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  1. The Dark Soul, I'd love to platinum a souls game some day
  2. So, to start off, I have had other consoles, I loved Xbox One and still play and get achievements on that, namely, the halo franchise and Overwatch are two main ones. But Playstation lured me into getting a PS4 so I did and I love it, platinums are always an amazing thing, but just completing a game is the same for me. I have a various number of unfinished games that I will list as well as about 8 completed games, all in the 2 months I have had my console. PLATINUMS Minecraft Story Mode Minecraft Story mode was a fun game to play, but it is telltale so it's basically just paying really close attention to a TV show, all in all I am glad I did the platinum though because it was still a funny and enjoyable story to it. My Name Is Mayo My Name Is Mayo, a game that almost every player who really likes platinum trophies has completed, it has no words to describe it other then tedious. but, it still kept me busy while having to watch something for a school assignment, so it wasn't that bad of a thing for me to get. Day Of The Tentacle Remastered Day Of The Tentacle remastered is one of those games that I would never be able to finish without a guide, so I watched one, it explained so many things in the plot I wouldn't have understood before (not that there was much) but it was still quite enjoyable and the plot was pretty funny at times. COD: Modern Warfare Remastered Modern Warfare Remastered was on of the first games I platinumed, the second one actually, same day as DOTTR, but still I love the story, I have replaied it in the Arcade mode, I have speedrun the game in it's entirety, and I have even joined a gamebattles team for the multiplayer, but hands down this game was the one I had the most fun completing. 100% Doodle Devil & Doodle God I got these games because they were easy completions and I really do enjoy this sort of game, I had done each in about an hour so it wasn't too bad. Gone Home A wonderful game that seems like it has a horror twist to it but in reality is just a normal collect and explore game, it can easily be beaten in a matter of seconds, but the whole game can be done in about 10 mins, in fact there were trophies for doing such times in it. but I really liked it and if you haven't played it I would recommend it. Kitten Squad Kind of not a good game, I had to actually push myself to get this just because I started it and it was so simple I didn't want to leave it unfinished, but really it isn't all that fun and is the least rewarding game on the PS4 with under 400 points to offer out of it's 9 trophies. CURRENTLY GOING FOR Blacklight: Retribution Neverwinter Game Of Thrones Telltale Adventure Pop Guns Up! Orc Slayer AdVenture Capitalist Final Fantasy XV Also, I am looking to complete at least 1 trophy in Attacking Zegeta 2, a game that currently sits at 0.00% on every trophy, so that will be a fun time...... It is hard as hell. But here is my list, hope to update soon with a new 100% or Platinum!!
  3. just starting this game, and I know some people complain about missing trophies and needing to play through games again, is that a problem with this game?
  4. I enjoy these types of games, I play it on PC and got to a quite high point in it.
  5. or you could stop criticizing the types of games people like and just mind your own business......
  6. Anyone know a really easy way to get this trophy or anyone who wants to do the private match boosting for it?
  7. servers are still up, however the "plat" for getting all the trophies is a silver
  8. Also, not sure if this helps with this game, but in the 5 other games by Denysoft, if you beat them you get a vault code, and you can use the vault code on their website to find hidden things, the problem? their other games are excruciatingly difficult as well.
  9. ok, thanks
  10. how long do I need to play a game for it to show up on my profile on this site?
  11. not sure if much of this is news or not, but I have found out that you can jump on the little robots heads and not die, doing this multiple times can get you really high into the air and get you to floating platforms surrounded by small spikes spinning in circles. maybe something hidden up there? Also, on the main menu if you hit down twice you find the 3d maze prototype, which I believe is the solution to one of the maze-related trophies, either the one with maze in the name or the one with maze in the description. Finally, I am not sure how, but I had 25 coins so I decided to buy the extra life in the shop, then when I clicked again it let me get it again, so I just kept doing this and got 100 lives, then I tried the ammo and it worked even though I was 75 coins short, so I kept doing that until I never had to worry about ammo again. (until I closed the game) hope something here helps someone or maybe is something completely new and hope t least 1 person gets a trophy in this game.
  12. joined roughly 6 guilds and talked with some other players, found the trophy would not pop for anyone joining guilds.