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  1. Woops, luckily I've just seen this! Team name: Leave My Arcelona. Codes please!
  2. Interesting. Anyway, I like the new layout which came into force a few hours ago. It looks much cleaner and collates the info we need in the right spaces. Ultimately, yes, I liked the original layout more but it's not a life-altering change and after a week everyone will be used to it anyway. The previous layout will be all but forgotten in the annals of time. There are other changes or features which are more worthy of people's energy and attention.
  3. If it's Hardcore 3 you're waiting for, then just reset the puzzle. I tried a couple where it took 10 minutes to find a solution and was still running (and almost crashing my laptop), but on my third try it solved it in 20 seconds. Also, just wanted to thank the OP for creating this tool. Brilliant mate, thank you.
  4. I've done that and they're all set to "immediate notification when new content posted." It used to work until a few months ago and I haven't changed emails or anything.
  5. Hey, sorry I don't often come into the forums so I missed this. I'm meant to have email notifications when someone posts in a thread like this that I follow, but I never get them anymore. Anyone know how to fix that?
  6. It has to be done in one run, like every trophy in the game (even the 10,000 kills). Absolutely nothing crosses across save files on different new games.
  7. Congrats to the winners! This was fun and I'll be back next season to hopefully do better
  8. It was easier to port GOW3 to PS4 as it's already in HD and requires little more than a bit of visual/texture polish. 1 and 2 on the other hand look very dated (even on the PS3 'remasters', they don't look great and they didn't even bother touching up the CGI cutscenes which look awful) so they probably didn't see it as financially viable when there's so many other versions of the game to play. However, the new GOW and it success has won a ton of new fans, either younger ones who weren't around in the PS2 days or Xbox players who have jumped over to Sony for the first time, so I wouldn't be surprised if 1 and 2 saw the light of day on PS4 eventually so they can see when it all started.
  9. If you're referring to mine, then that isn't true because I state that you need to complete one set and there's two in the game. One can be obtained on Disc 3 wth the Chocobo and the other on Disc 4 by stealing from Memoria bosses. I don't say anywhere that you have to get the pieces in Memoria.
  10. *Aims gunblade at own head*
  11. https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/6669-final-fantasy-ix


    Looks like I have to call you #6 now and not #7!

    1. Meacham


      I thought I was always 6th? :hmm:


      Weren't you 8th? Seems the person between us was caught cheating. 

    2. Darth_Krid


      Oh, maybe so. But I was 8 for a long time!


      Shame really as 8 is my favourite number.

  12. Tips are fine to use, they're guessing as much as we are. Most transfer targets are obvious anyway! Happy @TheSoloWing can stay, dunno what happened on the other site. At least he posted here even if he missed the oversight of posting his team name.
  13. I'm not sure kicking him just for following tips is fair, since a lot of players use other websites and podcasts and stuff. Plus, I for one took a few hits this week and brought similar players in just because I get DGW hype! But not signing up here or posting at all is where I see the problem. I play this for the banter and friendly competition, I have no interest playing for myself.
  14. Yeah, he also joined the site league on PST and we don't know how since the code was private. Our league runner is going to kick him when he gets online, so I don't know what you want to do here.
  15. Sssssh! if you take him out, prepare to scramble to bring him back in next week