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  1. they actually made the challenges easier a few months ago now , u should of seen the state of them when they first came out u should be grateful 😂
  2. i agree best racing game on playstation easy wish they would make a new one
  3. just about to start this can anybody tell me if theres any missable trophies or anything carnt find nothing online atm
  4. restarted myself mate i know how you feel , i was wondering if u could help me ive already done the level 12 ambulance trophy on my old save do i still have to do it again on the new?
  5. ive done the same thing mate , gutted should of done them all at start im about to try the rampages now so ill see
  6. same here its all i need for the 100% , there is another DLC coming soon maybe they will patch it then
  7. really hoped they would of patched this by now , anybody got any info about it?
  8. glitched for me to , just came across it now so annoying
  9. wow thanks alot worked for me haha
  10. just popped for me lol after i finished loose ends
  11. starting to think so too , nearly finished my second run for this trophy hoping it unlocks
  12. i must be one of the only people who want the prestige mode again lol , that shit made the completion rare as hell
  13. can anybody give me a estimated time for this trophy ,going to start working on it thanks
  14. so they tweeted out the last lost tales is out now , they have added no trophy as far as i can see are we safe to uninstall now?
  15. i was just doing my survivor + moral point playthrough and came across a nasty glitch on dead city , where the demon does not spawn and break the gate so i cannot progress , ive tried reloading chapter and game nothing works, my question is if i replay it on chapter select and carry on will i still get the survivor and moral point trophies at the end if anyone knows anything its much appreciated