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  1. thanks mate thought i had to restart the whole playthrough again
  2. i completed the story im trying to go back to the bayou to finish collectibles , but i dont know how to theres no fast travel icon or anything can anyone tell me whats going on? thanks
  3. i must take back what i have said about this game ive ended up enjoying it
  4. i expected the remaster to look better than the original lol more like a demaster but i see your point, it feel like the audio is all over the place aswell when your going through cities i dunno man i expected more i guess , even the ezio collection did a better job than this imo
  5. so many problems with this game from the audio to the game just freezing and the graphics theres no real difference imo maybe few % thats it , im sure when i played it on xbox 360 it was actually better , anybody thinking the same?
  6. anybody else think the game isnt running properly? i sware it ran way better when i played it on xbox 360 lol
  7. ive been waiting months for these 2 to be released carnt wait!
  8. carnt wait ive been holding out on the new assassins creed because i want to 100% these first hyped to play all 3 back to back
  9. i got all 50 wins in about 4-5 days im from the UK and played at all different times , didnt have a problem getting into a game either if u can choose and EU server with your vpn u should be good bro
  10. i hope to god they dont come with sum dumb online dlc trophies in the future
  11. what dlc are u talking about there the 50 wins?
  12. is the division 100% still attainable guys? my friend wants me to complete it so we can play division 2 together any reply is much appreciated thanks
  13. what would u guys say is the longest/tedious part of getting the platinum
  14. if anybody knows how to do this and need partner add me up we can do it for a few hours
  15. whats the level system like does it take long to rank up?