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  1. I'm sure RX and Webb will promise us the site will be fixed in the next six hours, and if it isn't then we can criticise them all we like. Then we'll still be here waiting two months later with no site.
  2. Nice guide and this is probably the most efficient path. However, what I will say is that the PS3 version doesn't have stacking difficulty trophies, so it's 3 playthroughs. That's probably another 10-15 hours for that version on Final Mix difficulty and what the guide reflects as there isn't a PS4 version or note.
  3. For fuck's sake.
  4. Because when I buy a game, I expect to have a story with a defined beginning, middle and end. I shouldn't have to watch a bloody two-hour movie before playing the game to understand anything going on, then have major story beats entirely skipped over during the game so that they can be sold later as part of not one, but TWO season passes. And if XV was a masterpiece, then all the games between VI and X must have been literally shat out of God's golden arse. Holding circle to win (occasionally you can press triangle to spice it up if you want) is an atrocious battle system compared to the intricacies and strategy of the turn-based systems of old, or even the more real-time stuff of X-2 and XIII.
  5. It's kind of depressing to think that I'm sat here fist-pumping the cancelation of main series FF content. A decade ago when I was a proper FF fanboy and snaffling up every new spin-off or port I could, it seems unfathomable I'd be here celebrating the fact I can just delete the game after March. I'm not denying DLC trophies play some part in this, but the fact largely remains that FF's soul died with Squaresoft
  6. My dad is bigger than your dad! And while we're at it, my plat collection is bigger than your plat collection! NERR NERR NERR NERRRRRRR NERR! What if English isn't his first language?
  7. Can't even begin to imagine what PST is like for drama if that place is a cesspool! I make this the third drama-filled thread of the day here and it's not even tea time yet! Hey, you don't have to tell me about what a bunch of completionists are like when you stick them all in one place
  8. I live on Planet Earth. I LOVE on Planet Slamz.
  9. I don't know why there always has to be so much shit-slinging amongst the elite, and so much 'he did that', 'oh well, he did THAT!' hearsay. Obviously being at the top of a leaderboard comprising hundreds of thousands of players will inevitably lead to an element of competitiveness, but we're all gamers at the end of the day. Can't everyone just enjoy playing games, collecting trophies, and not waste time and energy trawling through thousands of games on a profile to score hits on each other?
  10. Had a lot of fun with this. Looking forward to the other stacks, thanks @RatalaikaGames!
  11. Why not both? Plenty of time to finish SoTR before RDR2.
  12. Thanks for posting. This series doesn't half love stuffing trophies in!
  13. Delighted to have started this well, usually I start slow and come good later on. Waiting for the inevitable disastrous Gameweek any day now...
  14. I just have no room for him. Obviously not going to take out Robertson or Mendy yet and can't find 2m to upgrade another defender!