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  1. Stats do pass over chapter select and add up to the already existing stats, but why this does not work in encounter select? Every time I open encounter select, all the stats are reseted to zero, and in the end they don't add up to the existing ones, and no, there isn't any save button during encounter select. I need encounter select in order to farm my trophies and I do not want to replay the game all over again in order to get 1000 kills.
  2. Hey guys, I've just made a serious discovery that affects every trophy regarding a specific amount of kills, such as stealth kills or most importantly the gold trophy for the 1000 kills. I realised that statistics such as kill counts etc do not add up if you are using encounter select. I already had some stealth kills under my belt, but not enough for the 30-kills trophy so I used encounter select to farm them. I went over to see how many I needed and all the stats were reseted to zero! Even in my time played. So the trophy only popped when I did 30 stealth kills.... The problem is that when I returned to main menu and checked the stats, it was as I never played that encounter from encounter select... I saw the previous stats without the amount of kills from encounter select... So my problem is: how am I supposed to do 1000 kills in one sitting? I already have 494 kills but i can't use them? Does anyone know what is going on?
  3. Yeah, that worked for me when i picked up helios shield. Thanks
  4. Do I have to collect the collectibles in one run? If i missed something, do i have to obtain all of them again in the second playthrough?