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  1. Currently Borderlands 3 (almost done with that), Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning and The Outer Worlds! I love my RPGs, so they are always my number one platinum priority!
  2. Not really. I generally mix and match my armour so If I'm doing a two-class hybrid I split my armour pieces in half and wear ones that benefit both sides of my class. But obviously, with blacksmithing and gem crafting you could craft armour that would benefit two classes.
  3. Thanks! I'm currently working on the kill related trophies and I will do this method if I get really desperate later on!
  4. Hey guys, with the car parts trophy, do upgrades that you get from finding those parked cars on the maps that have upgrades in them count for this trophy? Edit: Nevermind, I got the trophy now. You can do a combination of both or just one and it pops. That is finding parked cars on the map or hijacking the ones the bandits drive around in.
  5. And they announce this 2 days before The Outer Worlds comes out? Like as if this going to make people buy this instead of Outer Worlds? Seriously Bethesda can stuff it! What I find most insulting is the NCR Ranger armour being paywalled behind this, as if they think they can cash in on the Obsidian hype?
  6. Ya, I know. I understand now why they did it, but I still think they could have done a better job of informing you that the shared stuff is stored there. Naming the file User Settings makes me initially think it's not important, they should have called it shared data or something, just so I initially know that it's important to back it up. But either way, I make sure to back up my user settings file each time now.
  7. Didn't even finish the first or play much of it and I was still able to highly enjoy Watch Dogs 2!
  8. Ya I guess. I never really used golden keys in those games so it never affected my game and I get things like Badass ranks so the characters can share it. But the fact that I lost my cosmetics and all the legendary weapons I had stored is stupid. I know the new bank system is shared between your characters, but I honestly would have just prefered the locker to come back so you could share guns that way. Needless to say, I have gotten back some of my cosmetics that I had to rebuy. I just wanted to put this up to anyone who didn't know.
  9. Ya, I get you. Doing the side missions as you get them has always been a core aspect of borderlands games and it sucks that they changed it. I appreciate them introducing proper level scaling, but the fact that I have to focus on the main story now in every playthrough and deal with the annoying Calypsos without being able to take a break with some far better-written side missions every now and then is incredibly annoying! I much rather do fetch quests then deal with the Calypsos sometimes when I play.
  10. Hey guys, so a couple of weeks ago I accidentally lost my user settings file and half of my stuff! What happened was I started the game when it came out at my friend's house on his PlayStation so we could play coop, This was just after I changed my PSN password and I couldn't remember what it was, so I just created a character and played. Then naturally when I got back home I started a new solo character which created a new user settings file on my PlayStation, Long story short when I eventually logged back into my PSN account on his PlayStation later and downloaded my new user setting file, it overwrote the one on his console and I lost half of my stuff. My own mistake I know, but this is what I ended up losing: Most of my cosmetic items: Skins, Heads, Room decorations (even cosmetics that I earned as quest rewards from missions) All the weapons that were stored in my bank. My Bank and Lost Loot SDU upgrades. (I still had all my other SDU upgrades thankfully) All the golden keys that I had redeemed up until that point. Beyond that everything that was in my inventory was thankfully safe. I have no idea why Gearbox decided to store half of your character's stuff in the user settings file and not just your character save like in previous games. At the time I overwrote the user settings file thinking nothing of it only to find out afterwards what had happened.
  11. It's a different design from traditional Borderlands I know. I do see what they were trying to do, in this way you can reach level 50 without having to do a new game plus which is good for some as most people will want to do other playthroughs with other characters anyway so it saves time. I did about 20 side missions before I figured this all out, but now that I have I've been able to get through the main story without any real issues in terms of difficulty or level scaling with enemies. In the end, I'm going to try this new method, so that I can better weapons and loot later but in the end, you can do the traditional way as well and it works just as fine.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, just wanted to ask a quick question. I know that side quests scale to your level after you complete the main story which is what I want to do so I can get more XP. What I'm wondering is, if I accept the side missions so there in my quest tab, but I leave them until after I complete the main story, do they still scale? I just want to know if I should completely leave quest givers till after the main story, or I if can accept them so I can track them after I complete the main story? Thanks guys!
  14. Ya I know that. What me and my friend did was we split the game on shared account and then played couch co-op with our separate accounts. We gifted the game to one of our other friends. But me and my friend played local coop on the same playstation (with our own individual accounts) and we both got the trophies without issue.
  15. Ya the level when you're in the play is the best! Reminded me of Witcher 3 when you had to perform in the play. I also love the section in the first episode where you play Dungeons and Dragons! I get what you're saying! I guess we'll have to see what comes next. I'm waiting for life is strange 2 physical copy to come out so I get it and then play the game all in one go. I know Deck Nine is working on another game which people have speculated its either a before the storm sequel or something that ties in with the second game. I'm excited for either!