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  1. I'm stuck at 91% on Upper Strangled Cliffs in Dathomir...can anyone help?
  2. You, sir, are a god amongst mortals.
  3. This is exactly what I'm searching for right now. Been here an hour!
  4. If you play on Story Mode and run past everything then probably...but who does that?
  5. Story is 15-20 hours, collectible clean up probably the same again. It's very like the 2018 God of War in terms of being semi open world and a Metroidvania approach to areas/collectibles.
  6. EA didn't give us any early access codes this time (they were super strict about this game because of spoilers) so I only got a copy from the shop on Wednesday and have been playing/writing at the same time. Check back in an hour
  7. There are no missables.
  8. Lego Star Wars says hi That wouldn't really be a long game either...you'd have about two hours of action gameplay interspersed with Kojima-length cutscenes about the consistency of sand.
  9. I'm about a third of the way through the game and it's easily my GOTY so far. Haven't had this much fun with a game for years...it's essentially what you get if you mix Uncharted and the new God of War in with lightsabers. Life's too short for this silly nonsense about boycotting and making a stand...EA don't care and it's no skin off their back. Respawn have made an absolutely quality game and the single player Star Wars content we've been waiting for since KOTOR. No online, no microtransactions...just fun. If you're a Star Wars fan and not playing this over who publishes it, then you're missing out badly.
  10. Posts like this are why I’ve all but given up trophy hunting. ‘Feeling like a loser’ completing one of the best RPGs ever because some people think it’s easier than expected? Nothing’s stopping you doing a Level 1 run or collecting every TT card if you want. People play games for the wrong reasons now. Just enjoy the nice Remaster and the chance to step into the world of FF8 again. If you get a Platinum by the end of the journey than all the better for it.
  11. Well done mate! Storming last few weeks, came from out of the blue. Looking forward to net season.
  12. Surprised there haven't been any posts this season! Epic battle for the Top 3, just 7 points separating us!
  13. MR ROWLAND?!?! It's been such a long time! Indeed it has, but now it's coming back! My favourite FPS ever