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  1. Thanks mate tried about 4 hours Yesterday i have cramps in fingers and triceps today 😂 hopefully ill make it one Day
  2. Yeah found out but finally got the trophy now
  3. Got to 792 legit Yesterday was about to smash my controller
  4. Go for the platinum like a true King cant Wait for it and the Challenge
  5. one punch did not pop for me at that boss
  6. is anything missable and can you replay bosses for ranks and diff trophies
  7. Nice just platinumed the PS3 no more heroes and wanna start this soon
  8. totally agreed
  9. hi grats on the platinum did you ever find a guide or did you just find every thing your self ?
  10. looking for a guide as well ,only a incomplete steam guide is avalible so far
  11. so the guide says this trophy aint missable , but ive misssed a mask i the 2 level allreasy due i was tired . anyway to get it back ?
  12. does it share save file and is it possible to autopop some trophies
  13. just wanna say guys and girls buy this game its he most fun indie game ive played this year
  14. Think its asian . Due i already own eu on disc
  15. what items gives best buffs for these stats only for the glutinous trophy