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  1. In the grand scheme of things what does the ISS actually do, and anyway it was a small number of lives lost and a floating bit of metal compared to the whole sale loss of life happening down on earth not to mention the mess made of D.C. and possibly other cities due to the russians attacks.
  2. I think its Ghost or one of the other squad members that says oh god.
  3. Lost Odyssey or the first Condemned game, not an exclusive per se but the Witcher 2
  4. Theres a mini film called operation Kingfisher which explains why Price is in the Gulag, basicly he survived MW1 and during a mission in the operation kingfisher he got caught. Pretty sure Price actually personally fired the nuke, and because it detonated in the high atmosphere only the emp effect actually had any effect.
  5. Including only the newest versions of the games, Going from Best to Worst: Resident Evil 2 Remake - This gets top spot mainly for Claire as i find Leon unlikable. Resident Evil Remake - Simply a Great game Resident Evil Revelations - A horror game on a Boat, But it earns this Spot mainly because of the Comm's Officer (Scagdead). Resident Evil Zero - Wish the Train section lasted a lot longer as it was unique, once you were at the facilty it was just like the original RE (just with Character Swapping). Resident Evil 5 - Apart from the boulder punching, a Solid game (great DLC though). Resident Evil 3 Remake - A bit to short, but i enjoyed it quite a lot, loved the upgrade to Tyrell's Character over the original. Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Not as good as the first Revelations, but still a Solid game. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City - I might be in the Minority but i liked the game. Resident Evil 7 - the Change to 1st person was a bit jarring for me, otherwise would be higher up. Resident Evil 6 - A bit to actiony, will admit i liked the Helena/Leon Scenario the most (Played as Helena most of the time) Resident Evil Code Veronica X - This game i'm pretty sure actively hates me, Resident Evil Resistance - Not much to say really, can be enjoyable at times. Resident Evil 4 - The game that made me despise Leon, i find the Game decent but personally i find it to be one of the most Overated games i've ever played. Resident Evil Chronicles (Umbrella/Darkside) - Don't like on the rails Shooters
  6. On Ps4 i would have to say Persona 5, Ys 8, Tokyo Xanadu Ex and because of the second two i looked up extra info on them and saw the Name Trails of Cold Steel repeatedly pop up so i went a bought Cold Steel 1 enjoyed that thourougly so preceded to buy the Cold Steel 2 and then Cold Steel 3 when it came out and have Pre-ordered Cold Steel 4, I'm actually cursing my self that i came to the overall Legend of Heroes series so late. (Really hope we get western releases for the Crossbell Duology and a Remastered Sky Trilogy). I would probably have to add most VN's as well and also because of Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek most Hidden Object Games. Although it was on Ps3 i would also add Yakuza 3 because not only did i get really into that game it also got me into the Yakuza series as whole and have all the games released in the Uk apart from the original versions of 1 and 2, and unlike most people i actually enjoy Dead Souls, Wish they would release the two Feudal Japan yakuza's in the West.
  7. I've played about 4 games as Mastermind and won all of them played 1 as survivors and lost
  8. gotta agree with that
  9. If you get into a match and one of the survivors is Jan, go for her straight away as she can be a real nuisance otherwise. Of the games i've played the only time i had any issues was when she was one of the survivors. P.S. G-Birkins 'Triangle' move Overkill is great
  10. For me EA games i'd like remasters of are Dragon Age Origins (all DLC included + Golems DLC difficulty Nerfed and Darkspawn Kill Trophies that actually Work) Dragon Age 2 (All DLC included) Mass Effect Trillogy (all DLC except the Comics included + MP having no effect on SP cause that was annoying) 007 Everything or Nothing BF - Bad Company 1 and 2 Dead Space Trilogy (Get rid of the Co-Op in 3) Kingdoms of Amalur The Saboteur Dante's Inferno
  11. 9582 unearned trophies over 352 games i've started 9052 unearned trophies in 192 games i own but haven't started yet According to PSNprofiles my completion percentage is 51.30% According to Truetrophies my completion percentage is 53% Currently going through Shenmue for the first time (stupid RNG collectible trophies), also attempting to get the A Toe into Madness trophy on DOOM (2016).
  12. Level 41 Doom (2016) Every Nook and Cranny
  13. N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure
  14. 1. The Darkness and The Darkness II 2.Remember Me 3.MGS4