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  1. Nope, guide writers just pick what feels about right to them. Difficulty is very subjective depending on one's knowledge and skill on the game (genre). There's also different kind of difficulties. For example; some games have really tricky puzzles - which without a guide - can significantly ramp up the difficulty of a game. The actions to complete them may not be hard to perform, but I think everyone can agree that some games' puzzles are more difficult than others'. Personally I prefer this scale (roughly);
  2. From playing I can tell the plat is gonna be quite grindy. Not sure if I'll have the time to get it soon.
  3. Thank you. Guess I'm just really unlucky then. 😅
  4. Ok I'll continue grinding for it then. Just to make sure, was it a normal or expert world?
  5. Hi, I've been farming ice mimics for quite a while now (I estimate around 30 hours) and managed to kill about 100 of them. Sadly no Toy Sled has dropped despite both the trophy guide and Terraria wiki listing it as a 5% (1/20) drop chance. With that in mind I'm currently at 5:1 odds. Does anyone know if there's any underlying conditions that have to be met to get the drop, or if it exists in the current ps4 version at all? I'd rather not continue grinding for an item that may not even exist anymore. (I know I can use boosting sessions to easily get the trophy, though my goal is to get everything myself)
  6. Say whatever you want about the Vita, but damn, that thing's battery life is insane. I had it in sleep mode for a month and the battery was only halfway depleted.

    It's not a new system either. I've had it for 4 years.

    1. enaysoft


      Yeah at the start of Covid my Vita was fully charged and then I kinda forgot about it, nearly 3 months later I switched it on and it was on the dangerously red bar, but man yes, Vita has very efficient standby, I mean think it literally switches off and then reboots like a laptop does, but has a on/off sensor somewhere, and that is all the battery is using.

      However make sure you have it on airplane mode or wifi off, other standby can last for as littler as 1 day. lol

    2. charxsetsuna


      I remember when I last played my vita its battery life seemed to hardly go down, compared to my switch its great in that department.


      And mine i brought used so I don't know how old it is.

    3. xEl_Cidx


      Another thing I like about the VITA is that - when the battery is depleted and you charge the battery the next day or so you start right off where you left off - no restart.



  7. Finally got all the armor in Terraria. I thought Mining armor would take me ages, but it only took around 3 hours with my setup. 🙂

    Not sure as to why it's rarer than "all pets". The requirements to collect all pets are way crazier than all the armor pieces.

  8. I got 3D World despite owning the Wii U version already. I figured that with online mode + Bowser's Fury I'd get enough new experience out of it. Bowser's Fury was very short. I liked it overall, but shines re-using the same objectives over and over felt kinda uninspired. I also wasn't a fan on the fury mechanic, where I sometimes just wasted time waiting at fury blocks for Bowser to appear. But the online was what ultimately pushed me to buy the game. I figured Nintendo had taken notes after the dumpster fire that was Mario Maker 2 online, though deep inside I knew this was going to be far from perfect. I hopped online with a friend from West Coast USA and to no surprise the connection was less than ideal. It was playable for sure, but the lag was incredible input eating with many small lag spikes all over the place. Once we got used to it after about 1 world it became pretty enjoyable, and I'm happy that the feature is there. But still, the fact that it has to be with lag is disappointing. Both of us are on fiber btw..
  9. I can find a number of copies being sold on various Taiwanese / Chinese sites, such as Some allow for overseas shipping. Note: I do not have any personal experience with this site. Please be careful when buying from overseas.
  10. Considering the game gets a free upgrade (for PS4 owners) it's safe to assume your progress will carry over.
  11. If you're playing on Vita, try the PS4 version. From experience the Vita version is rather glitchy. I recommend going through the following list 1-by-1 to make sure you get every single one. In my case I either missed one or it didn't register. (from the gameplay guide on PSNprofiles) Just tick off the ones you're sure you did.
  12. You need to purchase the PS5 Deluxe version of miles Morales to get the PS5 version of Spider-Man remastered. You can play the PS4 version on PS5 and then transfer save data to the PS5 version, as the system considers them 2 different games.
  13. Vita version here too, and I had no issues. What did happen however was that the trophy for Robert joining my party hasn't popped yet.
  14. Breath of the Wild. I was overwhelmed by the amount of options where to go and nothing I did felt particularly valuable, though I only played for an hour. Finished Age of Calamity last month, so I wanna give it another try soon.
  15. Astro's Playroom, though it would've been Spider-Man: Miles Morales if the PS5 came out a week earlier in Europe.