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  1. You're the best in the business. Thanks, Optinoob.
  2. Maybe on PS4 but the game is awesome on PS5.
  3. I personally think it's a terrible trophy list. They make us do S-ranks on every difficulty all over again and they don't even let us use Vergil to do it. That is just terrible. It's DMC4SE all over again with pointless padding.
  4. A simple click of my profile would have shown you that I have played over 100 more games than you and have three times more platinums than you. Thanks for playing though.
  5. A lot of you are either blind or crazy because it's clearly one of the best looking console-only games of all-time.
  6. Haven't noticed it at all and didn't even see it mentioned until this thread.
  7. There are times where it's just not reading my inputs at all and it's becoming a pretty big problem. I didn't have this issue with P4D back when that game first came out.
  8. I'm surprised no one here seems to have an issue with the fact that the trophy list actively discourages co-op. Like I'm glad there are no online trophies or anything but they absolutely should have just made those single player trophies doable on both single player and co-op.
  9. It was obvious to anyone following this franchise that Capcom would be going back to the classic series. And now Ninja Theory has been acquired by MS so even the outside chance seems long gone. =)
  10. Well you're not getting Ninja Theory on it so why even bring them up? Classic DMC won.
  11. A God of War and Witcher fan complaining about the gameplay in DMC1. LOL
  12. What did you do?
  13. My list still has problems. For some reason it has bumped like 5 games all the up near the top of my list even though I haven't played any of them in years. So frustrating.
  14. I expected Rem to be way more popular.
  15. Persona 2: Innocent Sin is in my top 5 of all time. Not sure why you'd include P1 or P2: IS and P2: EP in the voting though when no one has played them and most of these "hardcore fans" won't even bother to check them out.