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  1. despite the fact that she's got the thu'um, i'm still far stronger than her
  2. your character from Skyrim? Nice. 8.5/10
  3. Worked !! Thank you man.
  4. Got the black screen (Skyrim) even though i updated the game to the latest version... All my files were corrupted. did that happen to anyone ever since the latest patch?? Thanks



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    2. HuntingFever


      Bugthesda's games tend to require a fresh start after a major bug like this has been fixed, because the patches rarely fix anything that's broken in an existing save :(.

    3. Kale


      @Cleggworth No it happened after the daedric quest in Solitude (the one involving Sheogorath). Worst part is that it's the second time it happens after this particular quest.


      And yes Huntingfever i started a frfresh new game and the problem i had reapeated itself

    4. Kale


      thanks to a guy on Skyrim's forums, my problem is solved :)



  5. was unlucky myself. Got black screen. Seems my savefile is corrupted
  6. hello @ahmedelebiary hope you're okay :D 


    Take care



    1. ahmedelebiary


      All good 😀 thanks mate, you too 😊

    2. Kale


      glad you're okay. What have you been playing lately?

    3. ahmedelebiary


      Finished DBH recently, now just waiting until EA fix the unobtainable FIFA 22 trophy  so I can pop the plat

  7. why someone who dislikes me keeps posting on my profile? 😐
  8. Lucina, best character from FE Awakening 9/10
  9. 442 Yakuza 0 Like i said pn my profile, so happy and proud of this platinum trophy, took me a while but i finally earned it. Awesome game with the best story in the Yakuza games. Enjoyement : 9.5/10 : still my favourite Yakuza game so far (did Kiwami 1,2, and 6 storyline) Difficulty 8/10 : only mahjong and climax battles were really difficult as far as i'm concerned
  10. :platinum: 442 : Yakuza 0



    Finally !!!! More than 2 years after i started the game, the platinum trophy is finally mine !! :)<3


    Along with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, Yakuza 0 is easily one the platinum i'm the most proud of :D


    Two things nearly made me quit the game..


    • Mahjong : a nice and interesting game but the requirements to fulfill to  help get the 100% completion list were a pain..Getting a Haneman, a full straight hand took me so long and i felt this game was unfair most of the time.
    • Climax Battles : Most were really hard and even mostly based on luck.  Strangely enough, the last ultimate battles were easy..

    Now Kiwami is my next target :)


    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,


    Take care.







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    2. Kale
    3. Honor_Hand


      Amazing work, congrats!


      I picked this one up from a sale not too long ago. Looking forward to making it my first Yakuza platinum. :D

    4. Kale


      good luck friend :) @Honor_Hand 

  11. What about the PS3? update doesn't mention it
  12. it'll be a problem anyway. imagine a guy playing GTA 5 online for instance. Any online trophies he'll get will be flaggable. I can't imagine how many reports will be submitted..
  13. hope it includes PS3 as well, still have lots of games on that console that i wish to play if date and time is showed being blanked, does that mean that it's going to be even easier for cheaters to try and justify they didn't cheat on a game ?
  14. Platinum 435 : F1 2021 (PS4) :platinum:




    Still glad to get a platinum for a formula one game :)