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  1. I got 1 year for €37,59 last month. This is why I have a US account.
  2. Welp, the "Jack of all Squares" trophy.
    This one's quite difficult, and essentially the 100% trophy for the game.

    You have to tap really fast and precisely to get 3-Square rank on every level. 
    The worst part for me by far was the Vita's touch screen's unresponsiveness.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that about 90% of my runs were ruined because the Vita didn't pick up my touching properly... 
    Granted, this could've been on my end, but still very frustrating.


    Other than that it's a fun tapping game, if you're into that sort of stuff. Every other trophy is pretty easy, so if you don't care about completion rate, feel free to try. The game was on PS Plus last year, so you might have it in your backlog.

    Warning: From my knowledge the EU version cannot be 100%ed due to a bug in level 84. Therefore, if you want to 100% the game, get the NA version, which has a patch. Just warning you, cause it'd be a shame to find out halfway.





  3. Okay, so I've got 272/273 squares, but I seem to be unable to get it on level 39, no matter how fast I go. I currently have a time of 8.442, which puts me 15th on the worldwide leaderboard. I checked and I see times from people below me that are slower, yet they have the trophy if I check PSNP. Is my game glitched? I have the NA version, so it shouldn't be, but I can't imagine doing it much faster than this, and while some of the levels had very tight time limits, none of them are even close to this level of brutality, assuming my game isn't glitching. Anyone that got 3 squares on this got any idea what time is required? I find it odd that there are multiple people on the WW leaderboard with slower times than me, yet they have the trophy. It's possible that they all set these times offline, and then never booted up the game again, but for multiple people..? Edit: 8.242 (11th WW) | 2 Squares Edit 2: 8.158 (9th WW) | 3 Squares If the trophy doesn't pop, just replay any level and get 3 squares on it.
  4. Been a long time since I've posted here.


    Anyway, LEGO Movie 2 platinum. It's a fun game, and follows the LEGO Worlds formula, which allows for a more free-roaming experience, rather than the usual level-by-level.


    Platinum wise, the game is super easy. Just 100% the game for platinum trophy.

    I got all but 1 trophy by just casually playing through the game, and the only one I had to "grind" was sticking down 50 stickers.


  5. Speaks for itself. https://souljawatch.com/products/souljagame-handheld-1 I think it's the same thing as those Chinese bootleg consoles that you can buy on sites like AliExpress for like $30. Either way; this guy's either a master troll and he's actually this stupid. Hard to say at this point.
  6. You probably don't need it anymore, but maybe someone else finds this useful in the future. - It should, though the trophy can be glitchy at times. - Shouldn't matter - It counts the days from the specific world you're in. - Yes If you want the fastest time it's best to make a world with everything in it on another account, join that world, wait for 99 (in-game) days or so (just idle) and then start earning trophies.
  7. Well I am SO glad to read this after I spent 6 hours trying to find a damn jungle and spent all my fish on an ocelot. 🙃
  8. 【First Platinum of 2019】- Celeste

    A fantastic and quite challenging 2D platformer. Definitely recommend it if you're into that kind of stuff. 


    Personally I did the entire game without using Assist Mode and I'd say it's about a 9/10 difficulty-wise. The A-sides are relatively easy, but the B-Sides can be quite tricky, and the C-Sides, especially the last sections of the later levels can be pretty difficult.


    I'm a little bummed out that you can get the trophies with Assist Mode on, because this could've been a really neat platinum to have. 


    I also wish there was a trophy for getting all 200 Strawberries (complete all levels deathless), preferably without Assist Mode. That'd have made this game a good 10/10 and one of the most difficult platinums on PSN. 


    Either way, I'm looking forward to the D-sides that are being developed right now, and I hope they add them to the PS4/Switch versions or at the very least to physical console versions.



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      @Squirlruler It is, but only if you do it legit. With Assist mode is a 1/10 because you can just fly over all stages.

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. Fat Chocobo
  9. I'll remember this tweet when Nintendo is gon do shit.
  10. Oh my goodness. After a whopping 23,889 attempts I finally beat this monstrosity of a level. It is one of the hardest things I've ever done, and having 46 deaths at the final section pushed my sanity to the limits. I'm so glad that it's finally over. xD


  11. Ah, hello. I see that you're using Internet Explorer. May I recommend Google Chrome or Firefox? These will surely keep you up-to-date.
  12. Somewhat unrelated, but when you get your hands on Smash Ultimate, could you tell me if World of Light has cutscenes? Me and a friend of mine want to know how much we need to worry about getting spoiled by a certain someone on YouTube.
  13. 2 months before release too. Might as well release it now. 😏
  14. I cancelled my Smash Ultimate pre-order for this.
  15. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/8440-youtubers-life/31-bread-eater Cause only YouTubers eat bread. 🙃