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  1. hey is its posible to finish coop and arcade trophies i same run
  2. worst is they made coop online on pc
  3. Anyone know how to get both endings ?
  4. need a good guide for it lol
  5. 538 dead island definite edition 539 i am setsuna working on mortal shell now amazing game
  6. Man what a sad trophy list . How is this still posible in 2020 not having a platinum 😂
  7. nah i really enjoy this . gives me a total cool retro vibe
  8. Same mate . Hate this also done hollow knight legit and now everyone glitch this
  9. Its because of to many weapon drops from enemies that pile ud that makes the game crash
  10. Dead cells platinum for obtaining the platinum 😂 stupid name for the trophy but love the GG icon on it
  11. my game keeps crashing in other levels as well its a joke they have not patched it yet
  12. What you Think about mine ?
  13. There is Dream of the demon the new diff 🤣🤷‍♂️
  14. Found out but thanks for answer this platinum was fun but brutal
  15. does they disable trophies