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  1. Best PPV in a decade. Yesss Brock!
  2. This is actually a really good idea! Fully PAP weapon by Round 2 and then the points from other rounds can just go on perks and stuff. Clever!
  3. It’s free extra content for a great game. If that makes you cry I’d hate to see your reaction in an upsetting situation!
  4. I believe so.
  5. Actually it's to complete one tomb then all three tombs. Hopefully easy!
  6. Two new trophies have just synced to PSN under the heading 'Tombs of the Fallen'. So in answer to this thread...no.
  7. You're being kind. Utterly unwatchable is more accurate.
  8. Finally done! That might be one of the worst DLCs I've ever done. Thanks for the guides @Argandalf!
  9. I totally understand the CRT’s unwillingness to create a precedent by allowing this one, since that will open the floodgates for “Well, you allowed Run Like the Wind, so why not this as they’re similar?” However, if there’s one trophy on PSN which should be put on a theoretical ‘whitelist’ then it should be this one. A tough one either way and I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision!
  10. Stealth missions are actually fine as enemies are spread out and stay still. Small mercies considering how broken the stealth is in this game.
  11. Stupid fucking thing. Spent an hour on the first stealth challenge and had one guy left, thought I’d steal the artefact first before killing him and that ends the fucking mission leaving me on 946/1000. Thanks for telling me, bellends.
  12. You must be new here.
  13. This could be quite grindy and even...whisper it quietly...difficult. Not looking forward to the stealth challenges as stealth in this game is dodgy at best and utterly broken at worst.
  14. Just appeared on the PSN app on my trophy list, so imagine it'll sync soon. Two new trophies: All That Glitters - Get your first Gold Medal in a Mastery Challenge A True Master - Earn all Gold Medals available No idea what these are or how difficult they'll be, there's literally no information about these anywhere that I can find. Guess we'll find out, maybe at Ubisoft Forward scheduled for Friday.