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  1. Okay thats good! Thanks! I started yesterday, but I killed a boss before I was supposed to find an item for that Mediterranean diet trophy, so now I have to start again :(. Buy I'm enjoying the game so far!
  2. So to clarify, do you have to now do all the DLC stuff to get 100% game completion?
  3. I'm looking to do a guide for this DLC as I just finished it the other day, Not sure if anyone else is already working on one for PSNProfiles?
  4. Just Platinumed the game now, the glitch still works!
  5. Awesome, thanks a lot!
  6. Did it work for you?
  7. If we're including ones that spanned years then mine would be Fallout: New Vegas that took me 6 years and 9 months total. That was me playing multiple playthroughs until I eventually decided to go for the plat, Didn't before because I didn't think I could handle a hardcore mode playthrough. In terms of a game where I played it straight through to get the plat, then that would be Fallout Shelter which took me 7 months and 2 weeks.
  8. Looks okay although the multiplayer looks a bit more involved then the first game. I'm hesitant to go for this one though as the 2016 game, I got all the collectables, weapon upgrades etc, I had 90% of all the base game trophies but then the challenges trophy glitched as I only had one left but couldn't complete it. And the only way to do it is to restart the game over, I've never rage quit on a platinum trophy that hard in my life lol. I'll still play the game, just might not bother with trophies.
  9. Hey guys, I'm currently at level 28 and I'm having troubles getting to level 30. I'm at the endgame just before the final mission and I have done all the side quests, sublight faction, weapons of the void, companion quests and most of the tasks but I'm struggling to level up. I think there may be one or two tasks I haven't found yet, but those hardly give any xp anyway. Enemies don't give too much xp when I farm them and I tried wreaking havoc by taking out everyone in settlements but they give less xp then enemies do. I also tried to do the final mission for xp, but I was only able to reach level 29 before the final cutscene played. Is their any exploit or a good way to farm? Edit: Nevermind I hit level 30. If you are struggling as I did, I will link a video down below for an easy glitch with respawning enemies that can be used to get xp quickly. I did this until I was 95000xp (out of 300,000) passed level 29 and then I just went and did the final mission again which gave me the rest I needed to hit 30. I also recommend that have the sprint faster and 50%xp from companion kills perks to make this method a bit faster. Credit to GAME HARD for the video.
  10. Okay cool, thanks for the help!
  11. Okay cool thank you, I'm just working out which trophies I can get by save-scumming and not doing a whole new Playthrough. I'm assuming I can get the Mightier than the Sword trophy as well if I left Adelaide in Power in Edgewater?
  12. Oh okay, that's awesome because I also left Adelaide in power and I was worried I'd have to do another playthrough. Were you able to get The Cartographer trophy as well by doing this? I saw in the guide that you have to side with the board in order to get that side mission.
  13. Ya I think Telltale announced a season 3 when they bounced back, along with season 2 of Wolf Among Us which I'm very excited for!
  14. I see what you mean in that it is different from the comics. I just look at it like I do with the movies when I just consider it a different interpretation. I thought what they did with the Joker was interesting, but I do agree that trailers hyped it up a bit too much. I agree Season 1 felt a bit more like Telltales own story and their very different interpretation of the characters. The Villain thing didn't really bother me as much, although the Bruce Wayne sections were definitely more annoying to play than in season 1. But I did like that Bruce Wayne gets to know a lot of his villains as Bruce Wayne instead of as Batman.
  15. I guess now we know that Telltale is back and are making a season 3 so it's not really a big deal now. But for me, I was very disappointed in the last episode back when it seemed like it was the last batman season. I really loved helping John throughout the season and thought it was interesting how Harley was controlling him. It was satisfying to see him snap towards the end and become the Joker I know and love! But I feel in the end the journey was more satisfying than the destination, as the final episode just felt like a typical batman vs The Joker plot and telltales interesting ideas for the character ended, now they were just doing generic Joker stuff. I was fine with the choices, for the most part, I replayed the episode a second time to get the ones I wanted more. I wasn't a fan of the final choice with Alfred as it just seemed like an effort to throw in some last-minute shock value. Especially since when I finished the game was when we thought Telltale was done for good and that we would get no resolution. Now that we are getting season 3 there probably going to undo whatever you chose at the end for plot convenience in season 3, so what was really the point? I do like the Telltale Batman a lot, I just don't like the soap drama decisions they throw at you like in the first season when Falcone crashes the party, but whether you choose to shake his hand or not, the people of Gotham hate you like its junior high!