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  1. @dansomekid You have a really nice list of games, hats off to you for keeping your profile so tidy too 👌 @Spaz I'm on the look out for some new games and I'll definitely keep an eye out for the Nathan Drake Collection, thanks for the recommendation. I've always thought Uncharted looks good so I'll happily give that a spin 👍 @SoberNSane Thank you for the kind words, I hope everyone is enjoying the thread as much as I have!
  2. I am still finding this thread to be a very interesting read. Lots of replies and I appreciate all of the different views on my personal situation, as well as the other topics that have come up during this discussion. @Spaz You would think that by now I'd know what I like and what I do not, however, it's not that straight forward. I can tell you what some of my favourite games from my childhood are; Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Metal Slug, DOOM, Mario 64, Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64 in the UK), Zelda, Resident Evil, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, so on and so forth... As I got older, I then got heavily invested in multiplayer with the Call of Duty games; from Modern Warfare right through to Black Ops 3, the FIFA games and the odd Battlefield too. Like I stated in my Original Post; only when multiplayer grew stale to me, did I start to venture back into single player games and Trophies/Achievements were something to aim for. Unfortunately I got wrapped up in racking up numbers and it's only recently that I'm beginning to find my stride with what I enjoy these days and my current profile does not reflect that at all. The journey, maybe. But where I am today, no. Even you yourself stated in an earlier post, that you only stopped buying up shit games last year because you realised that you didn't enjoy them. So all though our journeys have been different, we both ended up with the same conclusion, give or a take. These quick completions don't offer much in sense of achievement, and are not very rewarding outside of just gaining another 100% or Platinum Trophy. Right now I know that I really enjoy collecting all of a games Trophies, I enjoy getting the Platinum and if the game has DLC, I will shoot for 100%... But I now care more about the games, more so than when I started hunting just over a year ago. I find that I just really enjoy completing games fully, it just so happens that the Trophies are a part of that process and actually give me a sense of direction during my completion. It's less about total Platinum count and more about playing and completing the games that I really love. Which again brings me back to why I made this thread in the first place; my profile doesn't showcase the games that I love, and that is something I want to change. Whether I do it on this profile or whether I start over, is something I still haven't figured out yet.
  3. There were a few that in all honesty weren't terrible: I found 36 fragments fun but too short. Day of the tentacle was surprisingly fucking hilarious (in a good way). Lateshift was also decent for what it is. My little Acre was a charming little story too. So I suppose there are atleast a few games that I did find enjoyable that I otherwise would not of played without trophies, I guess that's a positive.
  4. @SoberNSane I appreciate your post, and even though I'm still undecided, I hear you. In one hand I see that if I do keep this account, everything I play going forward will reflect how I have personally grown and matured as a gamer and my gaming tastes have solidified into more meaningful experiences. But in the other hand, I still cringe when I look at threads such as: 'What was your first PS4 game', and mine was Nubla 😂. As somebody mentioned earlier, my account doesn't have very many raw hours invested, so I could just move on and just replay the handful of good games I've completed. But then I suppose, with my account being fairly low level and not a huge trophy count, I could also tip the balance by playing more good games over time that will outnumber the bad games that I've played. @fabiansc83 I like the balance you have on your profile and it gives me hope for mine. You have played a fair few of the games that I wish I hadn't but you have completed more games that I would love to complete, going forward.
  5. Appreciate all of the replies! Definitely lots of different opinions and I've enjoyed reading them all! @Zolkovo I am definitely at the stage where I realise that no-one gives a monkeys about my profile, I agree with you entirely. Going forward whether I start a fresh or keep playing on this account, I will only be playing and completing games that appeal to me for the right reasons. The state of my current PSN just doesn't sit well with me, on a personal level, if that makes sense? I'm quite OCD and like things a certain way, and, well... I feel as though I got caught up playing for the wrong reasons which is what lead me to how I feel today. @Undead Wolf I am very glad that I realised sooner rather than later, I only have 30 platinums, it's not alot to lose, especially when you take into account that there's only a handful of games that I would replay and re-complete, such as: God of War, Wolfenstein, RIME, Until Dawn, Hellblade and Life is Strange 1 and Before The Storm. That is it. 7 games that I really enjoyed, the rest were just pure trophy whoring. Unfortunately, I'm now over 100,000 Gamerscore on my Xbox profile and in all honesty, about 70k of that is absolute rubbish, and that really feels like a lost cause. I look at my Xbox account and just sigh. I definitely want a profile that I can be proud of (for me, when I look at it, not for anyone else), so it's just a case of whether I feel I can turn this one around or just move on knowing that I understand myself as a gamer much better these days and won't make the same mistakes twice. I'm undecided.
