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  1. The Borderlands games and Witcher 3 had great DLC expansions! I also started playing the Frozen Wilds Expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn which so far is very good!
  2. Xblaze Lost Memories. Was excited initially since it was my first visual novel game that I ever played! The story, however, was cheesy and just very bland to play through! And the game had an unnecessary, tacked on epilogue that had more chapters then the main storyline!
  3. Definitely Oblivion! I love the elder scrolls games and it sucks that Skyrim and Online are the only ones you can earn trophies in! It also sucks that when Bethesda did the 5th-anniversary edition for Oblivion that they didn't add a trophy list!
  4. Never mind! Skipping to the first of the next month fixed the issue for me! Thanks for the help!
  5. I think I've run into this issue. Specifically where whenever I want to skip an objective it just asks me for Quantums and the option to skip once a day freely is gone! Did you manage to fix this? Does this fix your referring to, fix the issue of constantly having to pay Quantums to skip objectives and no longer being given the ability to skip once a day for free?
  6. Oh wow, that's very interesting! I remember also going through those dlcs originally but I never reloaded my endgame save. Don't need to tell me twice! Very annoying to get! Thankfully the farming method recommended in the guide works pretty well. Its one of my favourites as well! Easily in my top 5 favourite RPG games! I got my traveller trophy years ago during my first playthrough, back when I wasn't a serious trophy hunter. I feel bad though for all the people who have had to struggle to get it, and am glad I didn't have to deal with it recently! Thanks @IntroPhenom!
  7. Now working on: 1. Resident Evil 7 2. Resident Evil HD 3. Fallout Shelter (95% Completion) 4. Skyrim (PS3)
  8. Oh okay, I see! Thanks that helped a lot!
  9. I have a question. I'm not sure what everyone means by a Clear save file? Must I Keep one slot free for my clear file and then just save over that each time I unlock a new mode, costumes etc? This is my first time playing the game, so I'm not really familiar with how it all works.
  10. Ya traveller was a big issue. I had a guy message me yesterday asking me about it,
  11. At least for once it's a good trophy glitch and doesn't prevent you from getting it like other games usually do lol But ya I've been researching and apparently this has been an occurrence with a few people. Good to know for someone who may decide they want to go for the plat!
  12. Wanted to post this as a possible tip for anyone going for the "Perfectionist" trophy. Years ago when I originally played this game I got the Ultimate Sacrifice ending but none of the others. Now today when I was playing, my plan was to go for the Dark Ritual ending then get the other two endings involving Loghain and Alistar. However, when I beat the final boss, the perfectionist trophy popped and I got the platinum! Don't know how this happened as I have only beaten this game twice, but I guess it was a welcomed miracle! I don't know if it was a glitch or the fact that only two of the endings (the ones I did) have trophies tied to them so maybe the game got tricked into thinking I had all the endings. I'm not sure, but I wanted to post this to anyone who wants maybe save some time and not have to fight the final boss 4 times.
  13. Dragon Age Origins Resident Evil 7 Hellblade Senua's Sacrifce
  14. I got it last night on easy. I may have just been lucky but you must do it with a standard molded and must just try to keep a short distance between you and it should grab you.
  15. If you don't mind me asking one more thing, where do you go to get blank tiles so you can craft Perk Talents? Because in my game none of the merchants sells them and I have no idea how to get any?