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  1. I think it is complete 'x' amount of heists on Death Wish as with my Overkill difficulty trophy it popped after a combination on new DLC and some of the original (having not beaten all the original heists)
  2. Can someone leave a link? I can't find it
  3. Thanks mate, let the grind begin Edit: Done finished with 927,000. Thanks again Deceptrox
  4. What mission and how did you get this as I only just reached 500,000 and cannot figure out what level to get this on...
  5. Alright, thanks for the heads up
  6. I have unlocked all the bricks, plates, tiles and slopes but no trophy. I placed every one aswell and still nothing. Any suggestions as I really don't want to start a new run.
  7. Thanks for the replies, I've got it sorted out
  8. So you have to do a hard mode and a speed-run mode playthrough, does this mean I have to start new characters for each? (as in erase the old file) I can't find an answer anywhere and don't want to get through a playthrough and then lose it all.
  9. It's EU, I'm all synced now
  10. There is a lovely 10GB update available now (EU)....