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  1. Added! Thanks dude! 👍
  2. I just got 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat. Got to Division 4 with 1450 skill points. Played against guys with pretty decent teams but, to people who struggle my advice is: watch a video on how to build a budget team and tactics, grind coins in Squad Battles if you need to. Only play rivals when you have at least a 50k team. Oh and trophy only pops after you actually play a game on div4
  3. Guys... I don't know what to say... I've just seen a bunch of americans discribe their country as having 3rd world crime rates. I'm astonished. Had no idea. I'm actually currently aplying to get a scholarship to do a masters degree in the US or Canada and you're talking me out of it xDDD
  4. I have a lot of games in my backlog and I had to make a rule. Only plat a game if I really enjoy it, otherwise, if it's just trophy hunting for the sake of it (either for personal gratification, climbing rankings or just racking numbers) it stops being GAMING. Games are made to entertain and have fun. Endless grind, unless you can take some pleasure out of it is just nonsense, loses it's purpose. The minute it stops being fun and turns into a chore it's not a GAME anymore. If i want chores, I'll go to my job, at least they pay me.
  5. Ok. I'm genuinely shocked! Your paranoias make sense then. Here, if you dont answer the door or arent home, they'll send it to the depot and you can go pick it up later. And when it's an expensive order you ALWAYS have to sign it.
  6. I'm looking at this post and i'm starting to think everyone lives in a world we're you get car jacked daily, mugged everywere, murdered, etc. Guys, i don't know about you but in Portugal, no mater what delivery method you chose, no company, either regular mail or a company like UPS will NEVER leave a parcel on a front porch or whatever. And buying from a store and fear getting robbed on the parking lot??? Like are you guys serious? Do all of you live in such dangerous places? I mean no ofense but we are on the second page of this discussion and everyones afraid of someone robbing your console because the box is big? What about when you buy big TV's? Sound systems, cars whatever. Man what the hell? Is the world such a dangerous place or are we talking about a country in particular???
  7. Godzilla (2014) the PS4 version is actually a good game but only for hardcore Godzilla fans and after you fully understand it's mechanics and diferent movesets for each kaiju. This is my fully honest opinion and I understand all the criticism around it.
  8. Guys I dont understand this hidden games = cheating thing The issue with people like me for example (and I have none hidden but all people I play with hide games for this reason) I'd like to hide some games because I played like, 30min on them, won about 1/2/3 trophies on them but hated the game and will never play it again. I'd prefer it didn't show up on my profile but still like the trophies count for leaderboards. Mind you I'm no hardcore completionist.
  9. Yeah it actually just takes a while. It's probably due to server overload because everyone's at home right now. Mine always takes between 20 to 40min on queue but always updates.
  10. Yo! The trophies are tied to the acolades so i guess like me the 1st time, you completed spectres with a federation character (?). You can only get the acolade/trophy with a romulan or klingon character! Oh and the mission only spawns at level 65 now.