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  1. i try to use manuals when i'm about to hit flatground to keep the combo rolling
  2. exactly that. i beat it like 3 times before doing this. But it did in fact pop after doing all the stuff i mentioned
  3. I have 197/200 accomplishments but these two are still "?" for me. The other accomplishment I have left is just to get all skills but I've read others had 46 & 48 done before getting all skills. How do I go about unlocking these?
  4. all weapons and kagune
  5. just re did it after deleting the game and save and redownloading. everytime i died i saved and quit and mission selected the mission i was on. i got it to pop then.
  6. did ssdd through endgame and nothing. made sure to restart mission everytime i died or checkpoint reset. rip doing another playthrough
  7. just kinda confused and since theres not much out there on this game
  8. yup at least a couple trophies at all 24 hours of the day lol crazy
  9. ooh how do you go about this?
  10. glad this doesn't seem as grindy as pw3 since i just finished that not too long ago lol
  11. my friend got this trophy with AMC's bee tick. kind of annoying imo but it did work for him. not sure if its changed since then tho (he got it jan 28 2018)
  12. im bringing a portal gun because it would be so cool to just teleport to places lol
  13. 73 matches