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  1. I was using a handy checklist as I was going through the game to help with just ensuring I got all of them 'on the way' and now I got to the last one and it didn't pop so... I have obviously missed something (maybe a mimic) or perhaps I opened the chest and ticked it off, but it closed because I was full on that item/mirajewel... OR I assumed I got ones that I didn't (confused myself). So many variables! Either way, time to go through every map to find! I won't let this one get by me, I'm soooo close to platinum now! I just wish the standard WOFF had that treasure tracker that the Maxima version has 😅
  2. I've been trying to platinum this game after it being on the shelf after my first trophy about four years ago. I would say that this has been a really enjoyable game, I'm about 82 hours in and I have just managed (with the use of the guide here and other tips in the forums) to get through main game, post script and now I'm onto coliseum clean up, mirage collection (I think I'm on 86% so a few to get via coliseum) and the 100 mirage boards completed. I would say for myself, that this was not super difficult (although the mini games were very very RNG and luck based so frustrating) it is just grind worthy and to definitely set aside the time I'm hoping I will get this platinum maybe sometime in the next two weeks, depending what time I can put in!
  3. I picked other and I'd probably say for me (as it's all subjective I guess!) Two Point Hospital. Between handling the game crashing or FPS dropping on PS4 because so many items and people on screen on the Overgrowth level and the difficulty in trying to time the waves on Topless Mountain, it was by far my most difficult and is still my rarest trophy at 5.4% on PSNP. I'm sure it might not beat all of those on the list as I haven't even played half of those on the list (so I haven't even tried Fall Guys) but just throwing it out there haha! 😆
  4. For me, it would have to be Life is Strange... I'm sure it's a great game and suuuper popular, but I was pressured into playing it by work friends who raved about it's amazingness and I just felt let down. I expected gold and rainbows by the time they'd finished overhyping it and so it felt really flat when I played. I think if I do ever try to get back into it, I'll have to have given it about 5 years to forget the hype that was drilled into my brain
  5. I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I found (As I'd hit about 62 / 70 Happiness) that although I had put out a nice variety of entertainment (for all levels of wealth and tourists/residents) with access, that I put down a Ministry and one of the options in there you can hire (I believe a Capitalist candidate) and it gives you + efficiency when any building is set to max budget. I employed them, and then went into the Almanac and went through every entertainment building and set them all to max budget. This meant nearly every entertainment venue was running at over 100% efficiency (The ones that weren't, I demolished and built something that was) and about 10-15 minutes real time I completed the task and could easily watch the number increase. Not sure if this will help for you, but just something I found worked for me, as I had ensured there was every entertainment type and lots of access so I was a little stumped too 😊 (Edit: I only managed to complete this mission last night!)
  6. Last night I finally got the Danger Close trophy - from the last time I had Mafia III installed (I had it uninstalled until the DLC came out and I could get round to it) I had maybe about $202,000 in my bank, which I spent entirely on proximity mines trying to get this trophy. I killed hundreds of folks with these mines. Police, red marked enemies, in Sinclair Parish, outside of Sinclair Parish, in missions, outside of missions, setting them on the ground first (and whistling folks to come over - which is annoying as they spot them even round some corners and then shoot them, cheers) and throwing them at them. After coming on here last night to peruse the forums, I was like - okay, this has to be glitched. I have no more money. It's fun, but I am not getting this trophy. Half an hour later, I'm just in the middle of finding the next strand for the Herbalism missions, threw a proximity mine at this one red enemy for jokes (I find it funny, what can I say) and it just pops. I sat there staring at it like - what. WHAT. Was at the point of being happy without it, but randomly happened. Good luck to everyone else who is struggling with this one or having it glitch on them.
  7. Thanks for the clarification I did hear that you could solo the relatively easy co-op missions (maybe some of the middle ones) but not the harder ones. Will try and find some folks to help! Thanks for the tip! I didn't know quite how the sync points worked out (how it was only 3/4 when I did it, etc) but that helps time to put some work in!
  8. Thanks Cuddlez!! this is pretty much what I meant - say, last night I did 'Heads Will Roll' and it had 0/4 Skill Points before I started, then when I'd done it gave me 3/4 Skill Points. I wasn't sure whether if I kept missing 1 Skill Point, if I wouldn't have enough to unlock everything at the end Thanks for the heads up on the co-op rewards, I also saw that and think I'll try it on one of the easier co-op missions thank you!
  9. Hi all! Just a quick one - I searched through the forum here but couldn't seem to see anything on this and hope maybe someone can help me Basically, I've returned to Unity after completing it last year, to just try and complete a few of the easier trophies - looking at the list, there's one called 'I Got Skills' where you need to unlock all the Assassin Skills. So far, I've done main story and I don't have enough. I'm resorting to doing the online co-op missions to try and get the remaining skill points I need, but (and my actual question): do I need to complete all the co-op missions to 100% and get all the skill points for each co-op mission to achieve this trophy? I was doing one of them last night and got 3 of the 4 skill points, so I'm trying to justify whether it's worthwhile to try and obtain or if it needs 100% for all (Because I might just stop and give up haha) Any help appreciated
  10. Awww well welcome too we can kinda be relatively new together! Woohoo!! Nice to know there's a few of us who enjoy trophies but not in super uber hunt mode thanks for the kind welcome and lovely to meet you!
  11. Helloooooo! thank you and its lovely to meet you! (Also Hail Hydra - I don't want Elmo to low key want to take me out ¬_¬ )
  12. Aw well thank you so much it is lovely to meet you! I hope fortune smiles upon you too!!
  13. Aww thanks Fluffy now I feel special haha! I love the gif lovely to meet you!!
  14. Thank you so much and lovely to meet you Thanks so much for the link that's perfect, I've just got a bit caught up with work but hopefully can have a proper read and make new friends from there soon your help is much appreciated! I can't imagine how frustrated I would become if I didn't do it just for the fun and just purely for trophies. I do enjoy it, but I'd need to enjoy the base game, so can totally understand if you've spent so much time 100%ing everything to just have a nice chill laid back approach for yourself Thanks so much everyone so far has just been so lovely!!! I'm so glad I properly signed up and to the forums and everything thanks for the welcome! Thank you and it's lovely to meet you
  15. Ahhh good info, thanks so much. I've got the booster pack (as I got the season pass) but haven't actually thought properly and checked to see if they're just in my inventory. Will make a world of difference. Thanks!!