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  1. I'll start it off. "The Last Remnant". Been meaning to get started on the game and platinum it, so if anyone is down then let me know.
  2. Welcome to the “Friendly Competitive Platinum Hunting” thread! I know what you must be asking yourself right now, just what is the FCPH Thread? Well then, allow me to explain. Here you can find like minded individuals who want to have some sort of competition in platinum hunting or just trophy hunting in general. Basically, two people will get together through this thread and decide on a game to platinum and the first one to get the platinum wins. Simple right? There are no rewards to being a winner besides the honor and having the right to rub it in the losers face (we advise you to not actually do this, results may vary). Remember, this is after all a friendly competition between the beloved community, and I think this will be a supportive and fun way about obtaining a platinum that you may need, or have been putting off and haven’t obtained. The rules are… You must choose a game that neither of you have platinum-ed or obtained any trophies in. If you do choose a game you’ve already started, then post the completion percentage as well as the game in the comments below to give everyone a better chance of deciding. Remember this is a “Friendly Competition”. Despite what I said earlier, there are to be no rubbing in the losers face. Friendly Competition! More than two people can compete against one another, but it is advised that only two people compete against each other at a time, but you're free people, do as you please. You can decide to choose a multiplayer/online trophy game and the two of you can work on it together, but remember, the first to post in the thread after platinum-ing is declared the winner. The game that you choose doesn't have to be a platinum game, it can be a game that has no platinum. In which case, the first to post after completing the game is declared the winner. With that out of the way. The way can start is by simply posting a game in the comments and wait for someone to reply to you saying they are willing to platinum the game with you. Once the two of you have decided on the game and agreed on the details, the competition starts. The first to platinum the game must post in this thread saying as much before you can be declared the winner. All winners will be posted on the front page so all might reveal in their Glory! Mwhahaha. Sorry. Excuse that evil laugh. It was nothing. The current winners are…. No one! Be the first!
  3. Mine so far is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, mainly because it was the first game I ever got the platinum and was the game that got me into trophy/platinum hunting. Plan on getting Shadow of War Platinum as my 100th Platinum. Got a while to go, but keeping that one on the back burner for then.
  4. Mine is currently to try and get as close to 100 Platinum's as possible. I've been rather lackluster at it the past few months, but recently decided to get back into it and see how close I can get. And it got me to wondering. Just what exactly is your current Platinum count and whats your goal for this year?
  5. More than likely, White Knight Chronicles. Due to the game taking about 500-1000 hours to plat.
  6. Black Clover: Quartet Knights
  7. Dragon Age Inquisition