  6. So here's the thing: I've been gaming since the mid 90's, I've had little breaks here and there when life has been manic, but gaming has always been a part of my life in some form or another, for as long as I can remember. Since the original Xbox launched, I've mostly played my games on an Xbox system. From the early 360 days up until last year, I played multiplayer almost exclusively; typical Call of Duty, FIFA, GTA Etc... But right at the beginning of last year, it started to become stale, certain friends weren't really online much anymore and as the numbers of our group dwindled, I began losing interest in the games I had been playing for years. So I needed a change of pace, so I played a few single player games and started to hunt for achievements/trophies. (I didn't have a PS4 at the time but I would eventually get one). As I started to get into achievement/trophy hunting, I decided to create a new Xbox profile and when I got a PlayStation I created my first PSN account. Reason being is I wanted my profiles to reflect me as a gamer, to showcase that I was completing my games and what sort of games I'm actually into. Problem is, I got totally wrapped up in putting down a big Gamerscore and racking up numbers, so I went on a tear and played alot of shit games. Admittedly, I had fun, because I felt excited to embrace this change of pace and have some new gaming goals. But recently I've hit an all time low in terms of motivation to play anything, when I look at my profile on both platforms, they're just cluttered with shit games that I honestly wouldn't of played without easy Gamerscore or quick Trophies, and that doesn't reflect me as a gamer or atleast the gamer I am today and just leaves me feeling frustrated. Despite struggling with low motivation, I've recently completed God of War and it was fucking awesome! I think it highlighted to me that bar a few games on my profiles, the majority are complete and utter shite and I'm not sure whether to just start a fresh and make a new account... Or to stick with the profile I have on each platform and just make conscious effort going forward to not play games for easy/quick completions and play purely based on what I'm into or what looks fun (Should of been that way from the start) One good thing that has come of all this though, is that I feel that I reconnected with the reasons I started gaming all those years ago. I'm now more interested in amazing single player games than I have been in many years, and that's how it all started. Same reasons that I find myself frustrated with the games I have been playing over the last year. Has anyone else found themselves looking at their own profile and felt like I do? What would you do? Apologies for the long post !
  7. Since the Latest trailor for Death Stranding, I'm loving this one! Thank you Kojima!
  8. This mix is fire!! 🔥🔥🎧🔥🔥
  9. Platinum #30: God of War Completely and utterly blown away with how good this game actually is! I kind of went in expecting to be disappointed, purely because of the hype; I felt that my expectations would be too high. They were not high enough. Best game that I have played in quite some time! The detail! The writing! The game play! All very, very on point! The world itself is absolutely gorgeous and I personally found the end game content very enjoyable! Highly recommend to anyone who hasn't already picked this up! Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 The queen of the Valkyries: Sigrun, can be a bit of a pain but nothing too bad. I was a bit under-levelled to take her on, which bumped my own personal difficulty rating up a notch!
  10. Try loading a previous save. The game has quite a few previous auto saves, which comes in handy if you haven't saved manually for a while.
  11. You have some awesome Plats dude. As for me, I'm aiming for 50 plats for my overall total, currently at 28. Regarding Ultra Rare plats; If a game I really want to play has one then I'll have a good go at it. Any really good games that have UR's that you would recommend? Im not really into multiplayer all that much, aside from Fifa which I might complete 18 again on PlayStation (already done it on xbox)
  12. Unearned: 19 I just need to go back and finish off my second playthrough on Infamous Second Son. Im a filthy casual though and have been playing far more on Xbox. Looking to really put some time into PlayStation this year and bump up my trophy level/platinum count. Especially with the amazing catalogue of games exclusive to the platform. Have recently picked up: Shadow of The Colossus, Heavy Rain and a few others (including Bloodborne/Ratchet & Clank free with PS plus!). Looking to hit atleast 50 platinums this year, fingers crossed!
  13. For me it has to be Download Festival 2017. It was my Stag do, so it was absolutely mental! I also got to see one of my favourite bands headline on the first night: System of a Down!! It was a great weekend and amongst the madness we got to see: • Five Finger Death Punch • Alter Bridge • Rob Zombie • Slayer • Clutch • Airbourne • Aerosmith There were many others. It was just AWESOME!
  14. This was playing on the radio whilst I was cooking dinner for me and the wife! Not heard it in years, fucking awesome tune 👌
  15. #28 - RIME I imagine a lot of people are probably playing this currently. It being free with PS Plus and all... What an absolute gem of a game though. Literally blew me away. I wasn't expecting this game to hit me hard, but it did.