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  1. Ah, fair enough. I usually only start the games when I have everything set up first or if I really want to play the SP of a game. I'd recommend it to anyone to fully plan out their boosts before just starting a game.
  2. That's why I would get it on the day it'd test the game :P. Also it doesn't automatically synch the game on the PS3. Then again I don't really see why you would get all but 3 MP trophies in an MP that takes about 4hours to finish, no offence.
  3. That's why it's always a good thing to just test a game on an alt for 5 minutes before starting it on your main account. I've been doing that for about 6 years now, not quite sure why people wouldn't do that when they are about to start a really old game :P. Also aren't the trophy related online features and the MP the first thing you should take care of? I know you got the platinum done, but I'm talking about the people that just started the SP of the game and dropped it.
  4. Not really. The daily and weekly challenges are just a feature of the online mode. They'd only have to announce the whole shutdown of the multiplayer server, which hasn't happened. It's slightly annoying for trophy hunters that like to complete their games, but 99,5% of the players couldn't really care about this in the slightest :P.
  5. Mhm.... Does it really matter that much though? You completed 27 out of 264 games, so we'll just say 10% of your games. Would it really matter if it was left incomplete?
  6. Ah I didn't even see that second part. Thanks man, to you too
  7. Ohhhhhh, another one of these.
  8. 50 wins in regular modes (not Blackout) are nothing really. I've seen people go 1/25 in my time on BO3 and still win a TDM, albeit I usually made sure to commend them on their performance once the match was over But 50 wins will come absolutely naturally while going for level 55. Just play the game during double XP events and you will be done with it in 15-30hrs, no matter how good or bad you are. I'd say that section of the trophy list is very standard and should not pose a problem to anyone. The hardest trophy is to win 10 Blackout games of course. If you are not good at that mode, you can completely forget winning a solo and you'll have to rely on people helping you out with wins in duos and squads.
  9. ID: Jeanmi96 I have a few mods, karts and tracks up. Message me if you downloaded my items and I will do the same for you. Thank you.
  10. Actually decided to move the belt operation over to discord. I'd say by now it's the most well-oiled discord boosting server.
  11. No, that heinous guy is still very much doing it. A real shame for such a good game really.
  12. Chill brother. Peace

  13. That is a good idea. To be honest we should ask the devs if they can just cancel all the planned refunds and redirect the money to the server provider. Maybe that way we can play it for another week. Personally I don't even want my 24€ back, i'd just prefer all the players that were too slow to get their platinum now
  14. I think it was PRETTY obvious that the game would shut shortly after being delisted. I mean anybody who didn't start the game the day it was pulled from the store/ the instant they bought it, was kind of asking for it. I mean the game took about 15-25hrs, depending on how effective you are and if you had a boost partner or not. I just don't understand why anybody would think that the server would stay up for longer than a week after the dev team posted that video. It was made perfectly clear by them that the game was a failure and that they are more or less in damage control mode. Delisting the game within 24hrs after the announcement, issuing refunds in order to not upset the player base any further , shifting their attention towards the first Culling and, although he didn't mention it, they obviously cancelled their subscription with their server provider (assuming they were renting one). To be honest I'm surprised the game even made it through the weekend following the announcement. Someone must have had mercy to keep it up for those 2 extra days.
  15. I know right. If this stays up any longer it might even turn into a 20% + platinum.... It's already gotten pretty bad.