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  1. Fair point, I didn't know I was starting with the sequel thanks mate 👍
  2. So I brought and have enjoyed The Awakened Fate Ultimatum and was wondering if anyone can suggest any others that are along the same style?
  3. The Premium Pass doesn't include the base game, it is just the DLC. The Revolution Edition is the Base game + Premium Pass
  4. I think it is complete 'x' amount of heists on Death Wish as with my Overkill difficulty trophy it popped after a combination on new DLC and some of the original (having not beaten all the original heists)
  5. Can someone leave a link? I can't find it
  6. Thanks mate, let the grind begin Edit: Done finished with 927,000. Thanks again Deceptrox
  7. What mission and how did you get this as I only just reached 500,000 and cannot figure out what level to get this on...
  8. Alright, thanks for the heads up
  9. I have unlocked all the bricks, plates, tiles and slopes but no trophy. I placed every one aswell and still nothing. Any suggestions as I really don't want to start a new run.
  10. Thanks for the replies, I've got it sorted out
  11. So you have to do a hard mode and a speed-run mode playthrough, does this mean I have to start new characters for each? (as in erase the old file) I can't find an answer anywhere and don't want to get through a playthrough and then lose it all.
  12. It's EU, I'm all synced now
  13. There is a lovely 10GB update available now (EU)....