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  1. You need to purchase the PS5 Deluxe version of miles Morales to get the PS5 version of Spider-Man remastered. You can play the PS4 version on PS5 and then transfer save data to the PS5 version, as the system considers them 2 different games.
  2. Vita version here too, and I had no issues. What did happen however was that the trophy for Robert joining my party hasn't popped yet.
  3. Breath of the Wild. I was overwhelmed by the amount of options where to go and nothing I did felt particularly valuable, though I only played for an hour. Finished Age of Calamity last month, so I wanna give it another try soon.
  4. Astro's Playroom, though it would've been Spider-Man: Miles Morales if the PS5 came out a week earlier in Europe.
  5. I hope this site will allow us the ability to switch between the old & new systems when the new system eventually gets implemented.
  6. I'm not sure how much I like this change. Being able to level up faster sounds neat on paper, but it also takes away the magic of it. Before every time I leveled up felt like I accomplished something. Now that I'm at level 349 a few levels higher or lower seems miniscule. The only big accomplishments now to me are leveling up a tier / reaching a new 100s figure, which takes way longer than it did leveling up previously.
  7. I went from lvl 22 (at 22%) to lvl 349 (at 13%). Still got the old trophy icon though.
  8. Still only 1 win. I can get to the finals about every time (unless team games screw me over), but I usually end like 2nd or 3rd. Will probably keep playing until I've got a win in every final stage once. Not tails though, fuck tails.
  9. With Xbox Series S being set at a price of $300 I wonder what PS5 All-Digital is going to be. I find it difficult to imagine Sony selling it at $300 without taking immense losses for every sale.
  10. All but 1 of my disconnects have been at the finals so far. But hey, maybe I'll get lucky once and everyone else disconnects at the finals.
  11. Still frozen after 3 months...
  12. Earned this today by following the TA guide. (used the bedrock edition) Popped properly.
  13. Bought the disc version and it lets me download all episodes still. Only on my EU account though. On my NA account it lists them as coming soon, but maybe that is because the account and disc's regions don't match?
  14. Looks like the trophy is fixed now. It popped randomly for me at camp when I hit my potion and activated the food reserves. I'm not sure if it popped at exactly 200 or not, but I definitely didn't eat 200 in one level.
  15. Just checked and I was indeed missing that one (it showed up as collected for me as well). Thanks for the help.