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  1. :platinum: 442 : Yakuza 0



    Finally !!!! More than 2 years after i started the game, the platinum trophy is finally mine !! :)<3


    Along with Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, Yakuza 0 is easily one the platinum i'm the most proud of :D


    Two things nearly made me quit the game..


    • Mahjong : a nice and interesting game but the requirements to fulfill to  help get the 100% completion list were a pain..Getting a Haneman, a full straight hand took me so long and i felt this game was unfair most of the time.
    • Climax Battles : Most were really hard and even mostly based on luck.  Strangely enough, the last ultimate battles were easy..

    Now Kiwami is my next target :)


    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone,


    Take care.







    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kale
    3. Honor_Hand


      Amazing work, congrats!


      I picked this one up from a sale not too long ago. Looking forward to making it my first Yakuza platinum. :D

    4. Kale


      good luck friend :) @Honor_Hand