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  1. oh hey! Remember me from our chat about Reverie? I just noticed that this site says you are from Toronto! Good to know there is another high ranked trophy hunter from TO.


    1. Kishnabe


      You mean the Reverie Discord? Yeah based in GTA. 


      Cheers as well. 

  2. Just close the game and reopen. It is a known glitch in the game. It is caused once right after aligning the lights, but can be caused ANYWHERE in the game if you are rushing the dialogue too much. Also, if you do it in the last section, you can actually cause the game to force you to replay the entire game so just take your time and read the dialogue.
  3. The complaining about this game is sad. It is 2018. Day one updates are a thing. Yes, slightly different as it contains some level access, but honestly people, get over it. Stop bitching over every little thing. Just be happy that we get such a loving remaster rather than a slight increase in image quality like most other remasters...
  4. Does anyone 1) know if this will be a full trophy list with a Platinum, and 2) have footage of the dynamic pre-order theme in action?
  5. I’m still getting a crash whenever I try to fight Thalamus. Love the game, just wishing that I could keep playing it...
  6. On my Console it is showing that I got the Platinum for this game at 9:16pm 5/10/2018. Why is this site listing it as I got it at 1:16am on 5/11/2018? Timezone issue? Let say someone in a different timezone finishes it technically AFTER I have achieved my Platinum but earlier in the day in their own timezone. Does that put them ahead of me for the top 50?
  7. Game is out everyone! Grab that second Reverie Platinum now!