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  1. I loved this game! While originally finding its controls and menus frustrating, I learned to really enjoy them only a short way into the game. Wonderful and unique experience that I’m glad to see people are still playing and talking about. If I was to make a habit of replaying games that I’ve already gotten the platinum for, this would be one of the first that I’d play. Great review of your platinum experience.
  2. That’s the only trophy I have left. I contacted the developer and they claim that it is simply a really low RNG drop chance. I tried for 2 more days but never got it. I want the Platinum but not sure if I have the motivation to keep grinding it.
  3. How’s the performance? Hold a steady framerate or does it feel like ARK’s console version?
  4. No Platinum achievers? Anything else glitched or does no one make it through the game?
  5. It seems people are unlocking trophies at this point. Anyone able to confirm if trophies are popping while playing in Explore mode?
  6. Is it 4K, 60fps, both, or neither?
  7. I’m considering picking this up on the summer sale but it looks this one isn’t heavily played. Is it just bad, broken, a grind, or glitched?
  8. works fine for me. I’ve been playing a lot recently and have noticed no such bug.
  9. I platinumed this game in a week. There's a lot of pop in and if you move quick enough in the deeper areas you can sometimes glitch through the cave ceilings (which I actually found helpful when I didn’t want navigate through the intricate environments) but there isn’t anything broken about the game. Just don’t drop a lot of items on the ground. Use them, or don’t pick up things you don’t need. Very simple platinum and the performance issues WON’T get in the way of getting said platinum. Is the game perfect, no. Was the game lots of fun, yes.
  10. You do raise an interesting point and that is one that I feel has changed over the last 10 years of trophies being present on the PSN. When Sony originally introduced trophies on the PS3 there seemed a good “reason” whether a game had Platinums/Full Trophy Lists or just a minor list of various sizes/values. This reason essentially separated large development studios from indies. Large development studios having (required to) a list that was generally made up of an assortment of bronze, silver, and gold trophies often totalling to 50 with 1 additional Platinum trophy, while Indie studios/smaller development studios had somewhere in the range of 10,12, or 20 trophies. At this point in time and for a few years to follow, this was just the normal way of things and what a player was to expect with regards to trophy lists... thus, no disappointment when it came to the size of a trophy list and the presence of a platinum. Skip forward to recent years and trophy lists are more of a case by case basis with regards to their trophy contents. Nowadays, players can get full platinum lists in just a handful of minutes and don’t seem to be managed in the same way that they once were. Thus, when it comes to smaller indie games/indie developers, it is often unknown if a game that you are REALLY looking forward to will have a platinum/full trophy list or a simple list of a few bronze, silver, and golds. As someone that was looking forward to the release of Forager on the PSN, I was just a little saddened when I saw that something that I was looking forward to wouldn’t add as much to my trophy count as I would have liked. Pretty much 100% buying this game(unless it prices itself out of a purchase before a deep sale)... and I will enjoy it. I just always hope for a full trophy list when a game that I’ve been looking forward to finally releases its list. No, trophies aren’t needed to motivate me to play-through a game to completion and see every nook and cranny that a game has to offer... but they do help and encourage it. I hope that everyone that loves indie games gives Forager a try. It has looked amazing to me with everything that I’ve seen. There. Enough said from me.
  11. I’m a little upset about this trophy list. I’ve been waiting for this game to show up on PS4 and when it finally does it gets a trash 20 bronze trophy list?!? So many cheap, uninspired indies have full lists with Platinums but this popular, well made game doesn’t? I just don’t understand it... Note* I love indie games. I definitely have a lot of those “uninspired indies” in my completed list and have purchased a lot that I haven’t played yet. I’m just disappointed right now...
  12. Honestly, unless it is something that I really want to play, I operate on a “No Plat, No Purchase” gaming model these days. I WILL likely still get Forager as I’ve been wanting to play it since it was announced, but I was just commenting on the sad trophy list. There is no reason for this game to not have a full-list when all of Ratalaika games are both cross-buy and full (easy) trophy lists. Also, kinda seems like you post a lot on this site @damon8r351, so you probably understand this is a site for trophy hunters. Why does it surprise you when people play games that lead to trophies? Trophy hunting is my hobby, and now that I’m older, I have to be a bit more selective with regards to what I purchase/play. If a game doesn’t increase that trophy count in a significant way, I have to really think on whether or not I should buy it. That being said, I LIKELY will pick up Forager because of my excitement regarding its release, but I decided to vent a little bit of my disappointment on the forum. I guess that is a crime to some...
  13. Garden! Garden! GARDEN!!!!! Also, pro tip below in spoilers:
  14. I honestly don’t think that it is bugged. I just think you have to earn the blue points through researching/building/writing. Buying likely doesn’t count as it doesn’t fall under the correct criteria. I didn’t program it but that is my guess. What I can suggest to people is that you simply don’t research many blue items (unless you really need them for unlocking some tech from the skill trees) until you start making and consuming:
  15. @integra_93GS-R I don’t really know exact amounts, but consider this game a good grind. The upgrades take a while to earn, and this game has a bit slower progression (personal opinion) than Stardew Valley. I see that trophies are syncing for people now so that is awesome to see. I contacted the developer when the game was originally launched and received the following (in case anyone was wondering what happened when the game vanished...):
  16. I hope this game works this time around. Released earlier only to be removed. I was never able to sync my trophies and anytime I entered the dungeon area the game loaded a black screen that never ended. I'm really excited if this version of the game works properly. I basically had done everything in the game that I could without entering the dungeon before getting a refund for a broken (and removed from the PSN) game. Anyone know if trophies are syncing now and if the dungeon is accessible? I will buy it again right away once this is confirmed.
  17. People have been getting this platinum recently. Are people letting this game update or just going offline and playing the disc version?
  18. Working on Zombi. I’ve already finished a normal run with all story/collectible trophies. Just need to run through the game on Chicken Mode and Survival Mode. (Also, difficulty trophies not stacking is pretty much the lamest reason for multiple play-throughs. I’d rather play something again for different endings/morality choices.)
  19. Guys, I just got the Platinum. It is totally doable. Not that hard but easily frustrating if you aren’t patient.
  20. oh hey! Remember me from our chat about Reverie? I just noticed that this site says you are from Toronto! Good to know there is another high ranked trophy hunter from TO.


    1. Kishnabe


      You mean the Reverie Discord? Yeah based in GTA. 


      Cheers as well. 

  21. Just close the game and reopen. It is a known glitch in the game. It is caused once right after aligning the lights, but can be caused ANYWHERE in the game if you are rushing the dialogue too much. Also, if you do it in the last section, you can actually cause the game to force you to replay the entire game so just take your time and read the dialogue.
  22. The complaining about this game is sad. It is 2018. Day one updates are a thing. Yes, slightly different as it contains some level access, but honestly people, get over it. Stop bitching over every little thing. Just be happy that we get such a loving remaster rather than a slight increase in image quality like most other remasters...
  23. Does anyone 1) know if this will be a full trophy list with a Platinum, and 2) have footage of the dynamic pre-order theme in action?
  24. I’m still getting a crash whenever I try to fight Thalamus. Love the game, just wishing that I could keep playing it...
  25. On my Console it is showing that I got the Platinum for this game at 9:16pm 5/10/2018. Why is this site listing it as I got it at 1:16am on 5/11/2018? Timezone issue? Let say someone in a different timezone finishes it technically AFTER I have achieved my Platinum but earlier in the day in their own timezone. Does that put them ahead of me for the top 50?