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  1. 39 people got the trophy this month, so it's definitely not glitched. I think you have to be "online" when playing.
  2. They really decided to update the graphics on my casino simulator
  3. So I just downloaded the game and it's some high school rapper's trying to promote their album This game is a big meme and it might be fun for some people, but not for the trophy hunters. You have to complete missions 100% to get the trophy and It's very hard. Plus I heard that there is a mission similar to Flappy goat from Goat simulator. If you like challenges and shaking your bones then this game is for you
  4. I don't think if it will be patched, because Treyarch stopped updating the game a while ago. They pretty much just don't care about this glitch.
  5. After Ubisoft bought this game I thought it will become a better game, but what they are doing is terrible. Well... anyone wanna help me get those easy criminal or 200lb fish trophies?
  6. do you know how to find more bots, because I only get around 4 kills a game.
  7. This is very good for trophy hunters. I might have to redownload the game. Are the bots hard to kill? Do they shoot back like pros, or they just stand still?
  8. So NBA 2k20 is out for 6 months right now if I’m correct and I’m thinking to get the game just right now. The biggest challenge in this trophy list is getting the GOAT collector level in MyTeam. I’m a grinder, not a money spender. Is it worth it to start playing or wait for 2k21? I have 2k19 and the player prices in this game are extremely low (20k MT For Galaxy opal) So I guess when 2k21 will come out the prices will also go very low in 2k20. So my idea is to grind as much as possible, never buy players and when 2k21 comes out buy all the players for the collector level. What do you guys think? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  9. Doenst look like a extremely hard platinum to me. I guess it's like 50+ hours
  10. Hello. I want to find all the PS+ games I have redeemed on my Vita, but I don’t know how to find them. Is there a way? Thank you
  11. Hello, so i tried to hide my PSN games on my ps4 settings, but when i update my psnprofiles account, games still shows up. What should i do?
  12. How people can hack. They use special cheat programs or what?
  13. Uncharted golden abyss , 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 love this game
  14. Tales from the bordenlands took 5days and 9 hours
  15. FIFA 12 for PSVITA 28/03/2012 This game is fun to play , but the platinum is glitched