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  1. Hey dude,

    I have always had this curiosity that I wanted to ask you: how can you have/buy this tremendous amount of games? 

    Let me know if you can, thanks! 🙂

    1. ikemenzi



      I use most of my salary for video games.

      Physics games are on sale.

    2. MILAN-AGO


      Wow dude, you are crazy (in a good way) to play all of these games and buy them. You should deserve your own store where the industries send you games to test.


  2. it does not work 😢
  3. Hello everyone, Does anyone have a suggestion about how to get the trophy "No goal for you" on fifa 14. I tried for a few matches with Hart, Lloris and Buffon but nothing happened. I play on alternative mode and the steps I do are the following: - I cross back with a defender or midfield to the goalie by pressing - When the ball is in the air, I start to hold down and tap down twice the Please let me know if the process is correct since there are no useful videos on the net explaining how it works. I fell like it is not the correct way since the goalie did not react in that way after 6-7 matches played. Let me know if I should adjust any instruction in my game settings. My actual settings are: Auto switching: Air Balls Auto switching move assistance: Elevate Passing Power assistance: None Pass assistance: Assisted Through ball assistance: Assisted Shot assistance: Semi Cross assistance: Semi Lob pass assistance: Assisted Save Assistance: Assisted Analog Sprint: Off Defending: Tactical Defending
  4. Hello everyone, I spent almost a week trying to figure out how to finish the exercise of the precise shooting on the bins. Do you have any suggestion about how to complete the silver stage of the bins? I am using a ps4 with the commands on alternative. Thanks!
  5. how many times did you have to rewind the chapter before getting the trophy?
  6. Is it still possible to buy the DLC of the game? I am from Italy
  7. Is it still possible to buy the DLC of the game? I am from Italy
  8. Up To TemperatureComplete a formation lap with your tyres at optimal temperature Hello everyone, I tried several times on Brazil reaching a 99°C in the left side and 102/103°C on the right side, but the trophy did not pop up. Does anyone know any tips or a solution on how to complete this trophy or if the trophy is glitched? Thanks!!
  9. Kittet3 I was not talking about which games give you the most number of trophies. My question was referred to a real player in the world leaderboard. Maybe the question was confusing but I asked which player holds the record of highest % of "trophies per day" I know nmxwzy has an average of 24.13 trophies per day, but I would like to know if there is someone that has a higher percentage.
  10. Hello everyone, I am curious to know who is the active player with the highest number of "trophy per day" in the world at the moment.
  11. I Imagined my main problem was the mic. I can reach 82K at my best, but it is crazy to spend 30$ for a mic to finish a song
  12. How can I do the "clock trick" on the moon?
  13. Hello, I am getting mad in order to achieve the last trophy "Supernova". I spent literally one month behind that, I use the microphone of the ps4 to do that but even the previous version of the game (1.13 I believe, many users said it is easier in that mode), I cannot reach the 90K. The best score I got was around 78K for the ABBA song cause it is the only song where you have more possibilities to get it. Anyone has any suggestion for that trophy? Thanks a lot in advance!