back on the leaderboard.
  10. a good idea indeed ! But what about a "cheaters only" leaderboard too ? Would be funny to see who's the biggest cheater of all time on PSNP
  11. Pursuers in the Sewers Complete Level 1 - Pursuers in the Sewers
  12. #135 : Saints Row 3 (GER) Kingpin Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row: The Third.
  13. After 2 years (and 2 days :) ) still here ! :) Happy Birthday to myself for my 2 years here !!