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  1. It's not for "Most shots, only headshots", the glitched medal is for "most headshots" and the trophy is called Golden Headhunter, not Extreme Headhunter. CharlieJ-UK is still the last person to unlock this trophy. Or what makes you say that it's working again?
  2. Yes it is, but you have use some workarounds for 2 things. #1: Dominion. More here: If you don't use the strategy the trophy could pop after 5 wins or after 400 or even more. So definitely follow the exact method of this thread. #2: Skull Arcade Games in the zombie mode. You have to unlock 5 out of the 6 skulls and then activate the skull-hacker fortune card. Now you can try to complete the arcade game normally. If you don't do that, you can only attempt it once. This is a glitch by Infinity Ward and was never fixed. It's a pretty easy workaround though and almost common knowledge by now. You have to complete the skull Arcade game on these zombies maps: Shaolin Shuffle Attack of the Radioactive Thing Beast from Beyond That's it, I hope it helps!
  3. So that's why you have over 700 platinums. I guess you must really be into emberessaing things then. Ah, ok. I guess I could have picked you up then, since my messages worked like a charm on you. Got you triggered as hell from the very beginning. FNR4 just does that to people, so don't feel bad about it. It's natural
  4. I was obviously talking about a sensible amount of people, but sure go ahead and blow that out of proportion. To be honest I just asked the mother in law if she knows about FNR4 and she said no. Quite disappointed now to be honest. Feels like I just wasted my time without gaining international stardom. :Q_____ On a serious note though, most people that read all the posts in the forum for this game are interested one way or another. Either in the trophies themselves or just to voice their opinion for some reason...
  5. It hasn't been used for that in years... When will people finally stop bringing up money? It's all for the arts and cultural heritage of the game. The only crime I can report here is that you are using that avatar from 2008-2009 as your profile picture and PSN avatar. After all these years you didn't find anything better in the store? Daily.... You have the belt for 35hours before it times out. It baffles me how misinformed this community still is about the game, yet everyone is interested in getting their hands on them or at least to share their opinion about it, without actually knowing anything about the game.
  6. Guilty as charged. And you are absolutely correct. Very good memory you've got there.
  7. Thank you so much, it's going quite well. Yeah, I have plenty of them that are still sitting on the shelf.
  8. I do apologise for not taking care of the matter personally. I actually moved to a different country and I didn't bring my PS3s' with me, but the second I buy some of them here I will continue holding LW and MW again instead of my very good friend. At this point I would like to give a big shoutout to TheRealHardyBoy1 for keeping the tyranny alive ❤️.
  9. Ah, fair enough. I usually only start the games when I have everything set up first or if I really want to play the SP of a game. I'd recommend it to anyone to fully plan out their boosts before just starting a game.
  10. That's why I would get it on the day it'd test the game :P. Also it doesn't automatically synch the game on the PS3. Then again I don't really see why you would get all but 3 MP trophies in an MP that takes about 4hours to finish, no offence.
  11. That's why it's always a good thing to just test a game on an alt for 5 minutes before starting it on your main account. I've been doing that for about 6 years now, not quite sure why people wouldn't do that when they are about to start a really old game :P. Also aren't the trophy related online features and the MP the first thing you should take care of? I know you got the platinum done, but I'm talking about the people that just started the SP of the game and dropped it.
  12. Not really. The daily and weekly challenges are just a feature of the online mode. They'd only have to announce the whole shutdown of the multiplayer server, which hasn't happened. It's slightly annoying for trophy hunters that like to complete their games, but 99,5% of the players couldn't really care about this in the slightest :P.
  13. Mhm.... Does it really matter that much though? You completed 27 out of 264 games, so we'll just say 10% of your games. Would it really matter if it was left incomplete?
  14. Ah I didn't even see that second part. Thanks man, to you too
  15. Ohhhhhh, another one of these.