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  1. I still have my PS3 copy unopened 😅 Heard it's terrible though. How does PS4 version stack up against Switch/Wii U? On topic; We might get 2 & 3 on Playstation at some point, but it won't be for a quite couple years yeah.
  2. From the last couple weeks.
  3. As you're on PS3, go to friends > add friend (I believe it's at the top of the list), enter the PSN of the person you want to add (in this case "Platisfaction") and sent a friend request. Recommended is to not leave the message blank as some users ignore blank friend requests.
  4. You kinda gain both as you play and try different types of games. If you struggle with a specific aspect or part of a game places like GameFAQS are very helpful. Have fun.
  5. Not directly comparing it to the anime, but; Saga 1: Pretty good. Definitely a nice way to start the game. The last fight against Raditz was a big difficulty spike though. Saga 2: Very good. My favorite saga I think. Frieza was pretty easy though. Saga 3: Alright, but it takes such a long time to get started. Noticeable difficulty spike here too. Saga 4: Very good. Though after this I kinda felt like taking a break from the game. (let's try post-game first though)
  6. What is different with VR? (I don't own one) I've been playing controller only, and the game's controls really confuse me at times. I saw some videos on YouTube from a player named ゆりくのー, and he FC'd every song in the game with controller, so I figured everyone who got the plat was just significantly better with the controls and the game in general.
  7. How did I not notice this. In the past couple days I've spent over 5 hours trying to figure this out, and no matter how closely I matched it, I just couldn't get it to work and I kept wondering if there was a way to see it or something.
  8. I want to play this for the lulz, but I'm not willing to spend $30 on it, or whatever the price is. I guess this game will price drop fairly soon though, because aside from its core audience (ryan fans), no one is gonna want to spend 30 bucks on this.
  9. Not as far as I can tell. Wouldn't expect it to be fixed for at least another 2 months tbh.
  10. I do not have disc version sadly.
  11. No, I mean I cannot download them either. On my Dutch I can though.
  12. On my USA account they're no longer purchasable, and my Australian friend confirmed they weren't for her either, but let me check my Dutch & German accounts!
  13. Unable to connect to the internet sadly (using wired), but seems like a cool idea.
  14. Can confirm it's buggy. I visited each of the spots at least twice to make sure and touched the ocean floor / stayed there for a few seconds. Also manually found all the deep spots and the tutorial world, but nothing.