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  1. Sharpshooter didn’t unlock for me either. Must have tried 20 times by now.
  2. Tried this about 15 times now, on all different difficulties, with auto aim and weapon sway both off and on, and nothing. :/
  3. Can't you keep deleting the new list? And @HuntingFever I assumed it's the last since 128 trophies is the max and we'll now be on 127.
  4. If I don't start Minecraft again after this new update, it can't add the trophies to my system...
  5. I'm sure they'll be added, but nice to know this is the final ever update.
  6. Haha that's fair enough! I know you're legit and have the second best avatar on here ( ) so was wondering. But also winning The Championship with 2000 points?!
  7. Lmao, how did you manage this?!
  8. OK good, just checking as this is a B1 forum Maybe start a New Game and get it that way without any prior saves? It might have already thought you had it from a previous save.
  9. That wouldn't be because that's a BioShock 2 trophy and not 1, would it?
  10. One of the new stacks is definitely Japanese. Would say the other is Korean or Hong Kong but that doesn't explain the French guy!
  11. I can see where the 'Selective' part of your name comes from! How about AEW copied WWE gimmick cinematic matches (Boneyard/MitB) with the Stadium Stampede?
  12. It's 2050. Where's PST's Members List?
  13. Is Sami pregnant too?
  14. Darts was easy. Pull-ups, however...
  15. Go for the Bullseye. Both rings count as 50 for some bizarre reason. Wish I'd known that instead of spending 20 minutes going for Treble 20s