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  1. I saw some players with the factions from the game like Bridges logo when I playing the game
  2. If Metal gear solid was a delivery service.
  3. Second Cod game I platinum.
  4. Did Thanos Snap these Achievements.
  5. I thought this game was fun the mechanism of Combat has changed drastically unlike the game, before Ubisoft decided to rework the series as a whole and change it so it dosen't turn out like AC syndicate that Unity took it the ground so yeah it's fun may not be the best return to AC series, but worth it if you want to know the origins of brotherhood.
  6. Who knows if Dice has plans for War in the Pacific Content for US Marines and Imperial Japanese being added in the Base game but hopefully they do since it was the large part of the war.
  7. So i completely Beat the game 100% everything before doing new game plus on the Obsession difficulty, and i upgraded my knife but the trophy didn't appear i even try reload checkpoint is it a glitch ?
  8. I recently, Got this game from a buddy as a gift is the Online server's still playable after 8 years to get the achievements ?
  9. Crap and I just bought this game trying to see if I can boost both games...
  10. Ever since I've downloaded the Free maps when EA started giving them out for Free during the Road to battlefield 1, I can't find any servers matches on any DLC and most mast take place in the orginal maps in the core game can some help me.
  11. I might be too late but it's currently on sale for $30 for both games on psn