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  1. 【Resident Evil Village complete
    Great game, loved the aesthetics and overall pacing of the gameplay.

    Definitely an improvement over RE7. Each area here has its own theme, and the game feels much more open in general. In RE7 you could usually only really explore very limited sections at a time, RE8 feels much more open in that regard.
    (Another thing to note-in RE7 whenever you found an item you'd usually expect to use it very soon, but in RE8 you hold on and do risky backtracking for items much more)

    Also, glad they got rid of the super limited inventory from RE7 (especially in the first half of the game). I suppose that was to make items feel more valuable and scarce, but for people who enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny (like me), that meant having to go back to an item box many, many times, sorta ruining the pacing of the game.

    Surprisingly, despite exploring very thoroughly I still appeared to have missed a few things. Maybe I'll do another playthrough to look for them, though I doubt I missed anything significant.
    Only things of significance I seem to have missed was 1 file (at the very beginning nonetheless), and the Vârcolac Alfa fight, though when I looked it up online, I actually did defeat that guy so idk, maybe trophy just glitched.

    I wish I chose a higher difficulty though. Normal seemed unusually easy to me.

  2. For overlapping notes I alternate between the D-pad and buttons. So overlapping notes would be ⬇️ for me. If it's the same note overlapping it's fairly simple, although sometimes you gotta mash quite fast. If it's alternating notes it's a little trickier, but you'll pick it up with time.
  3. Close your game and select Load file. There'll be a bunch of back-up files.
  4. Just beat it. Fun and beautiful game. 10 hours mark is about correct. I'm fine paying €60 for it, but €80 (price on EU PSN store) is too much for me to recommend. If you're digital only I recommend waiting for a price drop, unless you really want to play the game.
  5. I only have a download data option on the PS5 version, so I'm afraid no. Minor spoilers, although most of it was already announced via teasers and stuff, so it should be fine.
  6. Question; I have a Japanese cartridge game on my Vita with a US account. When I try to install the (free) DLC it tells me it's not compatible with the software (due to DLC being region locked). Is there any way for me to download the Japanese version of the DLC and install it onto my cartridge game somehow? Would simply resetting the Vita and logging in on a JP account to install it keep the install for when I switch back to my USA account?
  7. Someone got the platinum yesterday and they only started playing 2 days ago, so definitely.
  8. Try beating a boss and giving him another crystal.
  9. Nope, guide writers just pick what feels about right to them. Difficulty is very subjective depending on one's knowledge and skill on the game (genre). There's also different kind of difficulties. For example; some games have really tricky puzzles - which without a guide - can significantly ramp up the difficulty of a game. The actions to complete them may not be hard to perform, but I think everyone can agree that some games' puzzles are more difficult than others'. Personally I prefer this scale (roughly);
  10. From playing I can tell the plat is gonna be quite grindy. Not sure if I'll have the time to get it soon.
  11. Thank you. Guess I'm just really unlucky then. 😅
  12. Ok I'll continue grinding for it then. Just to make sure, was it a normal or expert world?
  13. Hi, I've been farming ice mimics for quite a while now (I estimate around 30 hours) and managed to kill about 100 of them. Sadly no Toy Sled has dropped despite both the trophy guide and Terraria wiki listing it as a 5% (1/20) drop chance. With that in mind I'm currently at 5:1 odds. Does anyone know if there's any underlying conditions that have to be met to get the drop, or if it exists in the current ps4 version at all? I'd rather not continue grinding for an item that may not even exist anymore. (I know I can use boosting sessions to easily get the trophy, though my goal is to get everything myself)