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  1. I tried the demo a while ago and decided to buy the game now after deleting the trial months ago. After purchasing and downloading it tells me that this is the trial version but when i go to the game on the store it just says start. so confused EDIT: it fixed itself lol
  2. boosting threads are not allowed. make a session at this link https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  4. at 70+ games and no trophy :/
  5. ahhh thank you so much!
  6. yeah in endless I hit finish tower but when you go to towers of time to see towers completed it doesn't go up any. I thought maybe it would count both klassic and towers of time
  7. So on the guide it says to do endless towers and quit immediately to do this fast but when I do it the counter in the Towers of Time doesn't go up. Is it patched or does that counter only count the towers of time you completed and not the klassic ones too?
  8. I just updated my account on here after playing MK11 and it says I have 677 hidden trophies (which none of my trophies should be hidden) I just checked for hidden trophies on ps4 and ps3 and I didn't have anything hidden by mistake. I never changed my ID either. Just randomly happened
  9. I think its because of how many games are on the console since I have almost filled up 4tb. I wanna say its rebuild database that can help it auto update more but it stopped after about a week or two of doing it. Now I just check for update on games that are relatively newish and would most likely have updates and now it starts to do them automatically again.
  10. This seems easier than the souls games to me (bloodborne being the hardest for me)
  11. no he should be on there. for me I wasn't sure if it was the right one and it was. Then I followed him on the map again and got all the trophies doing that. He'll just be walking around on the map
  12. I came back to 4,000+ points lol i just preordered division 2 with it
  13. boosting threads aren't allowed. use https://psnprofiles.com/sessions for help
  14. currently reading through Boruto and Naruto lol