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  1. Still only 1 win. I can get to the finals about every time (unless team games screw me over), but I usually end like 2nd or 3rd. Will probably keep playing until I've got a win in every final stage once. Not tails though, fuck tails.
  2. With Xbox Series S being set at a price of $300 I wonder what PS5 All-Digital is going to be. I find it difficult to imagine Sony selling it at $300 without taking immense losses for every sale.
  3. All but 1 of my disconnects have been at the finals so far. But hey, maybe I'll get lucky once and everyone else disconnects at the finals.
  4. Still frozen after 3 months...
  5. Earned this today by following the TA guide. (used the bedrock edition) Popped properly.
  6. Bought the disc version and it lets me download all episodes still. Only on my EU account though. On my NA account it lists them as coming soon, but maybe that is because the account and disc's regions don't match?
  7. Looks like the trophy is fixed now. It popped randomly for me at camp when I hit my potion and activated the food reserves. I'm not sure if it popped at exactly 200 or not, but I definitely didn't eat 200 in one level.
  8. Just checked and I was indeed missing that one (it showed up as collected for me as well). Thanks for the help.
  9. I got all 100 Spatulas + all 80 socks but neither the 100% trophy or 100 Spatulas trophy popped. Restarting the game or reloading the save didn't work. Anyone had the same issue? Oddly enough the game counter says 99 Spatulas, but every single one of them on the world map screen shows as gold, as well as my save file showing 100 collected.
  10. I need 2 more nuggets so I can get the last card, but I don't understand how to get them. The Seer Dance ability tells me there's something at these places (presumably nuggets as I took a look at the guide map and the locations matched). None of my actions seem to have any effect. Is this a glitch or do I need to do something specific? Edit: Figured it out, but don't know how to delete the post. Pics of locations (map included):
  11. I still have my PS3 copy unopened 😅 Heard it's terrible though. How does PS4 version stack up against Switch/Wii U? On topic; We might get 2 & 3 on Playstation at some point, but it won't be for a quite couple years yeah.
  12. From the last couple weeks.
  13. As you're on PS3, go to friends > add friend (I believe it's at the top of the list), enter the PSN of the person you want to add (in this case "Platisfaction") and sent a friend request. Recommended is to not leave the message blank as some users ignore blank friend requests.
  14. You kinda gain both as you play and try different types of games. If you struggle with a specific aspect or part of a game places like GameFAQS are very helpful. Have fun.
  15. Not directly comparing it to the anime, but; Saga 1: Pretty good. Definitely a nice way to start the game. The last fight against Raditz was a big difficulty spike though. Saga 2: Very good. My favorite saga I think. Frieza was pretty easy though. Saga 3: Alright, but it takes such a long time to get started. Noticeable difficulty spike here too. Saga 4: Very good. Though after this I kinda felt like taking a break from the game. (let's try post-game first though)