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  1. It looks like a pretty good list, I'll pick it up on launch
  2. Not enough people used it and they shut it down in 2014
  3. The Outer Worlds All for One Completed all companion quests. I'm enjoying the game a lot! I wonder how far I am in the story
  4. Diablo III - Complete 500 bounties At the 150 mark I got tired of it, but I had to keep going because it was the last throphy I needed..
  5. 298, all games I just don't want to play anymore so what's the point of displaying them on my account
  6. Started listening to Papa Roach and Hollywood Undead because I'll go to their concert next year.
  7. The games still run a bit smoother on the pro, but if you plan on buying the ps4 pro I would suggest getting a 4K TV with it. 4K tvs are not that expensive anymore luckily.
  8. Ratchet and Clank on the vita and Concrete Genie on ps4. Waiting to see what throphies the Outer Worlds will have and maybe I'll try that as well
  9. #16: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Life of a Consulting Detective Collect all possible in-game trophies I love all their games and I'm planning to go through Crimes and Punishments and The Testament of Sherlock Holmes as well. A shame that they are deleted from the store because of licensing issues and I hope they can be put online again soon. #17: Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Played it because I really liked the anime back in the day when I watched it and I had it from psplus. I enjoyed getting to know the story but getting all the endings and doing a stupid mini game for hours didn't really make this enjoyable.
  10. I'll probably get in a sale but I'm looking forward to play it
  11. I’m thinking of selling my ps4 pro when it comes out and maybe the store will also have some kind of exchange deal
  12. I can really see them doing that honestly but I hope not
  13. I would really like to know what the price will be
  14. Other: just having fun with it
  15. I really like the support the game has but I hope the next AC game won't feel like a chore to play..