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  1. yes i'm here Shaowsintzu ?
  2. lives in camp crystal lake
  3. Is the Playstation VR really worth buying ?

    1. Willstown


      I'm pondering this question right now.  I think it's going to be fun but its a novelty you only buy if you have money to burn

    2. Froopy


      My friend bought it and loves the hell outta Superhot VR and Rush of Blood.  But I agree with @Willstown, more of a novelty.

    3. StrickenBiged


      £250 is getting closer to what its worth, IMO. £199 for the bundle would be more like it though. 

  4. due to the black friday
  5. it's the EU version
  6. hello Spidey, how are you today ?

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    2. AlchemistWer
    3. marvelboy10


      @ee28max Yeah  I got tired of taking pictures of myself in heroic action for the Daily Bugle.... I mean Peter Parker got tired of taking pictures of me performing heroic deeds for the Daily Bugle. 😅 So marvelboy10 volunteered to take his position. He admitted that J.Jonah Jameson can be a little to harsh to him sometimes, but he can handle it. He loves it there and he told me it pays good money. 


      Greetings @AlchemistWer. How are you today? 

    4. AlchemistWer


      @marvelboy10 I am fine, a little bit tired 😅

  7. said something useful
  8. i gave in to the black friday ; bought Final Fantasy XV and Bloodborne :D


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    2. Condemned09


      I hope you enjoy both games :) 

    3. Kale


      need to finish some games but i'm sure i will enjoy both of them, thanks Condemned

    4. AlchemistWer


      At least you bought something, 😅 this black friday in NA and EU are definitely not for me... i was hoping see atelier escha and logy plus or some vn but no, nothing.

  9. has a very cool avatar
  10. he hates himself
  11. Hello thanks for following me

    1. ee28max


      You're welcome :)