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  1. The loss of my save file from Borderlands 2 kinda put me off a bit, a friend did help me with some side quests to get me back on track so I've been playing some DLC to try and get to level 50. I'm still hopeful I'll be able to finish it in time. God of War is looking less and less likely though, haha. I love that game so I really don't want to just rush through it, we will see what happens I'm waiting for a good opportunity to do Deponia, maybe I should just take an afternoon and finish it up Contrast 21/21 - 100% Borderlands 2 38/76 - 39% -> 41/76 - 46% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 15/15 - 100% God of War 3/37 - 4%
  2. Yay ! 6 months! This will be such an epic event! I can't wait! I'll start with five games and hopefully add more along the way! I did pick some long games though because of the extra time! I'll start with: Graveyard Keeper 14% My Time at Portia 18% Darkest Dungeon 13% No Man's Sky 11% Unreleased: Borderlands 3 0%
  3. Finally an update from me! I've been on vacation and right when I got home I moved in to a house so been super busy. Got some game time yesterday and managed to get some trophies! Contrast 5/21 - 23% -> 21/21 - 100% Borderlands 2 30/76 - 27% -> 38/76 - 39% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 15/15 - 100% God of War 3/37 - 4% I just finished all but one side quest in Borderlands 2 when the game crashed and the save got corrupted. I did have it backed up so got some progress back but it still sucked. I tried playing another character but it kept crashing so I'm taking a break from it for now. Will see if I can bring myself to finish it. Will pick up God of War instead! I also finished Contrast, I enjoyed it but I'm also glad it finished when it did. A longer game would've driven me crazy. Haha
  4. Contrast 5/21 - 23% Borderlands 2 23/76 - 19% -> 30/76 - 27% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 15/15 - 100% God of War 3/37 - 4% Got a bit further in Borderlands 2, I haven't had a lot of game time and soon going on vacation so will be small updates for a bit. Will keep my focus on Borderlands though
  5. Contrast 5/21 - 23% Borderlands2 20/76 - 16% -> 23/76 - 19% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 10/15 - 66% -> 15/15 - 100% God of War 3/37 - 4% Finished Risk of Rain, I really enjoyed the game and will for sure keep it on the PS4 for gaming nights with friends. Got a bit further in Borderlands 2, it's going slow though, mostly because I keep doing silly mistakes so quests takes longer than they should. Haha. I just completed a big story mission and unlocked a bunch of side quests, I'm going to focus on them first. I got a side quest I haven't finished from before, but I just can't bring myself to go back for it. I failed it five times already 😂 Will probably be able to focus a bit more on this now when Apex season 1 is over.
  6. This sounds like so much fun, I want to join!
  7. Contrast 5/21 - 23% Borderlands2 12/70 - 11% -> 20/76 - 16% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 10/15 - 66% God of War 3/37 - 4% Been enjoying Borderlands 2 a lot, got a lil baby at home to take care of so I need to take lots of breaks during gaming time. But hey! I made some progress when he was sleeping
  8. Contrast 5/21 - 23% Rainbow Skies 5/43 - 7% -> Borderlands 2 12/70 - 11% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 10/15 - 66% God of War 3/37 - 4% Using my switch and I'll go for borderlands 2 instead of Rainbow Skies. I was thinking of taking it from the beginning but decided not to. But seeing everyone else play it on my friends list, I just couldn't stay away. @MidnightDragon I never finished citizens of earth but I really enjoyed playing it. Have fun with it!
  9. Contrast 5/21 - 23% Rainbow Skies 5/43 - 7% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 1/15 - 4% -> 10/15 - 66% God of War 3/37 - 4% Been playing Risk of Rain, a fun game but one of the trophies is probably going to drive me insaaane. I'm playing some other games on the side as well, so during this challenge I will focus on one of the games from the list at a time.
  10. @NillerKasket I LOVE steep, it's so much fun! I should complete that game too. I think I've done too much for me to bring it to this challenge though
  11. @Fnee2000 Far Cry Primal got a horrible trophy, haha. I had to let that platinum go, there's no way I'm doing Tears of Shame 😂 Did you enjoy game of thrones ? I liked it, but hear a lot of mixed feelings about it
  12. Ohh. Thanks for the input! Made me more hyped to finish it! I enjoy silly games so this should be good, I've played a bit of it and liked it!
  13. I want to join in! I missed the last few challenges because of busy real life, I'm hoping to get some more gaming time from now on though so this is a great way to start it up. My list will be a mix of different kinds of games, first out is Contrast, when I see it in the store or on my trophy list I always feel like it's a game I "should" complete, so here goes! The second one will be Rainbow Skies, I had a lot of fun playing it but never finished it. So this will be a great way to get in to it again. I've had Deponia on my to-do list for a while now, putting on the list here so I can finally take the time to finish it. The fourth game I bought less than a month ago, but I only played it once even though I enjoyed it. So putting it here too, Risk of Rain. Last but definitely not least, God of War. I am so hyped about finishing this so I can't wait to start going! Contrast 5/21 - 23% Rainbow Skies 5/43 - 7% Deponia 3/19 - 7% Risk of Rain 1/15 - 4% God of War 3/37 - 4%
  14. Pretty nice list I would say. Ascension 20 could take some time, but it's a good thing it's not with all characters, just one.
  15. Just hit 516.05m with one of the princesses. Thanks for pointing this challenge out! This is for the Vita-version only if you are looking for it on another system