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  1. i'm feeling good...like really good. Hope it's a sign for better days
  2. long live happy trophy hunters i'd say
  3. i'm sorry you got quoted because of what i said I just thought it was pointless to let this thread go on
  4. what do you mean by garbage games ? i'll never be a great trophy hunter but i always loved games like Fullblast or Jack and Jill which look like games like the ones i used to play back on Nes or Super Nintendo Earning trophies is a continuing challenge.
  5. I may be the one who starts too much drama around here but even I feel bored about this... It's like a world war between two former friends Now that both have stopped arguing, this thread has become pointless hasn't it?
  6. Is it possible now to close this thread ?
  7. Son Goku
  8. I'm wondering...why @Roughdawg4 came back when he decided himself to leave PSNP when he got mad against MMDE ? this was a final farewell Roughdawg4 ?
  9. #142 Zeroptian Platinum Invasion Get all the trophies #143 Super week end mode Platinum Weekend Get all other trophies #144 Heroes Trials Platinum hero Obtained all trophies.
  10. this thread is now a total war between @Roughdawg4 and @Hakoom... And people say i'm always starting drama You're both awesome trophy hunters, just there's no need to have an argument here....
  11. i'm not the one who started this.... Someone who often goes on your profile despite he dislikes you is pretty weird I just mentioned the fact that i found it disturbing ! Grow up ? LOL seriously.... yes you're right i have not a good reputation... But i'm not going on a member's profile i don't like, like he is ... I've been rarely visiting a profile lately.... It's better to defend a guy like him who's got a good reputation than notice his behaviour toward someone he dislikes ! I made mistakes, more than one ! But lately i just came here to post in my latest platinum ! Just to notice that the same guy keeps going on my profile ! When you dislike someone you ignore her/him, you're not spyng on his/her profile.
  12. OHHHHHH okay then CARLOS, then i'm relieved my mexican friend Thank you for coming on my profile, despite your feelings, thanks for being such a perfect nemesis You'd be linked to the Sinaloa drug cartel that'd i'd almost worship you God Bless you Carlos OP : I'm glad to have my 139th platinum
  13. Mass Effect
  14. LOL think back about what you said.... You say "don't get used to it i got better things to do" After that you say "believe what you want" when i'm pointing out the fact that you admit going on my profile to monitore me Anyway : in my mind right now : I hope i can reach 140 platinums before May