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  1. just started this game yesterday i appreciate you making this bro
  2. im shocked theres no platinum wtf lol
  3. its a quality game bro has a lot of potential for future updates
  4. NPC's are with you in most of the missions and when u can solo a boss i do that , you would know that if you actually played the game before judging our opinions on it lol , and i dont know what u mean by the game is as difficult as you want it to be? , you mean dont get the flags have no morale and go through it? makes no sense to even do that , the game is easy thats all we are saying it aint no weird flex its facts
  5. theres a quest you get near endgame called scarlet crystals you must complete that bro
  6. your right i thought this game was gonna be hard which is the reason i bought it day 1 because i thought it would take a while to platinum , but unfortunately ill have the plat in the next few days which is not good personally for me lol , lets hope they add sum hard dlcs trophies because the game is actually good imo
  7. ye just got the platinum aswell thanks for the updates was a routine checking this thread everytime i woke up lol
  8. Ye I agree with you bro , I’m hyped for it though definitely getting it day 1
  9. Seems there’s a few people with the platinum already they have obviously got earlier copy’s but still must be quite a short game maybe 30-50 hours for the plat if your decent I reckon
  10. they need to fix this asap its so annoying ive got 97% on GT7 says ive only played 29 hours it just looks stupid its really annoying
  11. ive had one legendary car in nearly a month now , they seem to be adding newer cars which making this trophy really annoying hopefully we get a least 1 car for the trophy this month
  12. ye bro you have to own all 3 at once
  13. The mark iv car has been the only legendary car since I started the game about 2 weeks ago surely we will get a new one for the trophy this month right?
  14. ive been wondering about this myself for a week or 2 now , just seen this thread its so annoying been stuck on 130hours on nioh for ages when i know im probadly at 170s by now , sony being very sloppy for a while now
  15. back to this shit again omg 😂