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  1. #318 Pic-of-the-BunchCollect all the trophies
  2. Its Time for the Perk-olatorPurchase all available Perks in Driver Career or My Team
  3. #317 Demon's Souls (EU Version) Toughest Soul TrophyAll Trophies Obtained
  4. hi Yuna, You got any advice for Shogi minigames on Yakuza 0, i 've had a hard time beating the guy even once...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kale


      i'll try when i'm done with the EU version of Demon's Souls but don't worry i'll tell you... Those videos often tend to be true

    3. Kale


      @Yuna4353 hi ! Your video helped out perfectly. I found some help on Gamefaqs too which was also a great help :


    4. Yuna4353


      @Kale Good deal, and CyricZ always has the best yakuza guides I use them when I play a Yakuza game 

  5. What about this dispute? I thought it was poorly edited timestamps according to @MMDE, it should be locked shouldn't it?
  6. so how do you explain the "difference"?
  7. did you edit the timestamps? If so i don't think your flag will be lifted
  8. I may have fallen for Sony but i'm still so happy to hear Microsoft are making Fable IV <3 🤗

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    2. Lan Stee

      Lan Stee

      Fable and Fable II are great. III is okay, got more hate than it deserved but it still wasn't up to par. I hope the new one is good.

    3. Kale


      @Lan Stee I wish we can create our own avatars this time...but it seems unlikely :(

    4. ronin_leon


      I nearly got an Xbox because of Fable. I was always so impressed with that game.

  9. Dragon God's TrophySlayer of Demon “Dragon God”
  10. #316 Toughest Soul TrophyAll Trophies Obtained
  11. # 316 : Demon's Souls (US version) At last I've got it !!!!! <3:D

  12. If all top players get removed from leaderboard because they cheat, i may reach the top 10 someday 😀😜

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    2. Berendsapje


      I ... Wouldn't buy plats, as that seems to be the thing that kicks all these top hunters of the leaderboards in the first place.

    3. Kale


      @ahmedelebiary we'll soon start the negociations ^^

    4. Astray404


      Make sure to get all stacks of all Ratalaika games, and some Japanese visual novels :jaymon:

  13. Flame Master's TrophyObtained Best Weapon by Dragonstone
  14. So close to achieving Demon's Souls platinum 🤗🤗

    1. Yuna4353


      good luck 

    2. Kale


      thanks :) That'd be the platinum i'm the most proud of so far ^^

    3. Honor_Hand


      Awesome game, and a mighty Platinum. Almost there. ^^


      You got the Pure Bladestone already, so that's the worst part of the grind already done. xP

  15. Trophy of SharpnessObtained Best Weapon by Sharpstone