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  1. Thanks for the replies, I'm going to give it a bit more thought over the weekend whilst I'm not working and go from there. As it stands, I'm liking the thought of the pro in white and maybe a switch instead of the vita. Will be keeping my Xbox one s - if I don't buy the X.
  2. I see myself really enjoying trophies. Also, the library of exclusive games currently out and further down the line look incredible. I think what's not helping my decision is that I've invested a good amount of time and money into the Xbox eco system and the majority of my friends play there. Thing is, they play a lot of multiplayer, where as these days I tend to play mostly on my own having a blast and completing games. I've been hoping that Nioh, Nier Automata, Hellblade and Crash Bandicoot make their way to Xbox but I'm not sure if it will ever happen. Not to mention I'd love to play Bloodborne, the Uncharted games, Horizon and the new Sucker Punch IP that's in the works. I've also never played the God of War series which looks awesome and lets also throw in Spiderman next year! What a selection on offer and in the making. I do have access to a ps4 but it's not very convenient as it's my son's, which he plays daily. I tend to borrow it from time - to - time in the evenings and pop it back in the morning before I leave for work. Funnily enough, i remember my dad doing the same thing with my ps2 when I was growing up... I distinctly remember thinking: "Dude, just buy your own" hahaha. If I was to invest in my own ps4 now, it would make sense for me to buy the latest iteration as it seems fairly priced. I'd also love to have a dabble with 4k gaming, but I primarily care about performance over resolution. So checkerboard is fine with me if the frame rate is stable and the game feels smooth. I think I'm more excited to experience HDR than 4k itself.
  3. Hi people! So, I'm a bit torn on whether to buy a Pro or an X. I know the specs and differences between the two but I'm still torn and I would appreciate some general opinions on where my money would be best spent. First, a little about me as a gamer, which I feel is important to take into consideration: I currently play mostly on Xbox. For years I've played primarily Call of Duty and Fifa, my gaming time was spent with a heavy multiplayer focus. Most of my friends are on Xbox and most of my friends, if not all of them are heavily invested in multiplayer games too. However, January this year I grew tired of playing the same old Sh$#@ and decided to go for gamerscore. I've been playing a lot of single player games and it's been awesome! I've had a little go at trophies too. I pretty much always go for the completion, I'm not a completionist but I do really enjoy completing games fully. Getting a platinum for doing so is really cool. I've dropped around 80k Gamerscore this year and I've learnt a lot about who I am as a gamer. I got massively caught up in quantity vs quality and I've played some crap games ( I've played some great games too) in an overall attempt to lay down as much score as possible. Moving forward I will likely focus on just playing the games I want to play, regardless of difficulty or length. I think this is where I would enjoy going for platinums in particular, shifting the focus more towards quality and preference vs an overall score. So with all that out of the way, I'm unsure of which console to buy. I would like to play games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassins Creed Origins on a 4k screen but I'm not overly fussed about true 4k as long as the game runs smoothly and looks gorgeous. I'm currently far more invested in the xbox eco system in terms of money and friends And the X looks to be a great console. I think the reason why I'm so undecided is because the playstation eco system is starting to appeal to me more and more; Great exclusives, platinum trophies for achieving completion and I like the idea of having a vita for on the go, also. Any input is greatly appreciated and thank You to anyone who has read this far! P.s I really enjoy this site, it's awesome! Peace
  4. To be honest, whilst it's a pretty cool stat to be able to check. It's just not one that I personally care too much for.