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  1. Can confirm it's buggy. I visited each of the spots at least twice to make sure and touched the ocean floor / stayed there for a few seconds. Also manually found all the deep spots and the tutorial world, but nothing.
  2. Yeah, Vita has some bad delay. Took about 10 minutes for the message to appear here.
  3. Friendly reminder to everyone reading this topic and those who want to get this trophy out of the way. You have 2 more hours to do so as of writing this comment. Just make sure to get 456.00m by using the tips & strategies provided earlier.
  4. You can unlock the first princess (Barbara) in "Teensies in Trouble", as soon as you have 3 or more Teensies. Is it the door between Enchanted Forest and Ropes Course.
  5. Probably not very helpful, but here's a video of how to perform it just in case. As for the 460.00 meters, it seems random for me, but squishing the bug at the end and then 'drawing' a line slowly going downwards seems to be most consistent to me, but I have no clue really.
  6. Hmm...Perhaps I was lucky. I used Barbara btw. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  7. (Also: @cris3f) Okay, here's an easy way to get 460.00.: Go into the challenge as any princess character. Usually a different runner shows up Die and exit the challenge Go to the Heroes' Gallery Pick the character that you got as a runner Re-enter the challenge painting You should get the princess you chose in the first step as the runner. I got 460.00 first try that way. PS: Don't know who discovered this, but saw this in a different thread written by Adrua_, so partial credit goes to him.
  8. I somehow have a diamond cup with 459.99 meters. I don't entirely trust that it'll stay there, but I can't get higher. 99% of my runs end at 459.97 meters, so I'll just pray. Getting gold in all challenges is the fastest reasonable way to get it. Takes about 3 months that way. If you're able to get a diamond on all of them you can do it within 2 and a half weeks.
  9. 【June 5th】


    should just wait for a glitched Murphy challenge rather than waste my time. 1f612.png


    Well, that was a short wait. lmao


  10. And yet again in the last few hours of a weekly challenge I'm robbed of the diamond cup by some high level player. Tbh I should just wait for a glitched Murphy challenge rather than waste my time. 😒









    1. Edunstar84


      Yeah, you might get lucky.

    2. TugaSonic


      Good luck, I remember the hell that was to get into the top 3 for the Diamond in the Vita version. I still want to know who's bright idea it was to make getting a Diamond in the version with the least amount of players a requirement for a trophy.

  11. This game's attacked me in more ways than I'd like to admit.




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    2. SunnyCrappyYT


      Yes, it is Caligula Effect Overdose. I'm playing it on the Switch with a friend of mine. (For clarification, the game doesn't feature co-op. We just play at the same time while talking about the game and some other stuff).

    3. hugglebunn-e


      Would you recommend? I have heard it is similar to Persona.

    4. SunnyCrappyYT


      Oh sorry, didn't see your post. I personally found it a fun game, though I'm pretty sure that's partly cause my friend kept me company the entire time. I never played any Persona games, but my friend too pointed out the Persona resemblances, so if you like those I suppose you'll like this.

  12. Will improve on this later today, but only because I can as someone is gonna set a 10K score anyway. 🙃


    1. lordguwa


      i like that, aim for 1#.

    2. Midnightwards666


      Distance challenges repeat themselves past the score you get. All obstacles are easy once you know what to do... past 2km at most it's just a matter of playing until you make a mistake. 

  13. I got 1 year for €37,59 last month. This is why I have a US account.
  14. Welp, the "Jack of all Squares" trophy.
    This one's quite difficult, and essentially the 100% trophy for the game.

    You have to tap really fast and precisely to get 3-Square rank on every level. 
    The worst part for me by far was the Vita's touch screen's unresponsiveness.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that about 90% of my runs were ruined because the Vita didn't pick up my touching properly... 
    Granted, this could've been on my end, but still very frustrating.


    Other than that it's a fun tapping game, if you're into that sort of stuff. Every other trophy is pretty easy, so if you don't care about completion rate, feel free to try. The game was on PS Plus last year, so you might have it in your backlog.

    Warning: From my knowledge the EU version cannot be 100%ed due to a bug in level 84. Therefore, if you want to 100% the game, get the NA version, which has a patch. Just warning you, cause it'd be a shame to find out halfway.





  15. Okay, so I've got 272/273 squares, but I seem to be unable to get it on level 39, no matter how fast I go. I currently have a time of 8.442, which puts me 15th on the worldwide leaderboard. I checked and I see times from people below me that are slower, yet they have the trophy if I check PSNP. Is my game glitched? I have the NA version, so it shouldn't be, but I can't imagine doing it much faster than this, and while some of the levels had very tight time limits, none of them are even close to this level of brutality, assuming my game isn't glitching. Anyone that got 3 squares on this got any idea what time is required? I find it odd that there are multiple people on the WW leaderboard with slower times than me, yet they have the trophy. It's possible that they all set these times offline, and then never booted up the game again, but for multiple people..? Edit: 8.242 (11th WW) | 2 Squares Edit 2: 8.158 (9th WW) | 3 Squares If the trophy doesn't pop, just replay any level and get 3 squares on it.