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  1. I mean, if they were smart, SE would put FF7 ever crisis on consoles and not be a mobile gatcha and that would be the closest you'll get...
  2. Interesting (never played the original), I'll get this regardless, was even considering getting it on switch but the PS5 should run better I presume...
  3. When trying to add to and maintain a high completion profile, absolutely!
  4. This is still not fixed, saving after doing graveyard events still prevents saving... you just get stuck on the saving progress screen
  5. Does DLC completion count? If so FFXV...ewww the base game was boring enough...
  6. #199 Frostpunk Very difficult but such a good strategy/survival game.
  7. Yes, some of the ending trophies have popped for me now so I am going to assume everything working OK now.
  8. Thanks but seems overly complicated to me. I just wish devs wouldn't release broken games or updates and at least test them first..... I would imagine they are going to work on a fix? I know plenty of people have emailed them.
  9. Feel free to add me, I love profile reviews. Gave you a sub.
  10. Same, game is badly broken at the moment. Ive got to the ending twice and screen freezes on the photo. Game crashes when you pick up collectibles also.
  11. Started a new run this evening and did the 'it's a me' jump and slap on the beach trophy requirements but neither have popped. I'm playing on a ps5 if that makes any difference? I'm not keen on venturing further if nothing is going to pop. Anyone had this issue?
  12. I've just started playing this and no trophies are popping at all. Playing on ps5 if that makes any difference...
  13. I think you have to do 2 playthroughs minimum anyway, you'll get some of the dialogue trophies naturally but exhaust as much conversation as you can and you're gonna have to save scum on dice rolls. As mentioned, make saves every night. Google the steam guide, it's not step by step but it helps immensely.
  14. FF15, haven't touched the DLC after obtaining the platinum years ago... it would boost my completion to over 99% but I have no desire to go back and I've had to make peace with it...
  15. Whilst IX is one of the best entries, it has some horrible horrible trophies...jump rope anyone?...