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  1. Not as far as I can tell. Wouldn't expect it to be fixed for at least another 2 months tbh.
  2. I do not have disc version sadly.
  3. No, I mean I cannot download them either. On my Dutch I can though.
  4. On my USA account they're no longer purchasable, and my Australian friend confirmed they weren't for her either, but let me check my Dutch & German accounts!
  5. Unable to connect to the internet sadly (using wired), but seems like a cool idea.
  6. Can confirm it's buggy. I visited each of the spots at least twice to make sure and touched the ocean floor / stayed there for a few seconds. Also manually found all the deep spots and the tutorial world, but nothing.
  7. Yeah, Vita has some bad delay. Took about 10 minutes for the message to appear here.
  8. Friendly reminder to everyone reading this topic and those who want to get this trophy out of the way. You have 2 more hours to do so as of writing this comment. Just make sure to get 456.00m by using the tips & strategies provided earlier.
  9. You can unlock the first princess (Barbara) in "Teensies in Trouble", as soon as you have 3 or more Teensies. Is it the door between Enchanted Forest and Ropes Course.
  10. Probably not very helpful, but here's a video of how to perform it just in case. As for the 460.00 meters, it seems random for me, but squishing the bug at the end and then 'drawing' a line slowly going downwards seems to be most consistent to me, but I have no clue really.
  11. Hmm...Perhaps I was lucky. I used Barbara btw. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  12. (Also: @cris3f) Okay, here's an easy way to get 460.00.: Go into the challenge as any princess character. Usually a different runner shows up Die and exit the challenge Go to the Heroes' Gallery Pick the character that you got as a runner Re-enter the challenge painting You should get the princess you chose in the first step as the runner. I got 460.00 first try that way. PS: Don't know who discovered this, but saw this in a different thread written by Adrua_, so partial credit goes to him.
  13. I somehow have a diamond cup with 459.99 meters. I don't entirely trust that it'll stay there, but I can't get higher. 99% of my runs end at 459.97 meters, so I'll just pray. Getting gold in all challenges is the fastest reasonable way to get it. Takes about 3 months that way. If you're able to get a diamond on all of them you can do it within 2 and a half weeks.
  14. 【June 5th】


    should just wait for a glitched Murphy challenge rather than waste my time. 1f612.png


    Well, that was a short wait. lmao